Saturday, February 6, 2016

Card Prep

 These past few days have been busy. Phil cut conversation cards for our local IF:Gathering. Megan helped me sort the cards into 3 sessions and 6 questions per stack. The cards were used at end of sessions in small groups. Added to session we just watched.

 Tedious but worth it! It was the job I signed up for. It didn't help that I forgot to work on it a bit last week! We attended our gatherings at different churches.  Megan attends in a different town than me. IF:Gathering 2016 was based in TX where the simulcast originated. Via computer bandwith. Interesting concept. It was a great two days. So much to remember. Photo below was at entrance to the church's sanctuary. Rachel and her crew did a great job. I will share more another time. Take care, my friends.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

My Line's Busy!

 These gift bags show how busy this weekend has been for me. Two baby showers and a birthday gift for my sister. A house warming gift that didn't get delivered, as it was canceled. It's interesting how busy life becomes when it all happens in a couple days. My friends canceled their open house due to stressful happening that morning. But it's ok, to a certain extent. I will give them the gift this week.
 Early afternoon on Saturday I travelled to West Linn, in the rain, for my daughter-in-love, Erin's, baby shower. She expecting baby Lydia early May. It was an easy drive even though I didn't expect it to be so dark at 2:30! The clouds were so dark and then came the rain. It was pouring down rain by the time I got to Abby's house that I just ran in without the gift. It was in the trunk. Once it calmed down, I went back to my car and fetched the gift.  I just enjoyed this decor. Her house is decorated so nice.
 Instead of a game, we decorated onesies with fabric iron ons. My granddaughter, Melody, is decorating hers. Here's mine.
Baby shower attendees with the onesies they decorated. The younger two girls were so creative in theirs.  Erin is standing by her friend, Crystal, They've known each other since they were 16 yrs. old. They met online as penpals. It was good to finally meet her. Zari is her daughter.

 Melody disappointed that someone took her plate from the couch after she left the room to play with friends then came back. She wanted me to post this on facebook, which I did, and say that she was sad that someone took her food. Sigh! Well, someone thought she was done.  The sun is shining thru the patio door now. The deck is wet from the rain. The trees looked so pretty with the raindrops glittering on the branches.

 Zari found a fuzzy caterpillar downstairs in the basement.

 Erin opens her gifts. Someone made this bibdana!
 It was good to have family together. Sad that Megan had to work or she'd been there too. Kerri and I are sisters, then Erin, my dau-in-love, and granddaughter Melody. We had a good time. Erin looks so good. She's had some struggles with feeling well.
 After the shower, my sis and I followed Justin and Erin thru a little country drive to 1-205. Then they drove on home and we went under the freeway and turned right to go to McMenimans in West Linn. We'd planned our early Feb birthday dinner since Kerri was down from WA. We had a nice visit. Here's my pulled pork sandwich with onions and field green salad. It was delicious. We spent 2 hours there before heading home. It was good to be together again.

 This light reminded me of pine cones. It was across the aisle from me where I was sitting. Almost all the lighting fixtures were different. 

 Sunday afternoon was another baby shower, at our church. After we got home from church, I did a few things before lunch. Phil always makes the spaghetti meal. Then ate lunch, I really didn't feel like going anywhere. But I did since I told Tina I'd pick her up and take her. She'd just had bunion surgery on her left foot so she couldn't drive. Even though we were both tired, we went and enjoyed our two hour time away. This diaper "cake" is so cute. I've made something like this before and it's not easy. But it's a usable decoration!

 Krista opening one of the many gifts ladies brought her. She is our music minister's wife. They'd been waiting for a baby for years and it finally came to fruition. So happy for her and Matt. Baby boy is due in Feb. Sun shining but it was chilly outdoors.

Tomorrow starts another work week for me. So it's back to routine. In a new month of the leap year month where I celebrate my birthday and send out birthday cards to friends who share the same birth month. I'm hoping to get together with a friend and go to a tea room for lunch in a couple weeks. This grandma is tired so off I go to finish cleaning the kitchen and prepping my lunch and dinner. 
Megan is feeling better and able to be off her cough medicine pill, as it was making her feel loopy. Have a blessed week, my friends!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Out and About Friday

A beautiful day lay ahead of me today. I drove through my town then through the country to my dental appt. late a.m.  Only a cleaning which was good. Downside,  restorative work needs done on 4 teeth...old metal fillings out of 3 teeth and in with better ones. A molar needs a new crown on it. So a few trips to dentist again this year but nothing too painful. 
Hungry stomach led me to McDonald's that's around the corner, for lunch. I decided to sit by the window where the sun was shining in. $3 lunch of a chicken sandwich and mozzarella sticks (which were so-so) for $2 and a drink, unsweetened ice tea, for $1.  I had to show you the sunshine....stayed sunny out for quite awhile. After I ate, I purused a couple store ads, I added to my small shopping list in my notebook. 

