Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Surprise Graduation Dinner

A week ago Friday I surprised Megan with a graduation dinner that evening. Liberty University was having it's graduation the following morning, in Virginia.  So I decided to have a graduation dinner for her. Our girl who studied online worked hard for this day!! We had already planned to be gone for dinner with friends for a surprise birthday dinner on Sat.  I cleared off the table and put out decor. Added a bag that had gifts inside for her.
She saw me making her favorite dinner....BBQ Chicken and Cheesy Biscuits at the very beginning. Then she saw the table later! 
She was happy...can  you tell?

She's wearing the RIPCITY hat a friend gave her and the shirt I bought her. She's a Portland Trail Blazer fan. And she enjoyed the sox! I really like them too!

A nice flag pin that goes with her school and career field. We also gave her money to buy a ring that she's been wanting. Her affordable class ring. She found one she liked but had to get a smaller size so she's waiting for it to arrive. She had priced class rings and the least expensive were $300! Hefty price for even our budget. She's getting a stone the same color of her degree...blue. The one she's getting is pretty and it works for her. 
After a walk we ate cake. Her dad was ready to eat it right after the main course. But since the guest of honor wasn't going to eat, he said he'd wait, with a sigh! We like this Rocking Chocolate Chip Cake from Trader Joes.

On Sat. this past week, I went to the mail box. In the big locked box was an envelope. It held Megan's diploma!  I put it on her place at the table. Watched out the window to see when she'd pull up in driveway from work. Then I went to my computer with camera in hand. Patiently waiting til she came into the room.
She was excited to get her important paper work...her diploma from Liberty University! It finally was a reality! Thank you Lord for getting us through some tough times. I told her not to give up. Perseverance!
Our happy graduate from Liberty University with a BS in Criminal Justice!! 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Flowers and a Car

 Earlier in the week we received some papers from Phil's brother. I pulled out a newspaper clipping that had this handsome AF man's photo! Be.Still.My.Heart!  It was Phil after he'd completed his basic training. Yes, I saw him a few years later but never saw him in dress blues uniform. So handsome, even without his moustache!   Here's a photo of Jim, Phil's dad, that was taken by my niece, Christy, a few years ago. I found it while searching through photos on line. We're going to miss him...well, we have already.

 Wednesday after work Megan and I went to Wilsonville to look at a car friends had for sale. Phil met up with us after he got off work. We looked at it and talked with Mark. Megan went for a test drive with her dad in the passenger seat. She decided to take it!  We went to Wendys for dinner then came back and she signed papers. She's a happy girl now! It's a nice 2002 Subaru Legacy Outback. Phil had to do a bit of work on it today, and now it idles better. Thankful our friends were able to work out deal with Megan. Now all she's waiting for is a better paying job. She has an interview next week for a job in  her career field. So with anticipation and prayer, we wait and hope for the best.

 Friday afternoon I went to Baumans to get some strawberries. Oh.so.good!  Also bought frozen marionberries to make up a crisp for the grad party coming up. Looked at flowers. So many pretty ones.

 Thought these might be nice for color on the table. But not sure if they'd still be blooming by then. I've not decided yet. Plants or cut flowers? Hard to find blue flowers so will stick with red and white.

 Here's my cache of purchases I bought Friday after my dentist appt and lunch. I had an issue with a tooth and it turned out better than expected. A bit of work, no pain and evened out my bite again. With a bridge, the bite can change. It's better today. I went to Hi-School Pharmacy after lunch as I'd not been in one. I found stickers galore. A few for graduation, including the roses on the left that are burlap to accentuate photos. The paintings are part of granddaughter Melody's birthday gift later this month. Little pouches are for graduation gifts for girls from our church I know. Found a fun photo booth frame to put ours in from the aquarium a couple years ago. Found a few good sales. Spent a bit more than I should,.....oh yeah, some sports sox that I like as well, not in photo and Seattle Chocolates that we like.  I'm always on the look out for stickers since I like to use them on envelopes and greeting cards and calendars that I make. Duck Dynasty HAPPY sticker is mine for my car! 70 cents...big sale!

After our evening walk I found this lovely flower blooming on my abultion red tiger plant outdoors. Apparently it was there on Thursday but I'd not seen it. I was so tired that day from work I just went into the house. Usually I look at the plants on the patio as I walk by. Not this time. Lovely and hopefully more will bloom this year. Last year there were few blooms and it was probably due to the heat!  

