Monday, November 16, 2009

Thoughts of Last Week

Since it's getting close to Thanksgiving,
I decided this would be a good floral
arrangement to share.
(Photo taken at Trader Joe's.)

I sometimes share what our menu is going to be on
a few menu Monday sites of
blogging friends.
Last week, I had a meal planned for Tues.
then forgot that Megan and I were going
to Applebee's for our free veteran meals.
Phil was working that evening.
A fellow co-worker had gone earlier in day to an Applebees in Tualatin and there
was a 45 minute wait. Our waitress said they were busy all day, in Salem.
We both had the 7 0z. steak, with baked potato and broccoli.
It was delicious.

We enjoyed the conversation with a man who just retired from 20 years in the Army
and his wife. They were sitting to the left of Megan. We made the choice of sitting at the
bar, since there were people waiting with families and no takers to eat at the bar. An Air
Force veteran sat by me. We had a nice discussion. I asked if he had any stories that were interesting or funny to share. He was quiet for a bit then didn't say anything. Later, before
we left I thanked him for his service and to have a good evening. He said that when I asked him
about stories, he had to think awhile. Because he was in during Vietnam, but didn't go there,
he couldn't recall anything of interest or funny. Only fun times he had was with his friends.
But he did like the chance to talk to someone during dinner.
It's always nice to reach out to others, no matter where you are. It can brighten their day/night.
Just be a light!! :0)

Thank you Applebee's for your support of troops and veterans.
Nationwide, over a million dinners were served to active military and veterans.
Applebee's, I salute you!

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