Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Weekend Fun

 A trip to the coast is something I enjoy. This last weekend I drove three girlfriends to Astoria, OR for another 60th celebration. We stopped downtown and did a bit of shopping. This building is the Liberty Theater. We passed it on our way to a bookstore and a gift shop.
 I liked the inlays on portions of the sidewalks. Old, worn, some blocks missing. I took a photo even though I really wanted a purple piece as a souvenir. I knew it was NOT an option with good consequences, most likely!!!
 Laura, Sandy, Beth and I stopped in at Godfathers coffee and bookstore to get refreshment. Beth bought all of us hot drinks. I walked around with really hot tea. I should have asked for cold milk. The man handed me the hot frothy milk and I didn't realize it til it was too late. I finally got it cool enough to drink without burning my gullet!!! Categories of books were spelled in Scrabble letters. I came across Jane Kirkpatrick's Aurora book here. I didn't buy it since I already have one.
 Heading back to the car, I noticed this nice trash can. What a novel way to make a town look different with historic salmon cans.
 Fast forward to Sat a.m. where I saw this view out my bedroom window in Ocean Park, WA. This is across the Columbia River, where I drove over the Astoria/Megler bridge after we left downtown Astoria.  Below is a selfie of me on the beach that a.m. with my friends. I attempted to take a photo of my friends behind me. When I looked later, I got only photos of my fingers!!!

 Old car we saw as we were going into a store in Ocean Park. It has an exterior of one car with another type car for the body. He had quite the horns on it.
Kites of all sorts flying on the boardwalk at Long Beach. Cloudy day but it was nice. We went on to see a couple lighthouses. It did get warmer as the day passed by. I will be back with more of our weekend. These are photos from my cell phone. I had a little bit of time this evening to work on a post. I have been busy since I got home Sunday evening. A load of laundry to do that evening. Worked the next day even though I really wanted to have a day off. It was all I could do to muster myself out of bed and go to work. But I did it!! Stay tuned take care and will be back with photos of life's happenings in my corner of the world!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Easter Highlights at our House

 Grandson's feet I'd just love to tickle!  Grandchildren hunting eggs in our back yard.

Delicious cream cheese mini cake for dessert!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend 2015

Sunday was long but a happy Mother's Day for me even though plans changed a bit.  Phil was sick with a cold since Wed. He'd come home early from work on Thurs and was down for 3 days. Since we were teaching Sunday school again today, I thought it best he not share his germs by breathing down on the children.  I taught the class and Sam, a dad, was great at reading scripture.He helped me with the project as thankful he was willing to help me out!! Phil stayed home but was feeling better and cooked spaghetti, our normal for Sunday lunch. {I'd already made the meat sauce as part of it last night. I'd served it over 4 cheese ravioli.} He served spaghetti with his version of garlic bread on buttermilk bread and toasted the bread. It was good and I loved his thoughtfulness.  Then we tried to "high tail" it to Oregon City to hear Jane Kirkpatrick speak at the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center.......oh dear, the traffic was slow...will we make it on time??? It cleared up quickly at one spot and then it was fine all the way there with a few minutes to spare.  I grabbed these two books, one on the left is what Megan requested and other one is mine.  I always enjoy listening to Jane speak about how she comes about writing her books. I learned a few historical matters. She's always an inspiration to me and we've become friends, as I go to her events quite often. Usually once a year!  Phil came along with me but he decided to go into the museum and had a good time. He's a museum buff!! I will got sometime but it closed at 4 and I didn't want to pay admission for half an hour.

Since we had some time to spare before dinner, we drove into Canby and went to the community park to see the Molalla River. It was running low. Not a lot of water right now in the river as there's not been much rain. We sat and talked in the car awhile. I talked about what I learned from Jane about the book I purchased. Of course there was political items brought up from years past that was in this book.  Then we walked over to the other side of the park. Cottonwood fluff was everywhere, tis the season!  The pond always has Mallard ducks and there were a couple Canadian geese.  As we were looking for more ducks, we saw something swimming in the water......turned out to be two nutria. We've not seen them in awhile. They were fun to watch as well.  I took a selfie of us..{..never too good at that,} with the lake behind us. Phil wondered if you could spin cottonwood fluff and make it into something? That's what happens when you go to a museum!!!

