Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Grandbaby News!!

 This morning I got a phone call from Justin. They'd been at hospital since 5:15 a.m. and called at 7:30 for me to come to get the grandchildren again. Birth was going to happen today! I took the day off from work.   So we had some time at home then ate lunch and naps were taken since the children were tired. I actually had to wake them so we could go to the library. They didn't get to go yesterday as they went home. So we found some books. I thought it would be a fun pic with this book and Owen. I could not get him to smile. He handed me a book on Hilary Clinton. I'm not sure why he did. I left it on the table. LOL!!!Maybe he liked her smile? Who knows!!!!!
 I found a book for Melody about sleeping in the library. She actually read it to herself and she liked it. I kept checking my phone for messages. A.n.t.i.c.i.p.a.t.i.o.n. is making us wait. While the children were playing on the computers, I got a text that read Lydia was born~ late 3 PM

Megan showed the children the big set of real Russian nesting dolls at the library. It's missing at least one piece.. Megan likes these kind of dolls and has a few smaller ones. We headed out of library, stopped somewhere to grab a gallon of milk as our supply was running low.  Bought food at Subway and brought it home to eat. Portland Trail Blazers are playing right now and currently in the win position. The grands are in the living room, quiet, watching the game.  There's books to read from library. I need to do a load of laundry and bathe the children. Pull out the sofa sleeper bed again and get them to bed.

 Here's our little grandbaby Lydia who weighed into life at 6 lbs plus.
Mom and baby are doing well.
Off I go to the living room and sit with the children as they are quiet. I know they are tired. Owen wanted to go home but they will be here for the night. Grandpa gets to care for them for some time tomorrow. We're switching days off.  Interesting that both his parents died 10 years apart on the same date. One of their grandchildren was born on May 1, 14 years ago.  A great granddaughter was born on May 3, 2016. Births on each side of their departure date.  Interesting. We cry tears of joy and sadness.  Thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers. We appreciate it very much. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

House Guests

 Last Friday, after the Portland Trailblazers won the 5th game of the playoffs, Megan set up this display  on my recliner! We'd enjoyed and screamed and jumped up and down when they beat the LA Clippers!  Now it's in round 2 against the Golden State Warriors. She enjoys me watching the games with her. It is a tradition in our family. My dad used to listen to Bill Shonley on the radio as color analyst. Then watched them on tv. My mom always liked them too and we were able to go to a game 2011. Now we're cheering them on in the playoffs this year. Will see what happens as the first game didn't go real good. But it's fun.
 On Saturday afternoon, I was out at Bauman farms when I got this {cell phone} message from Justin, our son.  Erin was having contractions but weren't sure where it was going. So he wanted me to know time for grandbaby 3 to be born was close~maybe.  I was excited and realized I didn't have alot of time to shop. I usually dawdle. I did get five tomato plants and a couple other items. Looked at the yummy scones and thought about getting some in a few weeks for Megan's grad party. They are big enough I can cut them in two. Will figure out exactly how much time we have to bake, clean the house, work and be sane. All at the same time! TeeHee!

 Two and a half hours later I got a red alert message. But we were to wait til they get to the hospital and see what happens. I'm glad I got dinner cooked and we were able to eat it. Hawaiian meatloaf and crescent rolls and veggies. We waited. And took a walk.
 We went to the hospital 5 hours later and got our adorable grandchildren and they spent the night with us. Although Erin didn't get to stay there, after another couple hours, we kept Melody and Owen all day Sunday and into Monday afternoon. Still no baby girl yet. We're waiting to see what happens on Wed. Most likely Erin will be induced. No details except she's been having alot of contractions, so tired and uncomfortable. We had a good time with the grands but were glad when we had some peace at home this evening. I did go to work, even though I really didn't want to. 

