Monday, March 29, 2010

Ode to Refrigerator

Today we replaced our 30 year old side-by-side refrigerator with an Amana bottom mount refrigerator. It sounds odd, but that's what it's called. The freezer is on the bottom. Go figure who came up with that term. Anyway, as I was looking at the inside of the old fridge/freezer, making sure I'd got everything out, thoughts ran through my mind. Then I went to get a paper and pen and penned the following:

Ode to Refrigerator:

Your shelves are bare. Your lights are dimmed. You've been unplugged from our lives.
Over the past 30 years you've kept our food cold, held magnets that displayed our children's art work and missionary prayer cards and soldiers photos.

We were expecting our first child when we bought you in New Mexico. You moved into Holloman AFB base housing with us. You moved 3 more times in that state. You made a journey with our household goods across the country in a big moving truck to Oregon. You stayed in storage for a year. You've lived with us another 20 years in another home in Oregon.

You're only an object in our lives. But still I feel a little sad to see you go. God provided you and you've not once failed us. For that, we are thankful. Rest in peace~old friend. It was time.

~~~Becky Lowmaster 3/29/10 (copyrighted)

I read this to my husband at lunch and he liked it. Then he said, "you are going to put that on your blog, aren't you?" I said "Of course!" Blogging has made my creative juices flow.
I've got photos of old/new fridge coming to a blog post soon. I'm tired from moving everything out of the old fridge/freezer into the new one. It's pretty much set up the way I want it. Husband said I had a week to figure out where I want stuff then I couldn't move anything! HA! I know he was joking, though. With that said, I'm headed to get the potting starter and with daughter's help, we are going to get some seeds going.It's been a long, productive day but I'm getting weary and there's still much to do yet. All the Tupperware containers from old freezer are emptied and clean of items that should have been used years ago. Sigh!! God bless you all real good!


Elizabeth said...

Loved your Ode to Refrigerator.

My Aunt had a bottom freezer back in the 60's and it is still working, or at least was the last time I visited (2009). Now my cousin lives in their home after her fathers passing last year..I wonder if she replaced it or still using it. I will have to inquire.

I am still waiting for my replacement of our 15 year old sise by problem is the new stainless steel fronts don't hold magnets and I have a 35 year collection. We talked about framing a piece of metal just for them. I am stubborn and won't change it until we have a place for them to go. Otherwise they will get packed away and I am just now getting so many things out of boxes from the remodel and refuse to pack anything else away.

Crystal said...

Oh I am a little jealous. We have had our fiig forever. On top of that it was a hand-me-down. But it is still ticking. Enjoy

Trendsetters said...

yeah,..i understand how u feel...