Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bittersweet Weekend

Over the weekend we buried our mom's ashes alongside our dad.He's been gone for years.  It was a bright day, but there was a chill in the air. One final item to finish. She died in the summer and we couldn't bury then. The ground was hard as cement. The rains came and November was a good time to do it. I bought mini carnations to put by the grave stone of mom and dad. Miss them. It is weird how I miss dad a bit more now that mom is gone as well.   Tears, hugs, photo, memories we will hold in our hearts forever.  It's still hard to believe she is gone from this earth. But I read, later that night, about the promise we have of heaven, in Romans 8. It was one of mom's favorite scripture passages.  It was a reminder that we aren't home yet, our roots are not here on this earth.  I had thought of this (burial) day all week. It was sad. I made it through better than I expected.  Sunday seemed to be a bit harder. A couple songs at church brought tears to my eyes and my heart felt broken. But I also sensed God's presence. My parents were Christians and taught us about God and we are believers as well. It is the best legacy ever. 
Here's the mug I used at lunch for my hot tea. There had been a chilly breeze blowing at the cemetery. So I felt I needed hot liquid inside me. It tasted so good. With my mushroom and swiss cheese hamburger. I shared the meal with my husband, sister and brother. It was relaxing meal, a time to reflect, talk and get re-engergized for the drive back home.
Later afternoon, I boiled eggs. Our church's harvest dinner (big thanksgiving style dinner) was the next day. This was simple enough to make. 15 eggs a boiling. I thought they looked like little white clouds floating around in the pan!
Megan helped me finish the angelic eggs after dinner ( we don't call them deviled eggs at our house.) I mixed mayonnaise, yellow mustard, salt and Mrs Dash seasoning til it tasted just right. Then I spooned the yolk mixture into a ziploc bag. Cut one corner off...Megan filled the egg whites.  Quicker than spooning it in the eggs and less mess!  Packed the eggs up in a disposable aluminum pan, lined with wax paper and placed the lid on it and refrigerated them til next a.m.  They didn't last long at the dinner. I didn't even get one, since I was helping bring dishes to the table with food on it. Oh well, we'd eaten a portion of one on Sat. since it was broken!!! It was a good day, with a bit of tears. But then there was church and fellowship, sharing conversation with friends. A walk later to work off some of the calories we ate.-----Now it's mid week. Next week is Thanksgiving. I'm planning our meal out...need to pick up the turkey late this week. Crowds are gonna be big later next week. Just having our children and grandchildren with us. Which is special!  Take care, my friends!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pepsi Float

On Sunday afternoon I made a Pepsi float. I haven't had one for awhile. A new co-worker and I got to talking last week about floats. Then we decided to make one later in the week. So I bought a 20 oz. Pepsi from work on Thurs. Then stopped at Safeway to buy ice cream, on sale, on the way home. I chose chocolate brownie thunder. Umpqua brand is made in southern OR. 

So I am building my float in a Pepsi glass I bought some years ago. Pepsi, then a big scoop of ice cream. A bit more Pepsi but not enough to make it overflow. Add a straw and a long spoon and enjoy.

Almost gone. When I finished it, my tummy was indicating there was a need for some water. Dilute the sweetness, please!! I obliged. Much better. Rarely do I have that much sweetness. Rarely do I drink sodas. But just this once. It was delicious. Ralf has quit drinking Pepsi, except for this float idea of his. Gotta have a little fun. I remember A & W restaurants where we would get rootbeer floats. It was a drive in and your food order would be brought out on a tray by a waitress on roller skates. Aw, the memories.   Tomorrow we share our Peps float photos.      
 **Well, I was going to share Ralph's photos but I wasn't able to get them over my smart phone. Apparently there is a problem with the carrier's system. Ralph had plain chocolate ice cream for his Pepsi float. He's not had a Pepsi for 2 months*******As of right now we are having cold weather....maybe even some freezing rain or snow overnight. Will see what happens overnight. There are clouds, so it could happen. All the cold air is coming down from Canada. The wind has been quite nippy today and I was colder at work this afternoon than yesterday.  Power outages in various surrounding areas and trees falling. Will catch some things on camera and share when/if it happens.   God bless!**

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day 2014

I caught this flag blowing in the cool breeze as I was leaving church this Sunday. Just a few days before Veterans's Day. What an appropriate way to think about our veterans.....who gave up their freedom to join the ranks of the military....Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Merchant serve and protect our nation's rights...for our country's our flag of stars and stripes, can wave on the breeze. All over this land.  Let freedom ring!!!  Thanks to all our veterans out there in blog land and their families who give up their freedoms as well.  Many are serving overseas while some are serving stateside.  Although I never went into battle and always thought you had to be in a war to be a veteran, I am proud to be an Air Force veteran. I am thankful for the men and women who have gone before me, leading the way. Weapons and strategies changed over the years. More high tech machines than the Civil War and WWI. When I was in, there was no internet or skype to keep in better touch with our families back home. But we are better for what we did, for our country, if/when the need arose.  Ready! 