We found out early a.m. that Phil's dad, Jim, died. Here we are with him in 2011 at Evergreen Air and Space Museum. We will miss him very much. He always made time for us, even though we lived a great distance away. I'm so thankful for the legacy of love and faith in God that he left for us. 
Thank you for your kind comments recently and would enjoy other comments from readers I've not heard from. I know there are many readers out there and hope in some way I've touched your lives in a positive way. God bless you all!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wednesday happenings

 We're watching  NBA Blazers vs LA Clippers in game five. And Blazers win their 3rd game!! Back to Portland on Friday!!  I've not done a whole lot in the evenings this week. Reheated food for dinner which was a bit late.  I did fold laundry tonight.
 On the table in front of my blanketed feet and legs is a new pr of England themed pj pants for me and a 3 pc outfit and 4 set bibs for soon to arrive grandbaby Lydia.  I bought them today at TJ Maxx. I went there to exchange a pr of sun glasses I bought last week. Did a bit more shopping then came home. 

Weird. No Phil. No messages on my cell phone. Message on home phone from AAA lady said he'd be late as his car broke down in Wilsonville.  Good thing it wasn't an accident. He got home ok thanks to AAA tow truck bringing him to town with his car intact. Diagnostic in the morning. Possible alternator belt slippage. Praying it's nothing major.
We've found out grandbaby Lydia's birth is close. Erin's dilated to 3.5 cm.
So we're waiting for the phone call.
Megan and I on Sunday before the game, at home, where we watched game 4.  My co-worker got me the tshirt at the Blazer game he went to with a friend at regular end of season. 

I had a post all thought out but it didn't happen early on this week.  I worked on uploading tulip photos on Sunday and looking at ones to enter into a contest in a few days. So you'll have to wait a few more days for my weekend update of 2 weekends!  
On that note, this tired grandma needs to clean the kitchen and go to bed. Who knows if we wake up to a phone call in middle of night. Or not and just head to work tomorrow. 
Til later, God bless you all!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

All About Girls

 We are anticipating the birth of our 2nd granddaughter, Lydia, in the next few days or maybe a couple weeks. Will see how it all works out.  I decided to take a photo of the last four sleepers I bought for Lydia before I sent them on their merry way to her mom and dad. I'm looking forward to seeing and holding her. 

Another girl whose had me full of joy is our daughter, Megan. We spent  a day at the coast, together. I needed to take a day off work, just cuz! I chose a day she'd be off work as well and we went together early March.  It was a good time before any tests in her last university math class. Sunset time and she's agreeing that she's gonna do it and finish her degree. As of Tues, she was notified that her degree plan was 100% completed at Liberty University. We are so proud of her. We went out to Red Robin for dinner after work to:celebrate and becuz we didn't want to cook for just the two of us. I needed a respite from the two busy work days. I finally ordered myself a root beer float to go with my hamburger. It was just what this cashier girl needed. Always meant to order one. Never did til now! We had a good time. Then went to TJ Maxx to shop for sunglasses. Mine broke and my back up ones aren't the best. Found sunglasses cheaper than ones I saw at another store. Then we added a couple things to my cart which was more than a pr of sunglasses but under $25 so it was good. It's hard to shop there and not find something to buy.  Could have shopped for more but we were tired and laundry was calling!  I'm looking forward to the repair man coming to fix my oven. Haven't been able to use it since Sunday. Sigh! Had to have NW Natural gas man come look at it that afternoon. I was going to use the oven but a kaboom from the oven made me shut it off. Igniter isn't working correctly. Better to be safe than sorry. This girl needs to bake cookies this weekend!

 Speaking of weekend. Last Saturday I met up with 3 other blogger girl friends for dinner near Troutdale. We had our husbands with us and we had a lovely time. I'll share more of the story later.

Have a happy day and thanks for coming by to visit my blog. 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Not Always Easy

