Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Photographic Friday revisits Oct

Outside of Thompson's Mill, looking at the other floors we couldn't get to. It was mostly for storage.

Equipment..metal and wood. Look at those big bolts and washers. My hardware store doesn't have sizes that big.
The United States flag has only 34 stars in it. Oregon wasn't a state until 1959. This is one of the original flags flown here at the mill.
Becky grinding away at making flour from whole wheat.

These images are a few from our trip to Thompson Mill that I posted a few Fridays ago. There's more, but not going to bore you with more right now. Long day and still feeling effects of my cough...long story...so it's all for now til another week!! God bless.

Information about Thompson Mill, It's a Heritage State Park, in Shedd, Oregon, south of Albany.

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