Sunday, August 24, 2014

Flower and Blouse on Sunday

 Sunday comes. A new week. Last evening, before retiring, I read Rev 22. It was part of a devotion I'd read last week, at work...I read it on my lunch break.   "And He said to me, 'These words are trustworthy and true. And the Lord, the God of the spirits of the prophets, has sent His angel to show His servants what must soon take place. And behold, I am coming soon.' "  (vs 6-7)  "He who testifies to these things say, 'Surely I am coming soon.' Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!" (vs 20). This morning at church, the very first song we sang was "Come Lord Jesus Come".  Amazing how it works....scripture and song work together, hours apart!

 This afternoon my husband and I went out for a walk. Just as we got down near the end of our block, 2 dogs on left side starting barking since a young man was walking his two dogs, that weren't barking. At.all. The yippy little dog, behind the fence, to the right of us joined in the barking! Both of us covered our ears. It was deafening!  We rounded the corner then there was a car a couple blocks away, whose alarm was going off. Really?  It quit. We got up a couple blocks further, another car alarm went off. Really? The man who owns the car set it off when he opened the door to get a shirt. We were all laughing, cuz he said to us and neighbor next to him, who was outside....go ahead and arrest me....but it's my car!    Quiet. Finally. Then I walked across the street when I saw this sunflower. Lovely! Peaceful! 

Here's a selfie of me with my new blouse from Cost Plus World Market. I bought it late a.m. after we got out of church. I'd seen this on their web site. There was a $10 coupon to use for a $30 purchase. Expires today. The blouse was in stock, tried it on (ok to try it on in restroom). Then I bought a jar of oregano. I'm out and haven't been able to find it in bulk at Fred Meyer. They've been out last two times I was there.  The shower curtain is also a Cost Plus World Market item. A change for our bathroom. (this photo was taken at our house, in case you are confused about the rooms!)   After we were done with this bit of shopping, we went to Burgerville and enjoyed a meal together. Walla Walla onion rings, from there, are Phil's favorite. Since the season is running down for this local food, we decided to eat out. It was nice. Nothing pressing to make us go home too soon.  Talked.  Again peaceful! Relatively good rest of the day. I made a big salad for our dinner (3 of us). Now I need to clean the kitchen and ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow I will need cut up tomatoes, onions, cilantro and heat them up a bit then into pint freezer bags. Freeze for soup base I like to make.  I should have done it this afternoon. But no, I get a bit lazy on Sunday afternoons. I canned 6 pints of peaches yesterday. And made dinner. No need to stress or wear out myself already!  :-)     Enjoy your week, my friends!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Just a Few Thoughts this Friday

Where has the summer gone...long time passing....middle of Aug already?  just leaving in a few minutes for a girls dinner night at my co-worker's house. MG is bbq ing dinner for us. He did a dinner like that for the guys awhile back. Hopefully the 5 of us girls will be there. Am walking over and meeting a co-worker part way as she's in between me and MGs house.

Today, dentist visit.  3 cavities filled. Dentist wants me to get another crown on one tooth, that has cavities filled, both sides, under the crown. Really? Sigh! At least that doesn't hurt much but it may hurt the pocket book. I'm thankful for our dental insurance. Guess I'll get it done this year. Who knows what will happen next year...or tomorrow for that matter.

Enuf said...heading out and will be back with you in a day or two. Hugs and have a great weekend!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

FishFest Saturday

In the heat of the day. FishfestPortland that is in Salem. Walked a bit.   Carrying lghtweight lawn chairs. We listen to Britt Nichol. Enjoyed the messages in her music. Wearing an ear plug while Red is performing. Phil and Megan went to
stand in line for food. Jeremy Camp is coming up next,  Leaving after that. Mercy Me last group. But we have had enuf. There are tons of people here. Getting outta here will be a task.

