Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Review of latest book read and Giveaway

I've been enjoying my new book I ordered from Amazon. I have read the pre-published book written by my sweet sister in Jesus, Deidra Riggs, on my Kindle. But it's so different than having the real feel of the paperback and opening up of the book...the spine crackling and pages beneath my fingers. 

 After lunch on Sunday, I pulled out the book, "Every Little Thing", from my pile by my desk and grabbed my reading glasses. I decided to read a chapter. This book that has drawn me in to re-discover what really living fully for God means in my life. I've been a Christian for the majority of my life. But the longer I journey, the more I learn and grow in my walk with God. I've always known that being courteous to other people makes life easier. Getting out of my comfort zone at times to help or by just saying "hello" to someone when they look sad or tired can make a difference in their day. I don't know what they are going through in this point of their life. I've often prayed for people, whose name I don't even know, asking God to help them through their day, come what may. These past couple years I've prayed for the construction workers on the bridge as I pass by on my way to/from work.  We'll never know this side of heaven what happened to keep them safe, out of danger, felt God's touch, were fed, given work.

It's not about me and what I do and become prideful.
It's about "God delights in us and he has asked us to be his hands and feet here in the world. He doesn't need us, but he has chosen us to work out his will through us.....God is extending a hand in your direction, hoping you will join him. When you say yes, God works in you and through you to bring about significant and lasting change for good and for the kingdom. God wants to do a new thing in our world and in our time. Chances are good that you are the perfect person for the job. .......we want to be convinced we're hearing right and that God is truly on our side and leading the charge. "
 pg 115 of "Every Little Thing:Making a World of Difference Where You Are"

I've been blessed by reading this book. I could continue to share about this book. Then I'd leave nothing for you to read! Check out another review by me as well, on Amazon (3rd page)
I hope you will go to Amazon and order one or go to Barnes and Noble and find a copy. Or you could win a copy from my blog! I have one especially for a reader. It could be you!

Leave a comment and I will pick a winner next weekend!  {reading glasses and book marker not included! Marker is a post card from my sister when she was in Montana!}

on her blog just yesterday, launch day for her book.

Take care and looking forward to giving away a book that you will enjoy reading and being blessed in your life.

Photos of Every Little Thing, Making a Difference Right Where You Are book were by Becky Lowmaster, do not copy! 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Super Max Moon

 I was excited that the clouds weren't in the forecast for Sunday night's view of the super max moon, also called blood moon. I was a bit late at getting the moon when it was real red. But here are some shots that are my favorites.
 I took all of these photos on the street where I live. We have led street lights and I tried to avoid them. I should have found a friend who had land where there wasn't so much light. I found a few places where the light was behind me. This 2nd photo had the light in front of me. Notice the line going across under the moon? Most likely an airplane.
 The double image was interesting and not sure how it happened. It seemed once the eclipse was half over, it moved even more quickly. I think that's when this photo was taken (8:41 p.m.)  Little did I know it til I took the photo then saw it on the computer! The tree seems to be in focus.
 The moon and tree kissing!
I took these photos with my Canon T3 camera and used a 210mm zoom lens (Tamron). No flash. Most of the photos were ISO 3600 or 6400 ISO. A longer lens would probably showed the craters even though I could see the craters through the lens. I can always dream of that lens but doubt it will come to fruition. 
I think these photos were good enough though. I was out an hour taking these photos. Night shots aren't the easiest to photograph. I work a bit harder and remember that the back display lighting needs to be off or it severely disrupts my view. 
 Then I had to see for myself what they looked like in bigger size on my laptop. Good to be in the warmer house. The nights have been chilly. Fall has come and we all have been enjoying the cooler weather. Tomorrow the temps are in mid 80s which could be a record for the day. 
Hope you enjoyed the show outside last night and my photos as well. 
Thankful for the beauty of God's creation.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mid Week Report

Last week was the launch for The Pioneer Woman product line to be available in stores. I checked last Tues and nowhere was it seen within our town's Walmart. I asked but nobody knew anything about it. Except one lady that didn't know but she called to find out if there was someone who did. I'd finally made my way to customer service.....yes it was coming but no the date wasn't known. Fast forward to yesterday evening. Once I got off work, picked up a few things at BiMart and ate a quick dinner out, I headed towards home. Thinking whether I'd go to at a store to pick up some specials, I diverted my car to the left and went to Walmart. I walked in with a cart a customer had just emptied in the parking lot. Steered my way to the cooking section...nothing. Well another swoop a different way closer to the front...there it was! So pretty! I was excited to see it in real time! You can also order products online through walmart.com/pioneerwoman 
These bowls are the flea market collection. 