We met up with Megan at Burgerville where she bought me dinner. {Original plan was lunch at Burgerville right after church since it was close to the museum but it didn't happen that way--long story short.}  I got a free strawberry sundae since it was Mother's day. Sundaes or shortcake were $1 for other people.  The three of us had a good time together.  It was a bittersweet day, especially leaving Canby since that's where mom lived for nearly eight years. I miss her, especially today. I've got a post started about her but it will have to wait....still thinking of what to write. Then we all came home and got some things done...and Megan and I watched "Call the Midwife". We love that show~and this time we both just cried.

Late Friday I made this chocolate cake to take to my friend Teresa's house on Sat.  We were having a get together with a few other ladies we've kept in touch with over the years. Sweet to talk with them while eating!  The cake is baked and then I make the frosting which then is poured over the cake right out of the oven.  The icing sets up fast. I actually had to push the sprinkles down a bit with a big spoon so they wouldn't go all over the place when I moved it.

Taco salad for lunch!! And cake for dessert! 
This lamp was adorable. There's an outdoor/fishing theme going on in the living room. Teresa and Ray have been in this house for 2.5 months. Shirley said it's like a house out of the HGTV show. It was nice. And I really liked the pantry....sigh! Oh well!!!! I can always dream!!
I like this calendar page for May that is hanging in their hallway. I like tea so I took a photo of it.

Here's their patio through the screen door. We went out there for a bit before we ate cake. 

A bit of scripture for your week:
"Whatever your task, work heartily, as serving the Lord and not men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward; you are serving the Lord Christ. For the wrongdoer will be paid back for the wrong he has done, and there is no partiality."  Colossians 3:23-25 RSV
Be blessed and hope your day was special whether you are a mom or not! You all are special to me and God!!! Hugs!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Weary on Wednesday

Often on Wednesdays I am weary. It is mid week and my third out of fourth day of work for me at the hardware store.  My main job is working at the cash register but I've asked to be off it for awhile to do other jobs. It is tiring to be in one spot all the time. On my feet.  I am able to do other jobs as well. Today, my manager, Micheal, gave me a job of putting together a side kick of Gorilla Glue products.  I started with just the sidekick without anything else. Fred and I went out and got shelves and hangers in back. Then I filled the sidekick, which is to the side of the end cap. Extra product was put into the paint dept where more of it is stocked.  Here's the end of project photo. I rarely do this and was just pleased it came out nice.  It may be no big deal to some people but I felt a bit accomplished at the end.

Here's the empty unit, except for three items I forgot to put somewhere. Then not knowing where to put this fixture, I put a note on it "Now What? I am MPT!!!"  A good end to my busy work day. It's been busy all week, but who am I to complain? Customers are our bread and butter!!!

Home for dinner, after getting out of the store 10 min. late, I saw these lovely rhodies on the table.  Megan had been to a mini-conference today and she brought home a table decoration. Lovely to see fresh flowers. They are the same color as mine outdoors.  Ate some M&Ms for a dessert as well. 

After dinner Phil and I went out for a walk and the sky was lovely with clouds that passed us by and not dropping rain. The salmon color didn't come thru the photo but it was lovely anyway.

My rhodie bush when I got home from our walk. So fun to watch it continue to bloom.
Yesterday a.m. at breakfast was this scene of drooping tulips my daughter brought home the other day, the last day she worked at the tulip farm. This is without a light or flash. I thought it was pretty in the morning to see at the table.  I miss the tulips already.  I am ready for one more day of work. Then ready to get a two new tires and wiper blades for my car on a day off this week. And to share with you what I did last evening, here's a link to Betsy's blog, if you are interested.  Without further adieu, I am drinking the remainder of my hot tea and finishing the laundry (again)!!! Thanks for stopping in to read and comment. I enjoy it when you let me know you were here!!  :-}


