Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cleaning and Organizing oh my...part one!

It's been a busy two days. I didn't feel real well on Sat. morning due to dental work the afternoon prior. Two Ibuprofen seemed to help though. In the afternoon, I fiddled with cleaning. Our Bible study group was coming over after church on Sunday for lunch. So I needed to get things in order. I had hubby put the legs on another table so we could comfortably seat 10 people in close proximity. Dining room and family room are connected. Using a card table or two is out of the question. So to make it right, I moved stuff away from my sewing machine. Now we could fit 5 people at that table and 5 at table in dining room easily.

We've had 13 people at our house once for Thanksgiving. A few of us had to sit in living room, more uncomfortable eating wise. Not again! We couldn't enjoy our company that traveled to get here. We've acquired a used table and 4 chairs from our son when they were getting new table. Good idea!

So after our Sunday Bible Study group left, I went to task with an idea of putting the just legged table for my sewing table. Hubby measured and it was workable. I had to move the file cabinet to make room for it. It's sitting to the side of the table, against a wall. After pulling out some stuff from wall, including bags of fabric, mostly, I wondered to myself......maybe I should just pitch this stuff and I'd probably not miss it! I realize now I've accumulated too many things for projects I've not completed. Pie in the sky projects, I guess. When will I ever learn?
Right now it's a mess but I'm going to work on it. I've just done too much cleaning/organizing lately than I care to. I will get over it. Just as soon as I eat my chocolate ice cream!!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Those tulips are so colorful!

Camille said...

Too funny! EVERYTHING is solved by having chocolate ice cream, don't you agree?? LOL! Sounds like you are making some good will love the results. It always feels so good to get organized!