Sunday, January 17, 2010

January Birthday Celebration

Erin opening her birthday present from us. Earlier, we ate lunch at Pizza Hut, thanks
to Uncle Vernon, who gave us a gift card for Christmas!!

Oregon T shirt.

Melody with a silly grin and her mom looking at a photo book.

Erin and Becky.

Aunt Megan holding Melody with her new coat Grammy gave her.

Melody checking out a stuffed bunny.
We were in the living room while the other 4 people
were playing a card game in dining room.

Melody wears these beads when she has a chance.

Melody loved this angel.
I thought she was playing peek-a-boo til the scent hit me!!
Diaper changing time!

She liked this bell til she got her finger stuck in it.

Christmas tree delight through the eyes of a child.

Chocolate Brownie Dessert to celebrate
Erin's 25th birthday, a few days early, on Jan 10.

Grandpa and Grandma getting Melody's shoes back on for her trip home with mommy and daddy. Melody piled the toys on the couch. I should have had her help put them away. Next time I'll remember! Last month was,also,Phil's birthday. Just the 2 of us had lunch at Denny's prior to him going to work. Next month is Becky's birthday, then March is Justin's birthday. Melody's is in May so we have a few months of no birthdays. But there's always an excuse to get together. We have to eat and it's fun getting together with family since we live close.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Erin!!

Pixel Perfect said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! You have a beautiful family!


Rona's Home Page said...

Happy Birthday Erin! Love the photos.

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