 Off I went, back through the country again and turned right and a bit later, left, then on to the interstate! I checked temp on my cell phone. 60 degrees at 1:45 p.m. before I went into Fred Meyer. Took my coat in with me to Costco as it's sometimes chilly there. Picked up a few items that were going off sale Sunday. I've been so tired in the evenings that I've not stayed on top of their sales flyer. Usually I have Phil pick them up for me. But once in awhile I make a Costco run, just to see what is out there I need.

A quick stop at an office store garnered me a set of colored pencils for my coloring pages. I know I'll run low on the small ones I have soon. I've just started to color a page out of my DO magazine, earlier this week. Right after dinner I decided to color for a bit to decompress from work.

By the time I got home, I shrugged into my coat and brought all my sacks into the house. Left one garage door open for awhile in an attempt to dry up water on the floor, from the latest rain. It comes in on our tires and we get a little lake as rain seeps under the door. Cement floor isn't level either!

A bit of Google search landed me exact name of this lovely flower I photographed last July. It's a blue satin hibiscus rose of Sharon. Such a beautiful flower and now I'll search for one locally.  To remember what it looks like, I took a photo of it with my cell phone while I had the photo up on my laptop screen. What a novel idea!?! And I wrote the name down in my notebook. 
{First notation was written elsewhere on a bag I just came upon while decluttering.}

Thanks for the prayers for our family. Megan went to urgent care the other day. She has a viral infection and got a few meds to help her. She slept most of yesterday, since it was her day off. Today she was back to work and sounds so much better today. Cough is better but still annoying her.    My back is much better but still hurts in one spot.  Our walk last evening helped as well, even though I was so tired I'd rather have stayed home and in my recliner! Move it, girl! "-}

Have a good weekend my friends. As always, thanks for your prayers, comments and friendship!


In Memory of the 12 Marine Aviators that died last week in Hawaii on a training mission. May they rest in peace. Stand down, your mission is complete.
Praying for their families and friends and our nation in this time of loss.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Celebrating and.....

 Last Sunday afternoon, we met up with our son's family for a birthday pizza dinner. We ordered ahead so our wait wouldn't be so long. We gathered at Bellaggio's Pizza in West Linn. Close for all of us and nothing to clean up! Owen turned 5 years old last week.
 The birthday boy and his aunt Megan.

 Big sister Melody.
 Owen digging out his gifts of Dr. Suess books and match box cars. I did find "The Cat in the Hat" while shopping a few days prior. He was happy to get "Green Eggs and ham."
 His mom, Erin, looks on.

 Erin's birthday is a few days after Owen's so I gave her a gift as well. It's a planner that has coloring pages in it. At the beginning of each month is a whole page that can be colored. It was on her wish list. She said she was able to purchase Prisma colored pencils for half off at Michael's with her teacher's discount (she home teaches.) Glad she liked it. She's a sweet young woman who loves her family. So thankful she's in our family!

 Phil's bottle.

Fast forward to Odarkthirty Friday morning. Megan had so much trouble breathing she asked for help. She got a cold again and had been coughing so hard. I think it just scared her. But what do we do but help her. Phil woke me up. Then he boiled some water to give her some steam to breath.
 I rubbed mentholatum on her feet and put a pr of cotton sox on her feet. Some on her throat. Covered her up and she rested for hours on the couch. Feeling better after an hour or so, she went and got her cozy fuzzy blanket from her bedroom and fell asleep again. I slept on the recliner. We went to our respective beds later. So much for getting up early and heading out for my regular chores of shopping. So thankful she felt better later. So I got myself together and headed out for my journey of the day. Cloudy with some glorious sunshine to brighten my day.
 Lovely flowers at the drinking fountain at Trader Joes. I like my once it a month trek there for stocking up groceries. We like some of their cereals and juices, meats....  And my trip home was good minus slow time of day. Was hoping to miss it but that's partly my fault. I spent too much time at Cost Plus World Market searching for good deals. I needed to use a shopper's bonus by Sunday and use up my gift card I got at Christmas. 
I settled on this back pack that I'm going to use as my purse. I like it. I now need to put my stuff in it. I have ideas for this year for a better system in my purse. Organization. The color goes well with my coats. We'll see how it works. I decided against the London clock. {Maybe I'll get it for my birthday?}