I like the bowls on the left.
Salt and pepper set that I nearly bought. Cow pitchers for milk or cream.
More pitchers and measuring cups. The tall one is four cups.
Jars for drinking I considered while they sat in my cart by my purse.
I decided to buy two pieces of her collection. I really like the red non-stick skillet with red butterflies on the bottom. The turquoise flea market mug was my favorite so I got it even though I need another mug like a I need another hole in my head! {I'm drinking tea from the mug as I write!} One mug has to go now. I have an older one that needs retired. I have a few other items I want to purchase but they weren't on the shelves nor did have enough money to get it all at once.

These evening I came and cooked dinner. It was a 30 minute meal. I really didn't do well in menu prep this last weekend since I didn't feel really up to it. So I'd defrosted ground turkey and cooked it up with onions, and add 21 Seasoning Salute, (trader joes), salt, oregano.  Instead of beans that I thought about using, I grabbed my "go-to" tater tots (trader joes) adding about half the bag. And mushroom soup...a can and a half.

Here's the finished product with more milk and half a box of turkey gravy {trader joes-seasonal-stocked up}, frozen peas and carrots, cheddar cheese and a dash or two of worcestershire sauce. Topped it off with sharp cheddar cheese to stir in before serving. My daughter and I consumed a portion of it for dinner with homemade drop biscuits I pulled from the freezer, defrosting in microwave. Delicious meal after a day of work. 

 It's been an ok week, with some lack of sleep. Work's been busy, and down a co-worker due to stomach flu. He came in today. Another one went home early because he was sick.  My daughter had to work early today because some one called in sick so she didn't get her at home work done. Sigh! Now she's resting. Her leg hurts from chair at the library. No padding. Pray that her boss will get a few new chairs. Pray that I will keep more focused on my work as I've done a few screw ups, nothing major. Just annoys me when I do it and I know I can get distracted with so much going on. So thankful I have understanding customers!  I thank God for His tender mercies and forgiveness as well. 

Today I thought of how my life would be with music as the musak was playing an older instrumental song...I recognize the composer. What would your life sound like with music playing in it? Could we get away with dancing like they do in the movies?  I've always liked musicals! Oklahoma and The Sound of Music are my favorites. 

Going backwards to Sunday, Phil and I checked out the new Red Robin close to us. It looked crowded and thought we'd have to wait. But we walked in and got a table right away. He was happy as the Pittsburgh Steelers were playing on one of the two tvs he could see. Where I was sitting I could see it as well. Happy that they won.  I ordered chicken tenders with bottomless fries and iced tea. Phil had a hamburger and bottomless fries. He had teriyaki dipping sauce and gave me a fry with some on it.....a bit too tart for me! He though it was funny to see my face skew up! 

I thought this was a funny picture so I had to share it! I really like Star Trek! There was interesting decor.  Once we left the restaurant, we parted company for a few hours. I needed to do some shopping at the mall. He went home. I found a few good deals on clothes, but not the wallet I was looking for.

Now I'm off to do the dishes and head to bed. It's been hard to crawl out from my warm covers in the a.m. now that the nights are cooler. Needed the heat on a bit each morning as 65 degrees is a bit cold once up and getting ready for the day.  Our first fall day was nice, with 44 degrees F. at 8 a.m. Nice afternoon though and lovely clouds, no rain. Crunchy leaves under foot, spiders and ants and wasps abound!  Thankful I don't have mice like some of my customers have!!!!  We're looking forward to family time this weekend. Take care my friends! Thanks for stopping in for a visit! 

Mid week scripture share: 2 Timothy 3:3-8

Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Staycation Day

 My week started out on a good note. I met my friend, Rebekah, at her house on Sunday afternoon for tea on her back deck. We enjoy our British tea time with tea and cookies that I brought. I really like this cup, so nice and cheery whilst visiting with my sweet Christian sister.  She is originally from London. We met years ago at the church we attend and once in awhile we get to have tea together. It's been a long time.
 We spent 3 hours talking and catching up with her change of jobs and settling her children into school again and one off to university in NY state and daughter gone on mission trip to Guatemala. Five lovely children who have been without their dad for about eight years, died from cancer. So sad but they are doing well. I've been their school supply fairy since then. It's ironic how I wind up buying items that they actually need without a list. I guess I'm on the same wave length as Rebekah! Our pastor told our church family long time ago that the family will need more help in the years after Jim died, not just a couple down the road. A sweet family for sure, who could forget them?

The breeze came up later, as we were still talking, and the late afternoon cooled down dramatically. 

