Monday, March 15, 2010

OMSI in February

Dinosaur, which is self explanatory.

Megan and I on an infrared monitor, sponsored by FLIR!

This was a cool display. There were displays of hurricanes and different weather patterns on here. Quite interesting if I say so myself.

Some thunder eggs that I find fascinating.

ISMO plastic head 1957---my era plus a couple years. Old school but fun!!

Here are more photos from the OMSI visit we had on February 15. Not all the photos came across. Download was delayed. So this is part one of two. We had a good time! We were able to get in free with a pass from where my hubby works. Phil and I went to the Omnimax movie about the ocean. Megan went into the Blueback submarine that's docked there. It's a WWII vessel that was used in undersea operations. I was in it years ago with a friend. A confining space and I wouldn't have wanted to be in there for months on end. So grateful and thankful for the men who served our country aboard. This was a fun time even if was a day after my birthday! I enjoyed the time with family and learning a few things. There's alot that I've seen before. I've been to OMSI since I've been a child in grade school, last century!! More photos to come, in a few days!!


Elizabeth said...

I love science museums as well. When raising our gang we lived in the bay area which provided many place, favorite was the Exploratorium.

Last summer we took our 'Grands' to the Discovery Cube in Santa Ana

Such memories.

Make It Happen Mama said...

Oh my goodness, I *love* OMSI! I grew up in Portland and spent a lot of time at the museum with my family. Now we live in Texas, but I was finally able to introduce my 4-year-old son to OMSI when we came home for Christmas this year. Thanks for sharing your photos, they made me a little homesick :-)

Make It Happen Mama said...

Thanks for your comment! In answer to your question, I grew up with my mom in NE Portland (went to Alameda Elementary, Beaumont Middle & Grant High Schools) and visited my dad & step-mom on weekends in SE and then SW, where they live now. The Rose City definitely has my heart!

Rona's Home Page said...

Your photos remind me of the many days we spent enjoying the museums at Balboa Park in San Diego.