That's all I have right now. I am headed for bed as I'm not feeling too good. Had a few itty bitty spider bites on me over night. I was able to take a Benadryl tablet and that helped. Neosporin to the rescue too. Now my stomach hurts and I'm tired. It didn't help that I didn't get alot of sleep either this a.m. Sigh. But the itching is gone and so.am.I. Happy weekend, my friends.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bulletin Words are Applicable

In 3 consecutive Sundays our church bulletin has had words that applied to our lives that day. On this particular Sunday we had our two grandchildren with us. Their mom had gone into labor the night before but then quit. Lydia wasn't ready to come out and play. Not yet, til mid afternoon on Tues, May 3rd. So we were waiting for her arrival that Sunday where she'd be welcome...when she arrived! I've yet to hold her and give grandma kisses. Saw her once.
The following Sunday was Mothers Day. I took this photo while in our Israel Bible class first service. The tables were decorated with real flowers in vases. There were silk flowers on the table that had pins and clips. It could be worn in your hair or on your blouse. I chose the purple one and wore in my hair. All Day, even at Denny's were we ate dinner after church.

Today's bulletin words are in our hearts currently. A struggle without a car for Megan and where the money will come from leaves a bit of concern in our minds.
  She's able to use my car when schedules allow.  Our faith strong and God is with us in this interesting time.

"But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind."  James 1:6

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning." James 1:17

My rhododendron bush has been so lovely last week. But now it's starting to fade. Time to leave and the rain has made it look worse. Our temps have gone from high 80s on Friday to Sat cool and raining on Sunday. Long sleeve shirt time again!  That's Oregon for you in the springtime! 
A warm welcome to my two latest followers.  God bless you and thank you all so much for your comments. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

More Drama but....

Last week was quite the week. Our littlest granddaughter, Lydia, is here and she's so cute. And she's rolled over already. She tried to do it the day after she was born! Oh goodness. These photos are when she was in the hospital, hours old....
...heading home with her mom and dad late Wednesday afternoon......
and photographed in mom's lap, by aunt Megan who came with grandma to bring her sister and brother back home. She yawned and did a little cry and stretched....oh kay...I'll quit!! Lydia was the bright spot of our week.    After we left, we headed to Grocery Outlet to get some bread, as it was running low, just as the milk did with two more people eating in the house. Grandpa made  breakfast for the kids and lunches. It was good to finally get home with our purchases and sit down. It'd been a long day for me. But it's all good! Phil had cared for the grands all day and was tired from not sleeping but an hour the night before. Melody was sick in the night so he was in living room with them all night. I was not going to allow him to drive them home.at.all. Not safe. We're here for each other.
Megan and I have been working on getting all the graduation party invitations addressed and sent. We handed out quite a few as well.  We've now got our desserts figured out. There's a  forensics theme going on. Butterfly pretzels and gummy worms for entomology, M&Ms for DNA sequencing, whoppie pies for police sirens to name a few.   

That's one of the fun times right now. Her car is out of commission. Repairs on it are too much and now we're working out our schedule for use of my car between the two of us. At least we both work in town. It's workable and hopefully for not too long. May be able to use or buy her brother's extra car. God has got this in His hands and we are waiting to see how it all works out. 

Lovely rhody and rose in the evening light. I'm enjoying them so much right now. The rhodies are full on the bush right now.

New pan and tea kettle last week. little did I realize they were both red til I came home Thurs evening with the tea kettle. I replaced the nice........
rip city rip city rip city....
{Sorry it's  near the end of the Blazer/Warrior game.}
{Megan thinks I'm crazy to blog and watch game 4. It's called multi tasking. :-p }

.....anyway, I replaced the nice off white sunflower tea kettle with the red one. Got some rust in it and it needed replaced. I'm tired of the new pans out there. I don't like the non stick coating and the ceramic coating is better but mine didn't last but a two to three years. Cast iron is out of the question since it's too heavy for me.  Then Megan photo bombed with her Coke can!!!
Friday evening I felt the need to light some candles.  It was the end of a long week. It was the day of my father in law's memorial service day. We weren't able to go cross country for it. We were tired and in the afternoon,  Megan's car got towed to get fixed. If it wasn't one thing, it was something else that week. We've lived through it and staying strong this week. 

"Then you will call, and the Lord will answer; you will cry for help, and He will say: HERE I AM." Isaiah 58:9
(Blazers lose in overtime. Sigh,,,,,,)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Grandbaby News!!

 This morning I got a phone call from Justin. They'd been at hospital since 5:15 a.m. and called at 7:30 for me to come to get the grandchildren again. Birth was going to happen today! I took the day off from work.   So we had some time at home then ate lunch and naps were taken since the children were tired. I actually had to wake them so we could go to the library. They didn't get to go yesterday as they went home. So we found some books. I thought it would be a fun pic with this book and Owen. I could not get him to smile. He handed me a book on Hilary Clinton. I'm not sure why he did. I left it on the table. LOL!!!Maybe he liked her smile? Who knows!!!!!
 I found a book for Melody about sleeping in the library. She actually read it to herself and she liked it. I kept checking my phone for messages. A.n.t.i.c.i.p.a.t.i.o.n. is making us wait. While the children were playing on the computers, I got a text that read Lydia was born~ late 3 PM

Megan showed the children the big set of real Russian nesting dolls at the library. It's missing at least one piece.. Megan likes these kind of dolls and has a few smaller ones. We headed out of library, stopped somewhere to grab a gallon of milk as our supply was running low.  Bought food at Subway and brought it home to eat. Portland Trail Blazers are playing right now and currently in the win position. The grands are in the living room, quiet, watching the game.  There's books to read from library. I need to do a load of laundry and bathe the children. Pull out the sofa sleeper bed again and get them to bed.