Fast forward to Thurs, Sept 17, I had a vacation day from work. So I just stayed home and did some work in my office area. It's been needed tune ups and tweaks so I just worked away, no music, just me and digging through photos in envelopes that should have been hung up. I've got 3 5x7 that I found again! The photo of me is going into a frame to hang by my frozen Multnomah Falls framed photo I took in Dec 2009. Other ones go back in the envelope til later.  I made quite a dent in getting rid of garbage that was leftover in a big sack from last time I worked on it months ago. I need to be more diligent in keeping up on my spot. I get so busy and then working....not enough time to do what I should.  I gave some fabric I had to a friend this evening, after Bible study. It was to be a quilt at one time. But it has been sitting around and someone could make it into a big quilt or two small ones for a girl who needs it. They make quilts for children in need. So it went to a good cause instead of taking up space. I seem to have grand ideas but they don't materialize well.

 Here's my after lunch shot of my wacky Bugs Bunny mug I had full of tea to drink with leftovers for lunch.  Bibles on table to remind me to take both to Bible study tonight. Phil usually takes his with him but he forgot so I took both. I let time slip by and didn't get read what I should have. I did find a bit of time before Bible study started to look at a couple chapters. Sigh! Also came across photos of Phil in his uniform when he was at the beginning of his AF assignment. Wow!! No wonder I liked him (and still do!) I re-arranged computer paper and found a couple photo cds I didn't know I had! It doesn't seem like I did alot by looking at the space but there less stuff. Why do I keep so much paper stuff and buy post cards to sit in an envelope? Enough already! I seem to always do it for some reason while out but then don't send them out to people. A few are going away to my sponsored girl in Nicaragua.

Can you see the rain!!??? Our rain started later than "scheduled". Woke up with it raining early a.m. and rained most of the night. This photo is afternoon after lunch. So glad to have some rain. It was so nice to be home and just sleep in as I've been tired. My mouth is readjusting to having the right amount of teeth after almost 2 years. I don't like dental work very much but my dentist is nice so it evens out, I guess. 

I also finished my book, that I'm to review, last night. It was so good and not a book to read fast.
"Every Little Thing". by Deidra Riggs.  It's helped me grow in my life already! Also reminds me of the song by Steven Curtis Chapman "Every Little Thing You Do."  (do all for the glory of God).

What if God is saying "I am with you. You are the person for this job." Say yes. Walk through the door that opens and see what happens. #everylittlething http://amzn.to/1hNUQ7l

Friday, September 11, 2015

My 9-11-15

 My Friday started out good even though I drove to my dentist this a.m.  The day arrived for me to get my bridge made for my mouth. I'm glad it went well. My new dentist, still at the same location, is nice. He learned to wait and not just start drilling so soon. Live and learn! It feels great to have the hole filled where there was an empty space for a few months. My permanent bridge will be ready in three weeks! Maybe I'll even sleep better, since my teeth have been bothering me lately. After lunch at McDonald's which is the closest place to eat without fighting traffic, I did some grocery shopping at Safeway.  Here's a funny carrot I bagged up with a few others. 

My grocery bag I purchased as it looked like autumn to me.

A soda display for the upcoming college games tomorrow!  O on the left is for University of Oregon. OS is for Oregon State University. I know fall is upon us when I see these type of displays at stores. I will share this photo with my boss and I'm sure he'll like it. He's a UofO alumni.  Me, a OSU fan.   I saved $33.83  with sales and coupons. Exciting! I like their $5 Friday specials. This week I picked up 2/$5 specials on laundry detergent, Celestial Seasonings tea and Florida's Natural orange juice. Nathan's hot dogs were so cheap a lady said she felt like she was putting money in the bank. I bought two since they freeze well. 
Thinking of fall, leaves are changing color already. Just yesterday leaves of yellow were falling from our tree by the garage. It's too early for that and I think it's due to not enough rain! But it's coming on Monday and staying a few days. We need the rain!

This evening I made a quick meal of mini ravioli with cheese and already cooked ground turkey, a can of mushroom soup, milk, seasonings and a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce and grated cheddar cheese. Served it with cooked crinkled carrots. Enough left over for next week's lunches.   The towel to the left is new from TJ Maxx that opened near us a couple months ago. It's a set of two and thought they'd add fall color to my kitchen. 