Megan and I shared a pie. So good. Now it is cooling down. Good thing. So thankful for a bit of breeze now and then. A bit of cool off the river. Megan wandered and found Mercy Me booth and bought their new cd for five dollars. My taco and cool water arrived. He is back in line for his food. How sweet. Have a good rest of your weekend. Enjoy what is left of the good old summer time.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Just Last Month

On a Wednesday evening, just about a month ago, I decided to spend some time outdoors. My mind didn't want to be at work that day. So I struggled all day, just to be present in mind and body. It was the week after my mom's memorial service. I gave myself a rest from indoors after dinner. This is a hummingbird on a stake that I bought the week prior. My mom loved birds.  I decided to buy it, especially since the display of them caught my eyes on a pass by them on way back up to register. So I stopped and chose this bird. My mom loved these colors as well.

Now I'm enjoying it in the planter of my wedding dress hydragenea. It moves a bit in the wind.

I watered my hydrageneas in the tub. It was cooling. Refreshing. Calming.

Out front, with sunlight through the trees. Watering the grass. Lilac bush.

My fragrant roses.  My mind whirling. I should have just stopped that from happening. There was a bit of relief. I did talk to my old Marine neighbor. Fabian. He's widowed. Lives up the street from us.  He was scuffling down to the mailbox, with his dog.  I walked him home and we talked. About my mom who died recently. About his wife that died a few years ago.  I interjected a bit about God and heaven. He said he heard it was a nice place to be. Then changed the subject. I've decided to pray for him. Daily.

I walked back home. I stopped by my across the street neighbor's house. I enjoy this flowering tree when it's blooming in the summer. So pretty!

Back inside the house...into the kitchen. Wash my hands. Oh, I did shut the water off out back, right? Yes.  Put away the chicken chili I'd made in the crock pot early today. Cannelli beans and chicken..Enough for another meal for lunch.

Brewing tea for now and caffeinated tea for tomorrow (iced for work).

Catching up in my gratitude journal. See how close I am to 1000? I'll share that episode soon!

Fast forward to Friday.....Phil and I'd gone to get my mom's ashes in the a.m. Sigh! One more hurdle over, done. Went to lunch before I drove him to work. (His car was already at work). Then I went to my dentist appt. This was the calm scene in the waiting room. I needed that. I almost called the appt off. But I did ok. I had a sweet dental hygienist. She listened with care....a definite plus to my visit.

My bag of goodies.  Happy teeth!  Well, most of them....have a few cavities that will be fixed next week. Sigh!

Decided to get some grocery shopping done. I'd not been in the mood lately. Made myself go. Here's a portion of what I bought that day. Got a good meat deal as well.  So glad to be home. this time of life. Shadow of grief isn't hovering over me as much as it was last month. But it comes and goes. Especially the evening I was reading through list of meds I get from mom's health care each month. This paper work I read was just prior to her death. I just started crying. At the dinner table. After dinner. Phil came in and gave me a hug and kiss. We talked a bit. Release. Memories will always be there!

Fast forward to the next Friday....eye dr appt. My goodie bag. My eyes were good and vision stayed the same. More contact lenses ordered.

Stopped at Costco to get a magazine. I needed one to read since I was going to Social Security office. I didn't know how long the wait was going to be. So I bought this magazine since the photography magazine I wanted wasn't there. Sigh. Oh well, who's gonna complain about this photo? Makes me wanna eat it all!  I grabbed lunch at Costco then off to office........short wait of 5 minutes! Questions answered.  I could never get anybody to talk on the came!  The man who was helping me commented the small amount of people in that day. Usually they serve 250 people a day. When I was done, there were 3 other people!  Score for them as well!    Then I went and visited with my daughter in love, Erin, and grandkids for an hour before I headed home. Since it was quiet, I did a couple things. Then lay in my recliner under a blanket and slept.  That's what the feeling of the afternoon was like. I was done with running around with "death" errands. I needed sleep. It felt good to relax then make dinner.  Still have a few things to do but most of the hurdles are gone. One tomorrow....rubbing of grave stone so engraver can match the type of print to old print done 28 years ago when my dad died.  But it will be a nice day out with Phil.*****Right now I'm off a couple days...vacation from work. Was supposed to be getting our roof done. But decided to wait til next year. Various reasons.   ****Coming Soon......a give away for my 5th blogaversary that happened July 8. But I had more pressing matters in life. So give away was never done til I realized I'd better get to it. Life has settled a bit now. Thankful for God's love and mercy and His presence in our days of grief. Thanks to my blogger friends that prayed and understand.  It's been a long road. But I'm stronger. Feeling happier. Sleeping better.....for the most part.    A couple weeks ago we had a thunderstorm that was close, which isn't usual here in the valley. Sounded like storms we had in New Mexico.  Thunder woke me up. One clap of thunder was so loud it hurt my ear. I finally got back to sleep.  Good rain though.     We had rainstorm last night which was nice. With a bit of lightning and thunder.  It's been very hot here, again, not usual for our part of Oregon. 96 degrees on Sunday and Monday and cloudy Tues...rain in a.m.  Rain about 9 p.m. We really needed it. Now there's lovely birds outside. Singing. On a summer's afternoon!   Enjoy your day! Hugs, my friends and thanks for stopping by and letting me share a portion of my life with you. 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Busy Days

