Friday, January 15, 2010

Rainy Day Thoughts

Today was my day off work. I went to lunch with my husband like we usually do prior to his departure to work. A time we can just sit and talk and enjoy one another. Subway is our usual eatery. Sometimes we change that to another town and eat Panda Express that's closer to where he works.

After my little trip in town to get a few grocery items, pick up my pay check and post office visit I arrived at home. My daughter and I embarked on a bit of shopping at the outlet mall that's right by us. Rainy day but we like the awnings there because you don't get too wet. We were in search of pajamas for her. One store we usually frequent for such wear only had items made in China. We walked out and walked near to other end of mall to check another store out. We came across some made in China but one we purchased was made in India. We meandered back to the car, going through the back part of the mall. Stopped a couple places. One was the T Mobile store. I was checking out phones as mine is need of replacement. I don't need a bluetooth. I'm not out enough to need extra web access. GPS would be nice for outings. I guess you can download that off the internet for free. I'll wait another month or two before I make a decision. Too many choices and too tired to make that choice.

I buckled down and did my work when I got home. I spent more time out than I should have. I made dinner with leftover chili from Tuesday. I poured the heated chili over tortilla chips and Italian cheese blend. On top was sour cream and mozzarella cheese. Delicious! Fruit is a banana with chocolate ice cream!!! Ate what we have in our pantry!! A challenge I'm taking this month from a friend's website. Use what you have without spending much on food.

After the latest charade that has brought more bracelets for young girls with nickel cadmium brings a halt to my support. Toys have appeared with lead based paint. Toothpaste is made in China and we put it in our mouth. Milk has killed or made sick our country's children and China's children. Pet food has sickened/killed animals. A thermos I bought but not used in November will go back to the store. When will tainted items stop coming from there? Why hasn't anybody checked these items prior to items appearing on store shelves? I don't mind buying from another country but this is too much.

How do you all feel about this? I would prefer American made products, especially food!!! I read labels for many reasons now.


I know we need to help our neighbors. On the forefront of the news and in my heart, is the earthquake in Haiti. Many people are giving through various organizations. We gave money to World Vision today, via their website
Be wary of phone calls soliciting for funds to help in the effort. Don't give any credit card number to anyone who didn't call first. It is a scam!!!

(Photo is Christmas balls inside a cage at the outlet mall.)


Camille said...

Dear Becky ~

I agree with you, we have to be careful what we put into our is very tricky these days with products coming from many different places! :) I suppose the best way to go about things is keep it simple and make it homemade. But, that's not always realistic or practical.

Yes, those in Haiti do need our prayers and support in whatever way we can give it. We must pray...the Lord will guide as we look to Him. What a faithful God we serve! I think you gave very good advice about not giving someone your credit card info unless you initiated the call.

Just a little note ~ I wanted to express my sincere thanks for your sweet words of encouragement to me today via was so kind of you. I thought after hitting "send" on my reply that you may not think I appreciated what you said at all. I just know my sinful heart can so quickly take glory to myself...oh how that scares me!!

Have a lovely weekend!

Grandma Becky said...

Camille, thanks for your reply. It's not that I don't like the Chinese people as a whole but it's their manufacturing practices that bother me. I can't make a thermos bottle or a crock pot or a holder for my cds. I need those items and alot of them come from China. Their track record hasn't been great!!

Getting gratitude for self is ok, as long as it doesn't go to your head and not involve God in it. I was just expressing my gratitude for what you and you hubby are doing, in the name of the Lord. It's ok, you didn't offend me. :0)

Blessings, Becky