 Here's our little grandbaby Lydia who weighed into life at 6 lbs plus.
Mom and baby are doing well.
Off I go to the living room and sit with the children as they are quiet. I know they are tired. Owen wanted to go home but they will be here for the night. Grandpa gets to care for them for some time tomorrow. We're switching days off.  Interesting that both his parents died 10 years apart on the same date. One of their grandchildren was born on May 1, 14 years ago.  A great granddaughter was born on May 3, 2016. Births on each side of their departure date.  Interesting. We cry tears of joy and sadness.  Thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers. We appreciate it very much. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

House Guests

 Last Friday, after the Portland Trailblazers won the 5th game of the playoffs, Megan set up this display  on my recliner! We'd enjoyed and screamed and jumped up and down when they beat the LA Clippers!  Now it's in round 2 against the Golden State Warriors. She enjoys me watching the games with her. It is a tradition in our family. My dad used to listen to Bill Shonley on the radio as color analyst. Then watched them on tv. My mom always liked them too and we were able to go to a game 2011. Now we're cheering them on in the playoffs this year. Will see what happens as the first game didn't go real good. But it's fun.
 On Saturday afternoon, I was out at Bauman farms when I got this {cell phone} message from Justin, our son.  Erin was having contractions but weren't sure where it was going. So he wanted me to know time for grandbaby 3 to be born was close~maybe.  I was excited and realized I didn't have alot of time to shop. I usually dawdle. I did get five tomato plants and a couple other items. Looked at the yummy scones and thought about getting some in a few weeks for Megan's grad party. They are big enough I can cut them in two. Will figure out exactly how much time we have to bake, clean the house, work and be sane. All at the same time! TeeHee!

 Two and a half hours later I got a red alert message. But we were to wait til they get to the hospital and see what happens. I'm glad I got dinner cooked and we were able to eat it. Hawaiian meatloaf and crescent rolls and veggies. We waited. And took a walk.
 We went to the hospital 5 hours later and got our adorable grandchildren and they spent the night with us. Although Erin didn't get to stay there, after another couple hours, we kept Melody and Owen all day Sunday and into Monday afternoon. Still no baby girl yet. We're waiting to see what happens on Wed. Most likely Erin will be induced. No details except she's been having alot of contractions, so tired and uncomfortable. We had a good time with the grands but were glad when we had some peace at home this evening. I did go to work, even though I really didn't want to. 

We found out early a.m. that Phil's dad, Jim, died. Here we are with him in 2011 at Evergreen Air and Space Museum. We will miss him very much. He always made time for us, even though we lived a great distance away. I'm so thankful for the legacy of love and faith in God that he left for us. 
Thank you for your kind comments recently and would enjoy other comments from readers I've not heard from. I know there are many readers out there and hope in some way I've touched your lives in a positive way. God bless you all!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wednesday happenings

 We're watching  NBA Blazers vs LA Clippers in game five. And Blazers win their 3rd game!! Back to Portland on Friday!!  I've not done a whole lot in the evenings this week. Reheated food for dinner which was a bit late.  I did fold laundry tonight.
 On the table in front of my blanketed feet and legs is a new pr of England themed pj pants for me and a 3 pc outfit and 4 set bibs for soon to arrive grandbaby Lydia.  I bought them today at TJ Maxx. I went there to exchange a pr of sun glasses I bought last week. Did a bit more shopping then came home. 

Weird. No Phil. No messages on my cell phone. Message on home phone from AAA lady said he'd be late as his car broke down in Wilsonville.  Good thing it wasn't an accident. He got home ok thanks to AAA tow truck bringing him to town with his car intact. Diagnostic in the morning. Possible alternator belt slippage. Praying it's nothing major.
We've found out grandbaby Lydia's birth is close. Erin's dilated to 3.5 cm.
So we're waiting for the phone call.
Megan and I on Sunday before the game, at home, where we watched game 4.  My co-worker got me the tshirt at the Blazer game he went to with a friend at regular end of season. 

I had a post all thought out but it didn't happen early on this week.  I worked on uploading tulip photos on Sunday and looking at ones to enter into a contest in a few days. So you'll have to wait a few more days for my weekend update of 2 weekends!  
On that note, this tired grandma needs to clean the kitchen and go to bed. Who knows if we wake up to a phone call in middle of night. Or not and just head to work tomorrow. 
Til later, God bless you all!