It has been a busy summer,to say the least. The pages of my calendar keep filling up, especially the weekends. Right now I'm sitting in the shade with a nice breeze. Cooling off from hot summer day. Mid 80s. I'm official photographer of Woodburn Firehouse Cook off again this year. Down time after photographing cook off teams. Soon winners will be announced. So I will be busy again.

Cook off includes many samples from the teams and then a pulled pork sandwich meal that's included in the admission price. Our meals were "free" since I was the photographer. Phil loves all the samples. You feel so full by afternoon's end. Pig Out is a good phrase of the day!
I took the photo of this group last year when they won people's choice award. The photo is put on a plaque or tile. Nice idea. This year this team won people's choice again! Two Bad Dads and a Buddy!

     Yesterday I met up with Betsy, a fellow NW blogger. We had a great time at Red Robin, in Clackamas. One of these days I hope to meet with three other women that meet once a month.We exchanged a little gift....Betsy gave me a knitted wash cloth, which I love to use in the kitchen. I gave her a coaster/mug cover that I bought earlier this year. We had a good time talking...pretty good for never meeting! Kindred spirits? Sisters in Christ!


Tomorrow afternoon is Phil's work picnic. It won out over church picnic. I don't have to make anything for work picnic. Two places at once is not an option. We both were at a church senior group picnic last Sat. Catch my drift of all the activities we are involved in.  Next Sat. all three of us are going to Fishfest concert...Jeremy Camp, Natalie Grant. At river front in Salem. Rest of Aug weekends will remain uneventful. Enuf said. I'm not bored. No complaining.

     I am contemplating going to Nicaragua May 2015.  (See where Volcan San Cristobal is on map? That's by Chichigalpa, where I was 2013.) Now I'm planning on what to do for seven days. Praying for God's direction and funds. I have ideas pending.

We are  home now, a bit of food eaten (me) and coolness. Uploaded a few photos from my phone for this post. Hope you are all having a good weekend. Enjoy, relax, chill, have fun, be blessed!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Outdoor Fun Late June 2014

Outdoor church has been a tradition these past few years at our church. It's held the Sunday prior to July 4. This is the first time I used my camera that's on my cell phone, that I'd purchased the day before. So I tried it out.  Here's the worship team leading the songs.   People singing and praising God.

Song sheet and Bible on my lap.

After the service was a potluck picnic. In line right behind me was my friend, Jill. I was wishing her a happy birthday, since it was her birthday, when all of a sudden Pedro came over and said it was his birthday too. Really it was!  We had a good time visiting!

Food line! There was so much food. Delicious.

My choices. Of course I wound up with two pieces of chocolate dessert. Now I wish I could remember the one that was drizzled with white had ritz crackers with something in between then dipped in chocolate. It was so good!

Big kids had a bouncy house of sorts that was fun. A couple adults went in there later for fun....why do all the little kids have all the fun?

This year there was a classic car show in the upper parking lot. Quite a good collection.

My daughter likes Coca Cola so I took this photo for her. These are made by a man that goes to church and comes into the hardware store to purchase nuts and bolts often.

