Friday, October 9, 2009

Unfun Compterdom

The woes of computers. Why is it when one person decides to download something that is supposed to be safe mess up one's system?

Last week I downloaded a coupon bar from I allowed it but it messed up my computer's system to the point I can't email from there any more.

Norton and Spybot didn't help any. So now I'm using my husband or daughter's computer to email. Now I'm saving all photos onto disc, that havent' previously been saved. Need to print out some photos from Printshop before that closes down.......ok! I'll stop complaining. It's fixable. But not without duress from yours truly. Phil will format my hard drive then we reinstall my programs. I'm thankful he knows what he's doing.

That's one of many reasons I've remained true to my love. We celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary yesterday. We both took vacation days off for yesterday and he took today off as well. We spent the day together, even though I wasn't feeling the best. But he understood. I didn't mean to be unwell that day. There's no ticket to punch for certain days that will allow you not to be sick. Life happens. I am only marginally better today.

Phil is spending today and probably tomorrow helping other men from our church fix a roof of a widowed friend. Roof is need of repair. Old shingles off yesterday and repaired today and reroofed tomorrow. Rebekah is a dear friend of mine. Wonderful family and still miss seeing her husband. But again, life isn't fair. We just have to deal with what we are given.

God doesn't fail us when we need him. We never know why life happens the way it does. But if you have hope and faith in God, he will pull you through.

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gahome2mom said...

Happy Anniversary! My Dad's birthday was yesterday. lol I really like you topper. Beautiful. I wanted to thank you for following my newest blog: Heartfelt Holidays. Don't forget to tell your friends to come by beginning in November to sign up to win stuff all month long.