Monday, May 3, 2010

Photographer's Meeting

A few weeks ago, I went to a Nature Photographer's meeting down in Corvallis. It is over an hour drive from my house. Since I had not been sleeping well lately, I decided to book a room at a hotel there. Meeting place was 10 minutes from hotel. That way I did not have to get up early and drive all the way to the meeting then back home. Easter was the next day so I really did not want all that hassle. This is my room at Salbasgeon Inn and Suites. It was nice and quiet, even though there was a lot of people staying there.

This was a surprise! I knew there was wireless internet in the hotel room. Photo on the hotel's website had a computer shown. Little did I expect an actual computer! WOW! I did try to use it when I first got there. It did not work well. Why? I asked the man at the front desk. They had a power outage earlier so it wasn't up and running yet! That explains the blinking 12:00 on the clock radio!

Another surprise!! Bath and Body Works products on the vanity!!! I loved the Coconut Lime Verbena so much I took the soap and lotion with me. I left the rest.

Next day at the meeting after lunch were cakes to celebrate the 10th birthday of the club. Had to have a funny guy trying to get some icing!!! George Lepp was the featured speaker (photo below icing snatcher). He was great to listen to...a good teacher. I have read his articles for years in the Outdoor Photographer.

Larry reading the honor plaque for Dennis (far right) who has been president for years. He decided it was time to retire from the position. Thanks so much Dennis!
Lighting of the cakes! One candle decided it was not going to light right away!

Oregon State University is a beautiful campus. Our meeting was held in one the buildings with an auditorium. Quaint old buildings. Women's restroom by foyer is under the stairs, with one stall, green paint, just old school but I loved that place. (There were more restrooms that were bigger in other parts of the building.) Anyway, I needed to photograph some of the spring beauty of a tree and buildings close by. I was carrying 2 boxes of donuts while doing this. To photograph the tree, I set them down on a flat spot of a bicycle rack. To photograph buildings I set them on a bench, hoping a dog that came by did not want to eat a few. The donuts were left over from the morning and needed to go somewhere. So I brought 2 dozen home with me. I then took them to church the following morning for our "Loving Table" that is between the services.

It was a trip well spent. I learned things and got out of the house. I had to maneuver my car in the wind, rain and sleet going to Corvallis during a portion of the trip. Not fun when traffic beside me decides they can go above speed limit in bad weather! What were they thinking? Obviously not well. But despite the weather, the camaraderie of fellow photographers made it a good meeting and lunch time.
Back at home, my daughter made deviled eggs and my hubby put the ham in the big crock pot for 4 hours so that we could have some good food for Easter. I love it when my family helps out!

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