Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chair and Car Episode

In the last blog, I mentioned that I had ordered an adirondack chair for me from the hardware store that I work at. I need to mention another part of the story that happened when the chairs arrived on Wed. I'd ordered a big one for me and a kid's adirondack chair for my granddaughter, Melody. She's only 13 months old and I don't know when she'll be sitting in this since she's quite active. This is a grandma's house chair as well. But I want her to have something her size to sit in, eventually.

A couple weeks ago I traded my van in for a smaller vehicle, 2007 Ford Focus. I really like and it's comfortable for me to drive and get groceries in. But this buying of chair and taking it home was more of a chore for me.

I was able to fit the little chair in just fine, in the back seat. Then I attempted to put the bigger chair in. The chair doesn't fold up. I tried different ways to get it to fit but it wouldn't go. So I attempted to put the bigger (grandma sized) chair into the trunk to no avail!!! Right behind me was a pickup truck, with 2 people in it, watching all of this! I felt a bit humiliated at one point becuz I knew they were watching. So I turned around, when I had failed at putting the chair in the trunk, raised up my hands and said "I guess I can't buy it!" At that point they laughed!

I decided to give the front passenger side of the car a chance. Believe it or not, the door opened up wider than the back door. I was just about ready to get the chair in, when my co-worker, Gil, came up beside me. He had obviously seen my dilemma as he was taking something out for a customer. He came up and said, (with a sheepish grin) "You remember that you don't have your van any more." We laughed!! I managed to get the chair in by laying the front seat back and moved the seat itself back. Instant insertion of chair. I even got the door shut!! I was able to drive home without the chair falling on me.

Quite a story to remember of how not to buy bigger things than your car can hold. Or overdue your life's schedule to the point of exhaustion and never being home for your family or time to read the Bible. How well does what you want fold well into your life and still meet your criteria and life choices?

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