.....days at work. Wednesdays are my early day to work. The sun was bright against white clouds on drive through town. An abandoned shopping cart glistened from night's rain. Slow time at work meant I could sweep the floor in the store. Day prior was crazy busy. No time to sweep or vacuum. Little did I know a verbal altercation with a coworker would ensue. Long story short, I was not amused and tears crept into my eyes.
I worked through the issue in my mind. I strive to keep peace and move on. My spirit calmed and remembered how Jesus would have me handle this situation. My manager credited me with overcoming the situation. I'd calmed down and was happier. He obviously heard some of it. I didn't go into detail.
When a day of early morning contemplation in my mind, while sweeping, turns sour, how does a person handle it?  I write blog posts in my head when I'm not too busy. Life isn't always pleasant and when it arrives, we deal it best we can. Yell?  Walk away?  Swear?
 Say bad words with no regard to other person? Quit while your ahead!
"Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control; against such there is no law."  Galatians 5:22-23  Interesting that was KLove radio's encouraging word for the day!!
These flowers were my therapy once I got home. Lilacs in my front lawn with a wonderful fragrance was a joy that afternoon. Tulips that are leaning over in vase on the dining room table.
I felt a little bruised in spirit but moved on. Sought God's help in prayer.
Enjoyed orange tulips in neighbor's lawn. Covered in rain from another rain storm of that day. Beauty found when you look for it.
Plants on the patio that needed water as rain was coming the next day. Some were up near the house where they don't get much rain. There will be showers of blessings. Showers of blessing we need. Next day was better and coworker talked to me that day. Never mentioned the day prior incident, which is fine by me. Move on. I've worked with him enough to know how to handle situations. Less said the better. Don't get me wrong, if it was a difficult, on going situation, I'd probably gone to management. But I let it rest.  Mercy. Forgiveness. 
Now it's new week and looking ahead to what God has in store for me.
Warm weather. Time to plant flowers. Enjoy the spring.
God bless!

Sunday, April 10, 2016


 Flowers on my patio make me happy. I see them thru my kitchen window. I see them when I walk out the door and head to my car for work.
 They can appear different throughout the day. Surprise me the next morning. So here's an overload of flowers, beginning with my hellebores.
 Tulip leaves shooting through a fallen leaf from autumn. Notice the crocus blossom? It was on the stem one day, next day it was over. I think something ate it off.
 Primroses on my door step, which Megan gave me...love the drops of rain!
 Indoors I enjoy flowers floating in a bowl on the dining room table. Crocus blossom came alive in the water and stayed there for days.  
  Just like my life, these days, coming alive, refreshed while resting in God's word. Life hit the fan the other day with our daughter.  We pray for the best outcome for her. One happy ending this week with university....then a job issue.....but we know God has something better in store for her. 

 My lovely tulips...Eternal Flame. Opened up a different color than the purple/white of the first color. I love it!

 A freebee succulent I picked up on a walk in our neighborhood a month ago. New to me containers and this one, I think it's called hens and chicks. It's really grown with the warm weather lately.
 More tulips...so in love these two...apricot parrot tulip. Not sure of the other one...think it's one of Megan's bulbs.

Even though the week has been a bit taxing on me, I've found help in a medical issue with my tongue. Dr on Friday...not quite sure what it is but med and vitamins I'm taking are helping. Phil has a cold and we both taught Sunday School today 2nd service. 15 children this week, same group from last week. But it went well and was a busy time. I didn't have enough time to take photos, maybe next week since the next age group will be smaller.  On our way out of the parking lot, we discussed being tired. 'specially Phil. "Is it ok if I fall asleep on our way home?" "No, I can drive. and if I drive, I'll head for a restaurant." I said.  "That sounds like a good idea," as Phil drove...."how about Denny's?"  
"Yes, that sounds good", I said as we drove along.  So we ended up there, with a delicious meal, as always. I tried something different this time as my stomach was actually being happy today! Philly steak omelet!   I want to get my strawberries planted today. Weather is nice with no rain. Last week temps went from 70s on Tues to 87 on Thurs. Hopefully one day this week I can make it to the tulip farm. I had no energy on Friday and forget the weekends! 
Update on Steve, Phil's brother, with ALS...going on hospice on Monday. In a wheel chair while out and about as he's falling occasionally. They had snow in PA for dr. appt.on Friday when they had to drive to Pittsburgh.  No feeding tube allowed. Life's hit them hard in ALS venture. Their 3 adult children are aware of it and helping out. Same age as our children. Can only imagine their feelings and thoughts. Faith being tested but it's going to be alright. And Phil's dad, Jim, is being evaluated this week for hospice as well. He's back in assisted living but not well. A couple weeks ago he was in hospital with pneumonia.  Prayers appreciated for all the family that's involved there as well and care givers. It's hard to be so far away and only do phone calls.    And a granddaughter to be born soon....now that's something to be happy about! ;.}