Megan is doing better. I pulled out our humidifier and got it filled. Put it in her room last night.  She just got home from work and says she feels better. Just still some cough though. So many are sick around here. My co-workers and her co-workers.    My back is somewhat better each day. This a.m. I went for a back massage and I feel better. So thankful Teresa D. was able to fit me in today. 
Thankful for the rainbow I spotted quickly in the right view mirror while driving this morning. 
Thankful that Phil put the new faucet in our bathroom sink. Over time the past few months prevented him from doing so. He did it without his Channelock. He's not sure where he left it. Hopefully it's around somewhere here. Sigh!

Phil's dad, Jim, moved into assisted living today. He lives in PA. Phil's just younger brother, Steve, has ALS and is struggling with that. A long story but want to ask for your prayers for healing and comfort. Our lives go on even when the seasons of life come. None of us are getting any younger. Thankful for the good health that we have. 

"When you pass through the waters I will be with you; 
and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; 
when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, 
and the flame shall not consume you. 
For I am the Lord your God,
the Holy One of Israel, your Savior."
Isaiah 43:2-3

Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Catch-Up

 The first work week of 2016 has been interesting. A few co-workers have been out sick with a cold virus. Another one has a kidney infection so his hours have been lower as well. I'm thankful to God that my cold's not been too bad. But it's sapped my energy. Chilly weather's still here. January usually is the coldest of the winter months.
But life goes on. 
Here's a reader board above the register. I changed it the day before new year's.
 A young school aged boy had seen the other one with white pumpkins as decor. He said "it's not halloween any more!" I enlightened him that it's still pumpkin season with pies for the holidays. The running lights change the color of the ink. It's fun to watch and alot of people like it! Especially children!
 I looked through our children's books here at home this week.  I was able to find 3 to put in Owen's 5th birthday present. I found a couple other books to buy. Added 5 Mattel hot wheels cars. We'll celebrate his birthday this weekend at a pizza place. His mom's birthday is mid next week. So I went shopping on line over the weekend. One arrived today with an item for me as well. One more pkg mid next week. Scored a couple things she wanted from my computer chair! It's hard to shop right after Christmas for a birthday. Maybe I need to do a bit better next year. He gets so much for Christmas so I went small for birthday but he'll still like it. I can't believe I didn't have a copy of "The Cat in the Hat." I did find it today while shopping. But that's ok....can't be cheap on grandson's birthday.
My friend, Arlene, is sharing her mission 2015 trip to Africa on Thursday a.m. at women's Bible study at our church. She'd given me a heads up on it in Dec. so I could get time off in the a.m. to go hear her presentation.  It was quite the journey and I'd seen some of the photos on her blog as she shared while on her trip. Amazing how many lives were touched for the Lord. I'd like to go to the study every week, now that they are doing a Beth Moore study of Daniel. Gotta work but someday I can!!!
 Down the road in a few years, if the plan works out.
After work I stopped in to Bimart to pick up a birthday card for a friend's husband. Then remembered to check out these pull out shelves that are on sale. I took photos of the measurements on the 4 different boxes. Then will measure a couple places in the cupboards to see what will fit. It's about $20+off. Organizational items are on sale right now. So grab them when I/you can. I'm a list maker and usually don't get a planner. I have ideas and that's why I ordered a Pendaflex Pile smart  project sorter.

 Today was lovely in the afternoon, once the sun came out. I got my hair trimmed then headed into Canby to get lunch at Burgerville. My girlfriend/co-worker gave me a couple little items at Christmas. One was a $5 gift card to Burgerville. The chocolate hazelnut milkshakes/smoothies are in so I needed to get one today! Here's my small smoothie with my turkey/bacon sandwich. It was so good.

Once I got into the car, I looked up and this was the scene I saw. It's from the Vietnam Veteran Memorial by the parking lot. So pretty in the sunshine I just had to take a picture of it. On the tail of the helicopter is written "United States of America". So thankful for the freedoms we have in this country, even though some are being changed, sadly. 