I was allowed to sit in this vehicle. The man, in photo below, has many nuts, bolts, washers and hinges in this vehicle that were purchased at the hardware store where I work. I've sold parts to him quite often.

Speedometer for 1933 Vale that I'm sitting in with Don, in the next photo. It was made in London, England.

We went for a drive around a few blocks from the church. I just happened to catch him as Phil and I were leaving....I didn't know this was his car. (I went with Don and a team down to Nicaragua last year.No, we didn't go to Nica in this room for luggage and the leg space is highly over rated!!!!)  We had a fun time on our little drive. My feet got a bit hot as the motor is right in front. I jokingly told him that my shoes melted when we got back to the church.

Pastor Pedro with his adorable son PJ Jr.  He's a month and a half here in this photo. The photo below was taken a couple weeks later. He is such a cutie pie.  He and his mom and dad have returned to Nicaragua. I'm sure his 3 big sisters have really loved on him, since they'd not seen him til mid July!  Can't wait to see what PJ looks like next year, when he's a year old! 
I enjoy the times we have at church when there's extra activities. It's a great time to invite people from the neighborhood. It feels great to be outdoors and worship His beautiful creation. We all have a fun time and it's always hard to leave.  "Let all that I am praise the Lord; may I never forget the good things He does for me."  Psalm 103:2

Monday, August 4, 2014

Being Fruitful!

A few weekends ago, Megan and I went to Hood River. Here I am outside a bldg at Rasmussens farms. This is after the lavender festival. We were both quite warm!  (I realized festival photos were still in my Canon camera. I'll have to share them later! Sigh!)  I really like this sink setup...old school....couldn't take it home with me. So I had Megan take a photo of me, all sweaty, by the sink. I washed my hands in water and soap and it felt so good.  We were done buying our produce that we'd hurried over to buy before they closed.

Megan is hauling our stash out to the car. There's peaches, apricots, cherries, flowers, jam.  I love these colorful chairs.  I love the hills in the background as well.  Once we loaded it all in the trunk and visited the porta potty again, we sat in the car. A/C on.

Our dinner was eaten at Charburger. Nice place, good food. We missed the crowd..cuz more came in when we were eating. There was a concert at the Columbia Gorge hotel up the street. This restaurant stays busy. My fav is mushroom swiss burger. Megan had one as well. We enjoyed the old tyme decor.

Cherries and apricots in bowls. At home.

I got 4 qt. of peaches canned the following Sunday. I had to run to a store to get jar rings. I didn't have any. I think I threw them away since they were getting old.rusty.good thing I noticed BEFORE I started my project. Phil and I headed to the store before they closed. Then we had dinner. On a Sunday eve.  

On another day, Phil made me a cherry pitter from an empty prescription bottle. I don't have one. So he made one. It worked. Used one of the beaters from my mixer.

Push down through the cherry and the pit goes down into the hole and into the bottle. Some of the pits were a bit bigger. So I had to prod it more. These were a sweet cherry but still a bit bigger than royal annes or bings.

Lots of pits!

A bowl full of pitted cherries. It took me an hour to do them. I learned a hard lesson...I should have stood on a rug. The next a.m. my hips were sore, especially my right one. I made it to church but I was hurting. Good thing I was able to put my thigh up to the knee on the pew seat during the church service. It helped relieve stress on it. Finally felt better later afternoon at home.

Cherries ready for freezer....sugared syrup poured into the bags.      Yesterday I cut up, peeled, pitted and sliced the apricots. I didn't have enough for jam. So I sweetened them and put them back in the fridge. Tonight I just made a flat apricot pie out of it and it's now out of the oven. I wish you could smell the goodness!  Yummy!         Hopefully you are all having a good summer. It's been quite hot here, in the high 90s almost everyday...and last Friday, early a.m. we were wakened by a thunderstorm we usually don't experience. An.hour.long. A few close, overhead, loud thunder that made my right ear hurt!  Nothing damaged. Good thing!  On that note, I'm gonna bid you adieu and get a cup of tea, get a few things done before I head for bed. For tomorrow is another work day! God's blessings to you!!