Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Out with Old, in with New Refrigerator

We decided it was time to replace our old Montgomery Wards side by side refrigerator. We bought it 30 years ago and a few things were giving us concern, noise and temperature and door hinge issues. See ode to refrigerator. Here's our fridge that's been covered in magnets over the past years. It's a collector's thing~~ momentos of trips and little gifts. The weekend prior to getting our new fridge, I took almost all of them off. Our theory was that the magnets kept it going after all these years. That's why I didn't take all of them off until Monday morning when the new arrival appeared.

I loved the old store front with the neon lights of Standard TV and Appliance, in Tigard, OR. I captured these photos on my second trip to purchase the refrigerator. I'd been there a week prior to look at my choices. The salesman that worked with me both times was knowledgeable and friendly. I was there almost 2 hours the first time, looking and calling husband at work to get some ideas squared away. There were even cookies to snack on~Otis Spunkmeyer, cooked in an oven at the store!

Tupperware sitting in my sink that's been in side by side freezer for too long. A few years old broth, pumpkin I knew I'd use for pies (not), clam juice from the late 1990s. The oldest item found was raspberry jam from 1992! All of this food is gone to the dump. A few pieces of Tupperware went with them, especially one with the clam juice, I think 1994. Can't imagine getting the smell from that out. It was all labeled and I didn't use it. Now that's poor planning on my part! I gave away 3 pieces of Tupperware to my dau-in-law as I've got way too much again. I kept a few of my favorite pieces.

Old refrigerator gets hauled away and recycled. The delivery men were fast and efficient. They had a long day ahead of them. They had a delivery to Corvallis and then to Eugene. That's a ways to go in one day and go back to Portland.

My wind blown tulips by side of house. It was raining so hard in the morning that I wasn't sure what it would be like when delivery men arrived. But it wasn't raining much when they arrived at 10:15 and left half an hour later.

Amana 19' bottom mount refrigerator. We like it alot, even after just a week. It's quiet and it's roomy. It fits in the space allotted for a fridge. My husband liked that aspect because he really didn't want to the cupboard out above it. Those do-it-yourself "looks easy" jobs aren't always easy!

I've had to work around the shorter shelf space. Gallon jugs and 2 liter containers go in door (pop and juice) and milk and orange juice on the shelf next to top shelf. All shelves are movable. I think we've got it pretty well set up. I just have to remember that 3 gallons of milk, a gallon of iced tea and a gallon of orange juice is a tight squeeze in that bit of space. Second shelf, on left, is a deli drawer. It can be taken out but for now, it's staying. I learned that after shopping on Monday and buying 2 gallons of milk and still having a portion of another gallon left. I solved that problem by putting smaller amount of milk in a Tupperware container with a pourable lid.

Yes, I'd recommend this refrigerator to my friends. I did have to move the temperature one notch colder on the refrigerator (from 4 to 5~factory setting is 4). Another notch on Sat. (5 to 6) when my husband put the semi-cooled ham in fridge. It obviously made temp go up some but fine when it cooled. I lowered temp one notch (6 to 5) on Sunday after the ham was taken out and mostly eaten on Easter. (I have a fridge/freezer thermometer in there that I used in old fridge to keep track of temp.) I rate this fridge pretty good, so far. I will be putting magnets on the new fridge after I clean them. Right now it's got about 7 magnets on there with 2 photos, one being of my granddaughter, of course!


Camille said...

Oh wow!! Congratulations on the new fridge!! It looks great. :) You will likely notice a decrease in your energy bill too...we did when we switched to newer appliances. How amazing that the old on lasted for 30 years!! How funny that you found nearly 20 year old stuff in your freezer!! LOL...that's a memory to keep for sure! :)

Have a lovely evening!

P.S. I *love* the new freezer on the bottom set up...I am sure you will enjoy that feature. And the wider shelves inside the fridge are nice. I had a side by side before and the large platters of food were difficult to fit in.

Camille said...

Oh and I *love* your header picture with all the tulips...SO pretty!! :)

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

How exciting to get your new fridge! Your old when serviced you well!

Blessings & aloha!
Thank you for stopping by! I really love to find your comments :o) I am trying to squeeze in some blog reading time before bed time! It's actually after midnight, but I have been doing a lot of drawing orders for shipping out...