Monday, May 4, 2015

My Thoughts, Notes, Photos of Faith & Culture Writers Conference 2015

 WORDS---are what I write.  I realized the Faith and Culture writers conference was the place I needed to be again this year. I attended it last year. Upon looking at the registration I felt the urge to attend again. The conference was held at Warner Pacific College in Portland, OR, April 10-11, 2015
The evening session was held in McGuire Auditorium. These stained glass windows above us were just beautiful! Stained glass is something I enjoy looking at whenever it is near me.  Being above me that weekend was just added more delight in my journey!  Music was led that evening and the following morning by Sunia Gibbs and singers and musicians. It was great to be in the presence of our God that weekend and people who loved to sing His praises. 

Theme of the conference was Rough Draft: From Blank to Beautiful.  I attended morning sessions that inspired me....Bob Welch, whose screen shot is above. He talked about how and why he wrote books. Realize our words matter. He had some that he didn't sell many of. Others he could have made money on. But it was more about the people that he was in contact with because of the books he'd written. Don't buy into the culture's idea of success. If we don't measure up to those standards, then we claim we are failures.  What is our real goal to writing a book or a magazine article or a blog post?  I liked that he quoted Hebrews 13:2 "Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."  He shared a few stories that touched our hearts.....It's not about you. People come to hear what you have to say, when you have a speaking engagement.  How he touched an elderly lady's heart at an engagement.   Things to think on....Pray!  Recalibrate your goals, learn from the past and then look to the future (forget the past).  What's getting in your way? Be the pebble that sends ripples!

 Alia Joy and I were able to talk a bit after a session. Alia Joy was the one who told me last year about the conference.{I've followed her blog for awhile.}  I am so glad we connected. I attended the session she spoke on the Art of Truth Telling.  People pleasing and truth telling do not match.  Hardwired for self deception/self preservation.  All healthy relationships are truth. much to share here but the end  was authentic. Make beautiful art to be heard. It's scary and hard. "Beauty will save the world." ( Dostoevsky). My mind was reeling by the time I'd finished two sessions. Thank goodness I took notes to review later.

Art station I wrote on.........there was painting going on as well, see photo above with the music...

Cornelia Seigneur, founding director and Velynn Brown, our emcee for the weekend. Amazingly funny, sweet Christian women that made the weekend enjoyable. Cornelia shared her story about the day that changed her life this past January. How she saw God protect her in the accident. Praising God she is still with us and inspiring us. Isaiah 50:4 "The Lord God has given me the tongue of those who are taught, that I may know how to sustain with a word him that is weary. Morning by morning he wakens, he wakens my ear to hear as those who are taught."      Other speakers I enjoyed were Tony Kriz...."Have I been the hero of the story (not a good thing).. Take the risk...(to write and share God/faith)"..(he's written 'ALOOF' and Neighbors and Wise Men {which I bought this year})...Emily Freeman.(wrote 3 books, latest Simple Tuesday --Aug 2015)...Romal Tune.....wrote God's Graffiti" Inspiring stories for Teen....shared his life and how is vastly changed when he started to he helps people now...blessing others, helping us here as well. We need to show people there is hope. Tell our story, show our scars, keep showing them the path they need to be healed.......oh wow!  And then there was Phil Long, spoken word poet.  I could go many notes of speakers and emotions as I relive this weekend just now.  God blessed my heart through these few people I mentioned and others as well.  I feel compelled to continue writing and sharing my words along with my photographs here and send it with a click of the publish button many more times. I felt a common bond with these people, be it writing, our faith, eating together,telling our much encouragement time at this writers conference. I am so thankful I attended and look forward to next year's conference. I appreciate all the work that went into this conference. Top notch in my book since it's close to where I live and I don't have to travel real far to listen to others tell their story and have a good time together!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Wedding and Marriage Moments

 Just yesterday morning we prepped ourselves and drove into town for a wedding.  A young lady and her fiance' that go to our church wed. It was lovely and each wedding I attend still reminds me of ours years ago. Thirty-seven-and-a-half-years-ago.  It brings to mind what I felt then as a bride. Young and in love. It's fun to reminisce.