Even though I was out and about today didn't relieve me of my remembrance of the 9-11 happenings of 14 years ago. Our nation was thrown into chaos, disbelief, tears, bravery, patriotism, courage, unity to say the least.  I scrolled through my photos I took in 2011 at the field of flags in Salem. These two photos stood out to me tonight so I'm sharing them with you. Once the sun went down the field took an eerie feeling to it. Let us never forget what happened in NY and PA and the Pentagon in DC.  Most of us remember what we were doing when the planes hit the twin towers.  And the days after. This afternoon when I was bringing groceries into the house, I heard a plane. It reminded me of the weeks we heard no planes flying. So thankful for our freedom here in the US where we feel safe, to a certain extent. Life has changed lately but we know that our God reigns in this country. May we continue to pray for our nation's leaders, military personnel, fire fighters, policemen and our church leaders. God bless you all and bless our nation. Lest we forget!!!??!!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

My Reading List

Recently I have been in the reading mode. Over the weekend I received Simply Tuesday book thru Amazon. I ordered it the same time I pre ordered Every Little Thing, by Deidra Riggs. I met Emily Freeman at a writer's conference earlier this year. So I decided to read her latest book. But it will have to wait  for a while.

On Tuesday the magazine on storage and organizing jumped into my shopping cart.  I've perused it twice as well as Simply Tuesday.

Currently I'm reading last draft of Deidra's book. I'm on her launch team. It's a good book.   I met Deidra last year at a conference as well. I was able to visit with her afterwards, which is always a delight when I have a chance to chat with a speaker. 

I will share my review soon of  Every Little Thing. You can pre-order the book on Amazon as well. I've read her blog posts for over a year and our hearts resonate with many similar thoughts. Maybe there will be a giveaway on my blog next month!!

My quick thoughts on the book is how I enjoy Deidra shared her life's experiences, from sky diving to snorkeling in the ocean. She weaves those moments into God related lessons for our lives.  God reaches out to us, showing the depth of His love. When we mess up, there's forgiveness and mercy. No matter where we are in life's walk. Good lessons and I still need to finish the book without wanting to linger more than I should on some pages.

by @DeidraRiggs You are not beyond God's reach, no matter how far off track you may have wondered. #everylittlething http://amzn.to/1hNUQ7l

This week I've also finished the book of 2 Corinthians in our Thurs nite NT Bible study. Now we are in 1 Timothy. To close, since it's night time here's a bit of scripture for you to ponder. 

"For though He was crucified in weakness, yet He lives by the power of God. For we also are weak in Him, but we shall live with Him by the power of God toward you.  Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. Do you not know yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you? --unless indeed you are disqualified."  2 Corinthians 13:4-5 (NKJV)


Sunday, September 6, 2015

August Sunset Moments

 I nearly missed this lovely sunset Aug 1st had it not been for my daughter texting me, while she was on a walk, to come outside and see the sunset. I grabbed my camera and went to the sidewalk. Here's the glorious sunset. Colorful because of some smoke in the air from a forest fire to the west of us. The beginning of the wild fire season we've had in Oregon this summer!

 We are now into Sept even though I am sharing photos of the month prior. My mind has been going through a week of busyness at work. Seeking items I've lost within my house. Trying not to lose my mind while seeking them. While looking through stuff....looking for my lost items, I found a graduation 2014 gift bag I'd set aside. But it never happened. I felt sad and disappointed as life's plan had not come for this dear person. How can I relate to other people whose loved ones go through their years of university with ease and get the diploma and we are still waiting? Good paying jobs to help life be easier for all my family?  Why can't my life (personal) be different....more money to fix the roof now instead of waiting another year? Travel?
 When seeking my camera's misplaced memory card, I was disappointed in myself for making it so hard for me to find!  I asked God to help me find it and by mid week I was stressed about it even at work! Sigh!  I finally came to terms with it's only pictures and I can live without out them. It's nothing of true importance. The whale watch trip can be a distance memory in my mind!
 Come Friday evening, I decided to search once more in the area I thought the memory card was placed. Picking up an envelope I'd not opened earlier....on the back of it was noted there were 2 memory cards within....spring 2015.  Oh dear me...I remember writing that. Why didn't I remember it?  I put them in the envelope so I'd not lose them the next evening at the rodeo. Thank you, Jesus for helping me find it! It gave me such joy!  I must do better in an oft crazy busy life I have.
 In times like these I am disappointed in the silly things I do....not remembering where things are laid. I walk on and don't annotate my brain about it! Why can't  I keep up with my household work besides the pressing dishes and laundry and floors that need swept, vacuumed.  Windows .....freezer defrosting....jam made...purging....the list goes on and on!!!  I get tired.
 I  move on to realizing it's just life and I live for Jesus, every day. It's not about the seen but the unseen...the promises He's given us. Written down for us in the Bible. I am thankful I can turn to Him in the times when life doesn't seem fair, when I lose my mind possessions and what I feel should be good for my family.  God knows it all. He is there in our midst. Where else can I go to find peace and someone to call on that knows all about me? Nobody but Jesus, my Saviour. He's my glue that doesn't separate us in the valley times of my life. He holds me! Always!
"Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though the outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day.  For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal."  2 Corinthians 4:16-18 (NKJV)

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