Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Coast Getaway of 2010

I heard the ocean waving to me and decided I needed to go see my favorite place in the world. My hubby said he'd go with me. He took a Friday off from work to go. It was the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. So we packed a bag, just in case of wetness emergency or unplanned stay overnight. It was relatively quiet, people wise. The boat below is on the Siletz bay and I think they were setting out crab pots.

Hubby seen here putting his kite together. There seemed to be enough wind to attempt a flight.

Pier from Mo's restaurant that we always walk on when we are there. It's just something we've always done. Tradition!!

There's always seagulls and driftwood, so what's the beach without them?

Hubby attempting to get his kite off the ground. I wound up being his launcher which was ok. I learned that I had to look behind me to verify there weren't any obstacles to fall over while running backwards once kite was launched. I nearly tripped over driftwood a couple times. About the 2oth time launched was the last time I was gonna play launcher. But the kite flew real well the last time, due to pilot finally figuring out exactly how to get it to fly properly. It was quite impressive the last couple times up. Even came with noise!! Our arms were getting tired so we called it quits! Then we walked on the beach, which I love to do. It's so relaxing. Hubby calls it white noise.

One beach house that I like, the one on the right.

A little bit of wave action. Can you see it?

View from a rock!

A leftover flipflop that looks like it's been in the ocean and back and forth a few times!

I liked the clouds in this shot. I can never seem to take enough photos of the ocean waves. Today there wasn't alot of action.
Hubby likes the green one on the left with all the windows. It's nice too.

Salmon sculpture.

Eleanor's undertow has some yummy ice cream that we needed. Delicious! This was window from outside. We'd got in too close to closing for me to take photo from inside. I was only half way done with my cone when the lights started going off. So we went outside. I tend to lick the ice cream instead of biting alot of it, like hubby tends to do. Each to their own!! Mocha Almond Fudge was my choice....delish! Hubby got a sugar free berry ice cream, since he's diabetic. It was good as well. Umpqua ice cream, made in Oregon!

These two photos were on the pavement outside the store. You can buy food to eat there as well.

A gift shop that I went into and purchased the socks (below). I still had my ice cream so I finished it up on their sidewalk. I did spill some at the end because it was so runny. No food or drinks allowed. So I finished quickly so there would be time to shop. It was a little store but found these socks called Solmate socks. Made in Vermont! I bought the Fall Foliage socks. They are so comfy and wash up well. I dry them in dryer partially then line dry.

A lovely flower hedge that was in front of our car.

End of trip, and comfy socks to rest and relax on the recliner. They are cute peeking out of my jeans while lying down!! Our trip to Lincoln City was fun and it's never too soon to go back. Maybe next time it will be to Newport, a bit farther away. I can't complain--it's about 1 1/2 hour drive away to LC which is a fun day trip!


Crystal said...

I love the beach. I have been praying for the Lord to show me how I can make it there for a vacation with my family.

Camille said...

Your photos are gorgeous Becky! I love your header photo too...horses are a favourtie of mine. The beach shots are so should frame some or make cards out of them....ideas! :)