This is a lovely tree in the parking lot that I chose to share as well....the colors are still bright on them but they are fading, the leaves are blowing away in the wind. Just a bit like our flag, but different...the flag's color do not fade or run. We are brave and freedom spreads like the leaves, blowing in the wind. Carrying it on for the next be free! God bless America and our country's Veterans. 


F-4 flying at RAF Woodbridge and patch from the air base itself. These two photos I got from the internet, while browsing for the base we were stationed at. This base is no longer in operation as an air base. People live there and at some point, at RAF Bentwaters, it's turned into a park and museum. Not sure how it is now. Good memories there.

Thanks for stopping by and I always enjoy reading your comments. I should be better at replying as well. God bless and take care!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Just Yesterday

Megan and I took a drive to Salem on Friday. My mission was to pick up a pack of 13×19" paper for my new photo printer. I called but it wasn't in yet. But it should be soon. So we drove there anyway. Just as we finished eating lunch at Skippers, my phone rang. The paper had arrived. So we headed to Lancaster mall. While we were eating, we overheard a conversation from a table of four older women. They were talking about tv programs. One lady commented that she didn't like the holiday season because all the movies being played. She's not able to watch The Golden Girls show. We couldn't help but laugh. We have seen the show, years ago.   On to our shopping, we did a bit before I got the paper since I knew it would be heavy. Stopped at Sears and we each bought a pr of pants. I was happy to buy two sizes smaller pr of jeans for myself!!! Went to Bath and Body Works and bought 4 foaming hand soaps. Merry cookie and salted caramel were my choices, 2 each. Just recently, my sweet granddaughter, Melody, was using my vanilla snowflake foaming hand soap. She told me she liked it and that I needed to buy more since it was low!!  It was so pretty in the store and I liked their new holiday bag, I took a photo. The soaps were 4 for $18 or 6 for $24

The candles were lit at dinner, when we ate our dinner at home. Delicious soup I made from leftovers from a few nights ago. This was the scene when the ceiling light was off. Just had to share. Have a good weekend.  All photos taken on my LG 90 by me.  

Monday, November 3, 2014

My Weekend

It was incredibly busy this weekend. But good as well. I made cookies late Sunday. Tonight I baked them. New recipe and they are delicious. Friday I got some photos printed out so I picked them up then got them matted. Framing will wait for a few weeks. Am excited to get my gallery wall finally started in my living room. Fri eve I was at an informal nature photographers meeting. Then Sat a.m. I woke earlier than normal to head down for big meeting, which I always enjoy, learn things about photography. I judged the wildlife digital image contest, with two other people. 92 images is alot and there's little time to view it on the screen. But I enjoy it. Have done it before. Got my camera cleaned at half price, by pros. One less thing to worry about. George Lepp was the featured speaker. He is great and funny as well. I have heard him four times now.  I succumbed to a great price on a Canon pixma printer. A special buy on Sat. only, at the nature photographers meeting. I cannot wait to get it all set up.  The rep was great and all who bought a printer got a raincoat or shirt. I got a raincoat made
by Columbia Sportswear, with Canon EOS on left side. Not a cheap jacket. Also won a Canon tshirt in a drawing, at end of meeting. Now it is off to finish up a few things, then off to bed. Another work day ahead tomorrow. Tired, as always due to time change. I will share more about the cookies another time. Meeting I attended was Nature Photographers of the Pacific Northwest. (NPPNW).  Quite the group of fun and knowledgable people. Thanks for dropping in for a visit and I will be back soon. God's blessings to you!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tis Pumpkin Time

Everywhere I look are pumpkins and many recipes on how to use all those pumpkins. Including ones at our house..,,five. Two are smaller ones. Last Friday I drove through the country to Bauman farms. Guess what I found?   PUMPKINS!!

copyright Becky Lowmaster 2014

copyright Becky Lowmaster 2014copyright Becky Lowmaster 2014
I also found apples which I bought a 20# box of braeburn. I intend to make applesauce and dehydrate some as well. which means I need to get another box soon. 
This is the scene from garden area at Baumans. I did not explore far as I was just getting over a stomach issue. It was great to be outside, in nature, away from stores. For the most part.
My daughter brought home a fresh cauliflower from Wooden Shoe Tulip farm. Huge!  I t was so big I had to put it on a shelf in the fridge since it wouldn't fit in the veggie drawer.......Megan is working the Pumpkin fest this year. So thankful she has had some part time, seasonal work. But tomorrow, is her last day. Unless she gets asked to help clean up the following week, It's been raining so it's been muddy. {They grow more things than tulips at Wooden Shoe tulip farm....grapes, grasses, pumpkins, gourds. It is a working farm.}
My co-worker saved a cookie for me. She'd brought some to work to share. Of course, the guys, early on, ate them all. Save this one C. brought to me on my last break. It looks like an owl in a tree. But in reality, it's a spider, just didn't have legs on it. I took the photo, then promptly ate it. Cookie was peanut butter! YUM! 
{All photos copyrighted....Becky Lowmaster 2014  (Ask before using, please!) }

Have a good weekend! I will be busy! Thanks for stopping in for a visit!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

book I just finished making this weekend....

I just made this photo book for my nephew. Hope he likes it! That's why I've not blogged this weekend!