I still thank God for the ability to drive through the countryside and watch fog lift away from the valley and see it's beauty in the winter time. Hear a fun, sweet conversation at the grocery store between a mom and her son about having popcorn in popcorn machine again. I teared up three different times today due to emotions and others around me. A man, with maybe his brother, whose blind and mentally handicapped, eating by me. When they leave, one leading the other, he waves at me and I tell him to have a good day. I pray for them as it's not an easy task. I miss visits with my mom. I just got my Shutterfly book today in the mail. There were photos of my mom in there at Christmas 2011. So thankful for the times I've had with her. Memories linger. That's why I'm also doing my blessings/gratitude journal again this year. I skipped it last year. The 2014 journal is a memory maker of my last year with my mom.  I feel my life is better really looking for things to be thankful/happy about in my day. Some things were amiss this past year in my life and I feel it was the lack of gratitude daily. Not sure exactly but am working on fixing it, with the Lord's help. 

As a closing thought, I leave you with a portion of scripture I read last evening. Phil and I were going through the lesson from our Bible class we attend Sunday a.m.  Israel class ..That the World may Know by Ray VanderLaan. This week it was on David and Goliath. We're doing our own study this year, since there's not one we can attend that fits our schedule. Read through Bible verses in handout. Today I figured out quick meals for that night so then we can get to our study sooner than later.
Take care and have a good weekend, and I'm off the computer chair, slowly. Not sure why or how I tweaked my back while I was out shopping today. Feeling a bit better and thankful Phil washed the dishes tonight! Last night my left foot hurt. Maybe it's connected. In some way! ;0}

"The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer, my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge,
and my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold and my refuge, my savior; thou savest me from violence. I call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised, and I am saved from my enemies." 
2 Samuel 22:2-4

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Snowy Sunday

Temperatures in our neck of the woods, in Oregon have been a mite chilly. It's been going on for most of the week. Last few days the air feels like it's off a glacier! Will it ever snow? An app came up on Facebook yesterday of a winter storm in our area. Possible snow fall and then later freezing rain. I'll believe when I see it. My weather app on my phone said snow as well.  What to our wondering eyes did appear this morning but snow out our front window! 29 degrees F. Still cold at 30 and cloudy.(4 PM)
 Looking out our front door to garage and our sidewalk this a.m.
 Phil drove us to church this a.m. Not too bad going but a bit slippery. Church was good, some people not there, but that's understandable. We have quite a few elderly people that don't come out in this weather. Some people braved the roads to get there from a distance. My daughter decided to stay off the interstate and came to church with us. It was nice to have her sitting beside me and hearing her sing! This photo is of a tree in the church's parking lot. I took the photo before leaving to come home. The roads were more icy as some of the snow had melted. Amazing how a bit of snow changes the landscape scenes just a wee bit. If you click on the photo, you can see the ice/snow on the tree. 

Catching up over the weekend...Evening of Thurs, Phil and I went to Red Robin to get his free birthday hamburger. Then we came home and watched The Muppet Christmas Carol on tape. Yes we still have a VCR and tapes. Love the story, music and the Muppets. I am going to find and buy it on DVD for our grandchildren!     
On Friday we stayed home. I made up some applesauce from apples I'd stored in the garage. I decided to work up as much as possible. I still have 15 apples left. I still have the Foley food mill I bought years ago...made in Minneapolis, MN. I remember when my children were young and they'd take turns grinding out the applesauce. I didn't take off the skins this time so that's why I used the mill. Some people like the skins in their sauce, I don't. I did add some sugar to it. Sure tastes good. Three of the containers went into the freezer and one in the fridge to use now. The bowl was put into the fridge as I didn't have time to put rest of it up. My daughter and I watched  a new "Sherlock Holmes: Abominable Bride" on PBS. We were going to see it this next week in a movie theatre, but found out it was playing on tv. Good save! And she was able to get her money back for the tickets. So the following evening I put the remainder sauce into ziploc bags and those went into the freezer. Flatter and saves storage space.

Saturday afternoon I decided it was time for me to get a professional pedicure done. This is after I got home. I'd gone grocery shopping for a few items before I came home, in the cold. Needed to air out my feet a bit. And hopefully no polish got messed up. Nope! Next time maybe I'll take sandals but I didn't think about it. Too cold for that anyway but other women did it.  Here's the color I chose and it's a good one for the first of a new year, for sure. I like the color alot. Now if my few toes will quit itching, it will be fine. Not sure what happened there. Started itching about 4 a.m. Maybe it was the little thing she put between my toes...latex? Will check it out, My legs feel alot better.

"Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another and so much the more as you see the Day approaching." Hebrews 10:23-25

Have a blessed week my friends and I will be back with our Christmas photos in the next post!