Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Visit with Melody

Melody and her parents come to visit us on an August Sunday afternoon. Grandpa Phil is showing Melody a googly eyed zoo book. She liked it since

it's similar to her Peek a Who book at home.

Melody is wearing my M&M Nascar Racing Team hat backwards. She decided to

wear another hat backwards as well. Don't know why, other than the bill is way too big for
her to see out of. Her mom is sitting in the background with pizza.
Melody ate pizza as well. She'll eat about anything.
She's 14 months old in these 2 photos.

We were eating the pizza, from Papa Murphy's Pizza, our favorite take and bake place.
Melody was looking at the Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine

I had on the coffee table. Melody looked at magazine a minute then said "Hi"

just like she was talking to Rachael. An "ahh" moment, for all of us.

Aftermath of Hurricane Melody!! She loves my Precious Moments Christmas dolls,

especially. Soft and faces are vinyl. She's been known to kiss them as well.

Melody, on Mother's Day 2009, almost a year old.

She's loving my doll again. I put this doll away before last visit, in July.

She actually realized it was missing along with the gold shiny bag that it was sitting in.

Justin and Erin met up with us on Mother's Day while Phil and I were visiting my mom

at the nursing home. It was all planned, as Megan called them after we left the restaurant,

Sweet Tomatoes. It was delicious, as usual, too many choices.

It was fun having a surprise of them visit without prior knowledge. Made for a fun day.

My mom was happy to see all of us.

Here's Melody in a dress I'd got for her birthday. Just a little over a year old in photo.

This comes with matching pants that has a lady bug on the rear end.

She reminds me of a little Holly Hobbie doll in this outfit. Her mom bought her the

hat. Dress is from Costco, which I find has great prices on clothing.

For more information about Rachael Ray's magazine, click on link below.

My sister got me started on Rachael Ray's magazine. I cook alot from there

and from other cookbooks I've collected over the years.