Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Coupon Binder System

In January I decided I needed to be more organized with my coupons. They've been known to wind up in an envelope in a drawer where the phone books reside. I dig out the coupons I want and throw away the expired ones. Sometimes I'd take the whole envelope with me or just transfer into another envelope. That gets placed in my purse. It worked. But I found this system on a friend's blog, $5 Dinner Mom .You could buy a system like this for $30. I made mine for less.

I had the notebook already. It has a clear sleeve on the front and pockets inside front and back. I use the trading card style sleeves and have one big sleeve in front for store fliers. Right now it's housing some ready to be filed coupons instead of being on my table!! Not all coupons fit into the little slits, sometimes I have to fold them, or cut them down a bit. I bought sleeves at Office Max. That's a bad store for me because there are too many temptations in many areas. I did have a coupon so it helped cut the cost.

I file coupons by non-food items and food items. There are other ways to file, so you can do yours to fit your family. There are 3 adults living here, so not much baby items, except diaper wipes I buy for grandchild's parents. I also put restaurant coupons in there so I know where they are instead of in my purse. They wind up wadded in a corner. Although wallet isn't a bad place for restaurant coupons. I do take the notebook with me into the store sometimes. Easier than pulling out all the coupons and putting them into another little file, which I do have but haven't used it yet! I like having the binder with me as there are unadvertised specials in store and if there's a need for this item, as a pantry supply/staple good, it's good to have coupon with me. There is a weeding process at the end of the month coupons not used.

I do save a bit using coupons and it's even better when there's a sale on! Better yet, look to see if your store doubles coupons. Read your coupon to make sure it can be doubled. Our local Safeway doubles up to 50 cents per coupon.( Limit 4 double coupons per visit.) It does help! Remember don't use the coupon unless you like the item and will use that product! There are good sales out there so keep an eye out on what you like and be frugal! (old school--thrifty!) Take care and God bless!


Crystal said...

I use that same exact system. I love it. I save so much money with coupons. I have the $5 dinner cookbook and use it all the time. At least twice a week. I love it.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Great idea! Looks like a system that would really work.

Rona's Home Page said...

Wow! I'm impressed with the amount of coupons you have. I can fit the amount I have in my wallet.

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