**It's going to be a blessed week...for us and all of you, my friends.**

It's Alright

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Full Weekend

This past week has been warm and so thankful my tulips finally opened to show me some color.  Megan bought me this lovely Eternal Flame tulip near Easter. I've not put it in a pot yet even though it's in a pot.    Over the weekend I was gone mid Friday to late evening on Sat. I drove down south a bit and visited my brother a bit. Then did a couple hours of shopping at Kohls for clothes and bath towels, which needed replacing.  Driving on further, to Corvallis, I checked into a hotel for the evening. That way I didn't have to get up so early to be at a meeting that morning. 
I dined by myself at the Old Spaghetti Warehouse just a short walk from the hotel. Not wanting to eat much, I ordered broiled shrimp scampi and bread off the appetizer menu. It was so delicious. A bit later I found out there was applesauce to be had so I ordered a small bowl of it. Just what I needed for my finicky stomach! While waiting for my food, I wrote out some of my thoughts on a mission trip I'm considering. Thoughts swirling in my heart and soul. I've realized writing down my thoughts are the best way to remember.
The ambience of this restaurant is so inviting in the century old structure. The antique light fixtures are stunning. Brick walls are studded with historic photos and OSU memorabilia. It's a renovated train depot that's housed other restaurants as well. It sits near the bank of the Willamette River.

Once I decided to leave, I step off my tall high backed stool-style chair, I spotted this lady. Oh my, it's none other than Mary Ellen P. She's a former university professor of Megan's! She was there with her husband, on a date nite. She suggested we take a photo of us and then send it to Megan. We had a nice but short visit. They were eating then moving on "to listen to frogs croak and sounds of birds while they getting ready to sleep." I moved on into the cool evening once I visited the ladies room. There again I found some lovely lighting!

Outside the main door was this painting of the days gone by.
Photos of the actual station/restaurant outside from the parking lot.

Nice, quick walk back to the hotel since the air was a bit on the chilly side. Once inside I realized it was time for fresh baked cookies so I slipped one into a provided bag and quietly stepped into a room where the photographer group had an informal meeting. A bit late but so glad I had the conversation with friends.
After a good night's sleep, I went over to OSU for  Nature Photographers of the Pacific Northwest. I've been in this home ec bldg before. So old but renovated in some spots, although the restrooms need a better face lift.  It was a good day and glad I went, learned a few new things.
My friend, Linda, and I were sat together. Even though we live close we still traveled separately. It's ok. It's her 2nd time to go and I've been with the group for years.
Our main speaker was George Lepp. He's quite the man to share a wealth of photography knowledge.
Lovely flowers outside the building. There were other flowers as well, but I was tired by the time it was over that I just wanted to do a bit of shopping, eat and head for home!
Sunday morning Phil and I helped our friend, Rebecca, in her class. We were "floaters" this week so we helped with the craft in her class. The lesson for the month is on the disciples (of Jesus.)  Some of them were fishermen. So the craft was making fish.  We helped 17 k-1st grade children! There used to be less than that a couple years ago so the grades were combined.  Now there might be a reason to divide them again! It is a good thing though!
I sat between two girls and helped them with their fish. And folded tissue paper in 4ths to move along the process. 15 minutes isn't a long time to get this done!  The fish below is teacher sample.
I just looked on the schedule for this coming Sunday and we'll have the same group in our cooking class! I'll let you know how it goes!
Finished fish on the table while the children were singing and waiting for their parents to pick them up.
"By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." John 13:35
Monday came and it was back to work and the lovely flower pots and watering cans are still lined up. Notice the tan pots with birds on them? I have one of them. So pretty that I couldn't resist the urge to buy it.  Hopefully this weekend I will get a plant into it. I was going to put the tulip pot in it, above but didn't. And the tulips that look purple are now red! They've opened up today! Will snap a photo later.
Now it's off the get some laundry folded and get ready for tomorrow!
Happy week, my friends and thanks for your visit and comments. What have you all been up to lately? 
Take care and God bless you all!