Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My first blog.

Here is my first blog of the evening. I've decided to move my blogging here and leave my web site . I will be putting new photos soon. I am also looking for ways to liven up things cuz I'm a grandma. There's lots of blogs for mommies out there. I couldn't seem to find any grandmas blogging. Don't know if I searched enough. I want my grandchild to remember me as being fun and giving them fun gifts. Also teaching them fun songs and sharing Jesus. I don't want to be one that gives cheap toys and clothes that last a very short time. Dollar Store items ok for a bit, but first of all they don't last long and most are made in China, which I try not to buy. I like USA products.
Speaking of USA products, I bought an adirondack chair for myself and a small one for my granddaughter today. I got it at the hardware store where I work. I was excited to see that these chairs are made in the USA. I've also found this brand at Fred Meyer. I've always wanted an adirondack chair but always too expensive for me, since they are usually made from wood. This one is made of rigid plastic and purple, my favorite color. I intend to use it while sitting on the back lawn, maybe under a tree, this summer, while reading. I will let my granddaughter use it soon, as she's still small. Although she may be able to sit in it now. Will see. It's a soft yellow color.


gahome2mom said...

Welcome to the Blogger World. :) I look forward to reading your posts. I have become your first follower. Do you think you will be posting any book reviews? Hugs Grammy Janet

Erin said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! Good to see you here :) I look forward to reading your post!

Melody will appreciate the chair, though I can't imagine her sitting still in it for even a few ( She's always on the move)