 I think of how we have grown deeper in our love for each other through the years. Adding a chapter that makes our story better, every year.  I read a verse of scripture in a book today that is worthy of sharing. 

"Is not wisdom found among the aged?  Does not long life bring understanding?"  Job 12:12  

Granted I'm not old but I am older than I was when I married at 22 years of age. So I've gained some understanding in marriage through the years. Things to do and not to do. Keeping God as head of our marriage is a must. Be an encourager to my husband, share decisions together, make an effort to make things work out.  Keep on giving to one another daily in little or big things when there is a need. Make my home a happy, safe, welcome place to be.

 "For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  Jeremiah 29:11

We still have years ahead of us to keep growing together in love, word, and deed. Serving Him in our church and community. Being a light that shines in the darkness each day; helping others through their day.   I pray these things for our newlywed friends and others we know this year that are being married. I know of three more weddings approaching.

"Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your heart to the Lord. And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him."  Colossians 3:16-17


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Two Tulip Farm Trips 2015

Spring has come to the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Along with it comes lovely tulips. I have trekked to Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm nearly every year we've lived in Oregon. I never get tired of it, except for when I've walked all over and have had my share of the fields and the people. Late March, on a Friday, I was out there, late morning. Look at all the people. I actually had fun watching people as they were around me, talking, shooting photos everywhere!

Look, these tulips and my boots match!

These pink tulips resembled peonies. People were drawn to them as I was. People would sniff scent. I watched as three Romanian women smelled them and chatted among themselves. I was tempted to take a photo, but I just watched. 
People lining up to climb on the pink tractor for a photo. 

Lovely finds among the mixed tulip variety. I never know what I will find.  Some tulips that were previously sold are now mixed in this batch due to less bulbs and not enough to sell.  Lovely oak tree in the distance.

Two steam traction engines out in the field. It was fun to watch them move out of the field.

The cow train that people like to ride, especially the children!
End of trip number one. I'd had enough that day. Only a couple hours out and I was done. Alot of people still coming in as I was going out. These photos are only a portion of what I took this day. 

Tulip trip #2 was on Good Friday. I met up with my blogger friend, Linda. We were there about 8:15 a.m. and were just loving the field. I gave Linda the tour of field an ideas. She'd never been out here. We had a fun time.  Notice how this photo is ....and then a few minutes later,
a different view....notice the light? Amazing! I love it!
These triumph tulips are lovely!!! Of course, my favorite color!!!

Tulip says, "I'm done, it's over!!!"

Megan, my daughter, worked out there this year. I caught her working when I went to the car to retrieve something!! Here she is showing off her vest when she came to meet Linda! Then she had to get back to work...finish putting down parking lines!

Photo of Linda and Becky (on the left).(See previous Good Friday post).. I was wearing my sunglasses on my head so I wouldn't smash them or lose them. We had some fun, tiptoeing through the tulips!

Lovely tulips with dew still on them. The pink ones are apricot parrot tulips. They are one of my favorites.
Interesting color combination. Queen of Night tulip....almost the end of the season now that they are here. 
A new parrot tulip ....and I procrastinated long enough that all the potted ones were bought before I got one. They are not available to order nor the ones that look like peonies. There's always next year!!

We rambled enough and decided to take a little ride on the tram. We came to the gift shop and then talked to a few people I knew that worked there and introduced Linda to Ross, the man who started it all. Now his children run the farm. 
Trying on new shoes...nope, they don't fit. But ya gotta try them on!
One last whim and then we leave the fields to head home. Can't forget our cut tulips!

The sunshine faded into clouds rolling in and the breeze came up. You could see the change coming. We left, heading into town and met for lunch before we parted our ways. By the time we got into Subway, the rain started falling! Oh how fun the four hours were with many photos on our memory cards. We will remember this for a long time!!!  

Linda has a blog as well and she has a post of our trip as well. Hop on over to see her blog!!!