Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sunday Joy

Worship at church this past Sunday morning. Music was lovely. I listened to the last couple songs since my voice would not cooperate in singing. But it blessed my heart. Our team is awesome. Two young man playing are really doing good and anticipate more great music from guitar and violin players.  Sermon scripture was from Luke 2:25-32. Pastor Jesse talked about characters of the Christmas story. Matters of the heart. Mixture of faith and doubt colliding. Radical change when Jesus was born. Soon there will be a radical change when Jesus comes back for us.  Characters talked about were Simeon, Anna, John the Baptist, Elizabeth, Mary, shepherds, Mary and Joseph's families. Interesting things to ponder. And who would we pick out to have coffee with and talk to, ask questions of. I have thought maybe I visit with Elizabeth or Anna.

After the service I took a photo of the swag by our pew. The ladies who decorate do a great job. They need to help me. I still do not have my tree up!!!
Leaving church I spied this large brown leaf on the grass by the sidewalk.  I stopped to take a picture. Phil willingly took my purse and walked on down to the car. I monentarily joined him. Homeward bound through the country.     The week has been busy. I just made fudge for my work lunch party tomorrow,  at work.  A few more little projects. Then dream land for this grandma.  How is your week going for you? Winner of book giveaway announced tomorrow evening.  Have a blessed day, my friends!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Stormy Days

Rain was part of our day on Wednesday. Rain poured on and off all day. It was raining when I left for work and it was high 50s temp-wise.  Then when it was near time for sunset, I spied sunlight on trees across the street from our hardware store.  Upstairs on my last break I captured this photo through the winow, looking west. Lovely!  Then it got dark. Sigh!
A little visitor was on our door step when we got back from our walk in the dark. Pretty snail! His/her body almost looks purple. Megan looked at it then she put it over in the rocks. Didn't want him squished. I know, maybe I should have salted it but didn't want to.  I did kill a couple spiders right by the front door though. One had an egg sack. I don't need them in my house!!!

Today I had my last vacation day from work this year. So I went to Salem and got 3 matted photos framed. I'd called Affordable Framing yesterday so the frames would be there today. They are ordered and then the man makes them. They are delivered the next day. Sweet! I like local businesses that make their own items. I've tried other ways but Affordable Framing are the best. I had the photos matted there in Nov but didn't have time or money for frames then. It may cost a bit more but I love the end result. I will be sharing those photos in another post. (I want them up on my gallery wall before Christmas....maybe this weekend!)  Once the photos were stored in the car, I went around the corner to Lancaster Mall. I had lunch at Subway. These decorations were hanging up in the wing I was in. Festive!   I was happy to be inside since the wind was starting to whip up. My hair was blowing all over! I tamed it down once I got inside. It looked good but it felt fluffy from being in the wind. 
I enjoyed this festive Christmas tree near the entrance to the mall and Sears, where I went next, for two more pair of skinny jeans pants. They were on sale again, which was great.  I've heard some of the Sears stores nationwide are closing, in the near future.  I like their jeans, as they fit nice and I can get ones that don't need the hem altered.    Winds did pick up once I left and to another store.  Quite blustery and yanked my car around a bit on the way home.  So glad it was a tail wind.  Once on the overpass I was a bit antsy, waiting for light to turn green so I wouldn't blow over. The overpass flexes as well, making it a bit scary!!!!  Wind has died down, very little measurable rain here today.
Dinner tonight consisted of organic brown rice penne pasta (Trader Joes) with a sauce of milk, ground turkey cooked with onions;  mushrooms, bell pepper mixture, half a container of butternut squash soup (Trader Joes), spices. It was good. My throat was happy with the smooth sauce going down my semi-sore throat.  This meal just looked pretty in the pan so I took a photo of it. Megan immediately said, "But we want to eat it before it's too cold." Really? One photo from my cell phone camera.  Not!  I wound up leaving the heat on low, all through dinner, with leftovers in it. It kept them warm! Enough for meals for lunches next week!  Nice and delicious on a cool windy evening.  Now I'm off to get some items ready to mail tomorrow. Then to bed and hopefully my throat won't get any worse. Phil's work party is tomorrow night and I want to go!  Take care and have a good weekend, my friends.  Don't forget the give away I posted on Sunday, if you haven't left a comment. It ends soon.
all photos by Becky Lowmaster 2014,  LG Gravity 90 cell phone camera

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Our Thanksgiving 2014

Our family got together at our house for a delicious meal on Thanksgiving. Here is my plate and we had sparkling apple cranberry cider for our drink. I cooked up a turkey and there were green beans, olives, two types of cranberry sauce and au gratin potatoes. 
Melody and Owen ate at their own little table.
Owen enjoying the snow globe I brought in from some of my mom's Christmas items.
Melody waits her turn, impatiently. They had it in the hallway but were not too good as sharing. Thus it's at the table for both to take turns at.
Megan brought her box of Legos to the living room so her niece and nephew could play with them. They enjoyed it alot. Keep them occupied so the 5 adults were able to play a card game.

Erin, my daughter in love and I with our cards.
We ate pie and drank our coffees/tea as we played the game.  There was marionberry pie, from Bauman farms (we were given a gift card from a neighbor) and flat apple pie,made by me, with Megan's assistance. She's still trying to figure out how to make pie crusts.  Also had congealed salad, which is jello, fruit and cool whip, made by Erin.  Megan and Erin walked over to Starbucks for the drinks. It's not far. I enjoyed my black Tazo English Breakfast tea.
Megan noticed that the little boxes on the cup were in the shape of Oregon. I turned mine and she was right,  Phil was drinking his diet Coke.   We had a good time with the game. I won, which was surprising. It was the first time I had played. I guess I played my cards right!
Our adult children....Megan, Justin and Erin. We love them and enjoy having them in our lives.
On Sunday afternoon, I went to the outlet mall. Needed to find a few things. But wound up getting one thing! When there's nothing that sparks my interest then I walk out of the store. Not very good deals for me. Saved money that way. Here's the bottom of the big tree out front of the mall.
A selfie of me by the tree, in my warm coat, hat and scarf and gloves. It was cold!

