Sunday, December 20, 2009

Celebration in more ways than one!

Today started out as a good day. Church was awesome.

Pastor Jesse talked about why we celebrate Christmas.
It all came down to God loving us so much that he sent
his son, Jesus. He came to love us and ultimately, because of that love,
and the promise from the prophecies, he died on the cross for us.
We were asked to write down on paper what we wanted to be
forgiven of.Then we were asked to write an expression of
love/worship, as Mary did in Luke 1:46-55
(after the angel appeared to her and gave her the
news of bearing Jesus.)
Then we went up front and nailed them to the cross.
A different perspective
on a Christmas Sunday.

After church, Phil and I drove to Wilsonville
and met our kids for lunch at Wok Inn. Celebrate
Megan's birthday and Phil's birthday (his was Fri)
This is Megan looking at her gift.

Granddaughter Melody playing with
ribbon from Megan's gift.

Grandma and granddaughter wearing
the Christmas lights necklace.

That was all the fun part. The bad part was when we got to the
restaurant. I picked up my cell phone in cup holder of car. I didn't want
to forget it. Got out of the car. Phil was getting Megan's gift from the trunk.
I shut the door to the car. Then I realized I'd locked the keys in the car.
Car was still running. Extra key in my purse in the back seat. None at home 20 miles
away!!! Sinking feeling!! I headed over across parking lot for the locksmith store.
On my way, I noticed a police car, nobody in it. MmMM--could he be in
Starbucks?Yes, two policeman. No, he could only break my window.
No slim jim. But he said a tow truck driver would be cheaper
than a locksmith. So he dispatched for one.15 min (?)
seemed like forever. I didn't want to leave car unattended.
I wound up getting a Coke and then finally picked out my food
and had it cooked onthe grill. It arrived about the same time
the tow truck did. $45 later, after Phil paid the bill,
I was feeling better. I got to eat and
enjoy the family!!

Overall it was a great day!! Church family, our family and finally getting
the Christmas tree up and decorated! Gotta love the Christmas season!!

Christmas really can be merry
because God really does love us!


Jenilee said...

oh I hate locking my keys in the car!!! so sorry. that is not fun. glad the rest of your day went well though!

A Gracious Home said...

I enjoyed your story. I'm so glad to meet another grandma blogger. I think here it would have cost you twice that much. I don't do things like that but I have a daughter who is continually doing that. She is locked out of her car or house a lot. Her dad keeps extra keys so he can go rescue her. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Doylene

Grandma Becky said...

I just got 2 keys done today that will open the door to car. One I'll hide and the other one will be home. If I go on a trip I usually give the person going with me an extra key in such case there is a lock out!!!

Camille said...

So daughter was given the Christmas lights necklace this year fun to have time with your precious little one!