Sunday, September 20, 2009

Leave Me Aloon, I'm on Vacation

Loon on the river, right off deck of cabin we stayed in.

It's amazing how being away from home for a few days makes you re-evaluate your life. It can be so relaxing as you enjoy the beauty of God's creation in another place from your daily routine of life. The best place for all this is the coast, which is my ultimate favorite place to be in the universe. I guess my house is the other favorite. My bed is so comfy and I don't forget my face cleanser cuz I know where it is. That's one downfall of packing. Always forgetting something. But that wouldn't be a vacation from home without forgetting something or getting lost.

Cape Kiwanda

Phil and I went to the coast last weekend and I loved it. Our cozy cabin, built in the 1940s for fishing, was inviting. The front windows looked out onto the Nestucca River. We loved it. In the mornings there were loons fishing and there were people fishing and kayaking. My husband came to his own conclusions about if you have white hair, then it's more than likely that you won't be rowing the boat. If you have white hair you will be manning the boat's motor.

Front view of cabin and deck. There's a window on either side of front small windows in front. Makes for a wrap around view which was nice.

Kitchen stove that we cooked on. I loved the old cookware!! So sturdy!!

Cookware in cupboard.

I love these fish salt and pepper shakers.

Kayakers enjoying a Sat. morning river ride.

Needless to say, I thought about things I didn't have with me on this trip. No computer, no tv. I didn't truly miss them. I figured that I spend way too much time on the computer and on facebook, email and reading blogs. I have some projects that need finished. I've got a small (machine) quilted piece to finish. It's been in progress for a couple years. A few hours a week on it will get it finished. I need to pursue more work on my photography.
Granted, working three days a week keeps me busy. Alot of times I'm tired by end of work day and don't have energy to sew or scrapbook. I have energy to read, which I've been putting off. It seems to take awhile to read a book now days. Spend time reading God's word as well. Knitting projects finished and maybe another one since it's fall and enough time to make a
few things for Christmas gifts.
The list could go on but those are highlights. It's good to stop and reflect and see life as it is for yourself. No major changes but a little tweeking can help accomplish more than you realize.

My husband and I had a good time. Reflected a bit on our lives. After almost 32 years of marriage, it's good to talk about that. We are still in love and good friends. He tolerates my photography shoots and is the best tripod carrier in the world. He is my observer as well, especially at the beach. Waves will get you. We actually had one set of binoculars with us this time. I put up with him reading when I'm driving. We were on a windy/bumpy road to/from lighthouse. I can't believe he was reading. I asked at one point if the words were still on the page through all the craziness in the road. He thought that was funny. He said he'd have to tell Justin that most of the words were put back on the pages becuz of the road conditions. Some may be out of order!!

I often want to buy things on our trip but realized that my photography is a gift to myself. Speaking of buying things, we used cash to buy food and a few things, such as fruit and orange juice that I forgot to pack. Only time I used a check card was for gas. And we came home with about $20!! I think that's awesome.

A cowzone that we passed by a few times. As we came by this scene, I asked Phil to
pull off road as much as possible. We were coming back into town and the was fog coming in and it looked cool. We were close to Tillamook so alot of cowzones.
(Play on words, kinda like a calzone--thanks to Phil!)

Don't be a crab!! Take your bath!!!

Proposal rock and evening sunset.

A tilted view of the ocean at sunset. I kinda like this.

I will post more photography from our trip soon, with few words. Like a wordless Wednesday.

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Becky, I have a favor to ask you...

Would you be willing to write a post for our Holiday Gift Guide about "How to Take Picture's for the Holidays"? or something you can title it whatever you like? I am looking for tips for taking pix during the holidays from actual taking pictures to processing them. What camera's and so forth?

Let me know.