Lovely tree. If you look to the right, just above the guy wire, there's the moon!! It is cheery over there. but I left and came home after looking in a few stores. Guess that's not out of the ordinary when I have most of my Christmas gifts. Nor do I have many gifts to buy. I do enjoy the sights, sounds and aroma of the season. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Book Giveaway

We are now into the Christmas season. But there is always a season for thanksgiving. Actually, it should happen on a daily basis, this thanksgiving. Recently I have been thankful that our son wasn't hurt in a single car accident. His car spun out on his way to work and hit a brick wall. It has been totaled. He has a rental car til Christmas. We are praying they can find a car to fit the small amount offered for his car from insurance. He nearly was hit last week, but because he was paying attention and didn't start going after he stopped at a stop sign,  he wasn't hit by a big truck. Scary! But I just thank God for his provision of safety for Justin.  I am thankful for our warm house on these quite chilly autumn days. Cloudy days don't let the sunshine through to warm us.  I enjoy people around me and include happy things I see in my thankfulness of the day. I am going to send a copy of "One Thousand Gifts: finding Joy in what really matters" written and photographed by Ann Voskamp, to one of my readers.  She wrote "One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are."  I read it last year, on my kindle. It made me think and I started counting my blessings. I started a journal last year and am keeping one this year. They are number over 1000!

This book shares "life-changing passages from Voskamp's compelling story and her own exquisite photography, framing a seemingly ordinary, gritty life around true amazing grace. Because if joy is a matter of gratitude, and gratitude is a matter of perspective, then giving thanks changes not only your perspective but also changes your life. Open these lyrical page and slow down to discover the joy you've been looking for.     Come find God in the moments."  (from back cover of the book).

To win a copy of this book, all you need to do is to comment on three things you are thankful for. Your name will be in a drawing on Dec 15.  I know you will enjoy this book I enjoy other people's photographic work. It inspires me. I am inspired and thankful for all my blogger friends and readers. Encouragement is great in blog-land. Thanks for being there!!!
Winner is Gracie Saylor! Congratulations!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December Books

Behind is an understatement for me already in early Dec. Tonight I worked on loading photos from my phone camera to my laptop. It is late. I didn't get a chance to get them posted for a thanksgiving update. I'm just going to share what I am reading now. A dear friend of mine, Jeannie, sent me this book. It arrived in the mail on a very cold Monday....barely 40 degrees day time. Book was cold when I pulled it out of the pkg.  I have started reading it. Pursuing the Christ, Prayers for Christmastime, written by Jennifer Kennedy Dean. There is a reading for morning, which I read at breakfast and an evening reading. So far I have liked it. Brought tears to my eyes this a.m. reading about Mary, who said she was God's servant. Yes, that's what we are too, if we are His followers.

This week, Megan and I started reading Unwrapping the Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp. I bought the book last month when it was a really good deal on Amazon.  I paged through the book when I first got it. I am really enjoying the colorful art work. I have ornaments I printed out last year but now I need to pull them out from the closet. I have been slow, almost a hermit for a couple days last week, not going anywhere! It felt good. Did alot of things. Didn't get the branches in the house and put in it's stand. Branches for the Jesse tree are from our heritage birch tree. The branches came down in the last storm so I picked up ones I knew would work. The limbs are dry, just waiting for me.

Inside the book, this story is about Abraham and Sarah. I read this last month, when we were teaching the children Bible school at church. Just wanted to see what it said in this book. Don't you just love the drawing?   I didn't know much about Advent,when I was growing up. We didn't talk much about it or do the advent candle lighting and reading at church. Or at our house.  When our children were younger we had advent calendars, with chocolate candy to eat each night. Not til last year did we start doing something with Advent readings in our home. We read each night and put up the ornament on the tree. Longer readings from The Greatest Gift, by Ann Voskamp. The one this year is a different, shorter version. Good for reading to children. Or anyone who needs the story in the hurry of of our lives. Family time.  It gives us a different approach to Christmas, reading back into our Biblical history/heritage. What God has done for His people through the ages.   Tonight, reading about Adam and Eve, when they sinned, they hid from God. The first question asked by God was "Where are you?" It wasn't what have you done?   When Jesus was born, the first question in New Testament was "Where is He?"  God is pursuing us, our hearts. He loves us. That's why God came to earth in the form of man. We celebrate His CHRISTmas.  A journey for another few weeks of Advent. I enjoy it very much. Light in the darkness!

My Christmas cards have been here for awhile. I need to address them and get them out. Soon. I have Christmas stamps, thanks to Megan for picking up a couple books of them for me yesterday. My fiber optic tree awaits in it's box in the living room. Maybe tomorrow night will be it's turn to get worked on. So many things to do when I get home from work.  Phil and I went on a walk tonight, in the dark. Warm coats, hats, scarf, gloves ward off the cold.  Making tea for drinking tonight and some for iced tea for work tomorrow.  What are you doing to prepare for Christmas in your heart and home?   Have a blessed day, my friends and thanks for visiting my blog.

Friday, November 28, 2014


I just made a calendar and here's a link to Shutterfly so that you can make some cards or a calendar as well. Enjoy!  Click to see what  you can get for free, all because of me! 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Being Thankful in all Things

 Happy Thanksgiving!!

All photos by Becky Lowmaster 2014