Monday, June 28, 2010

Hanging Flower Baskets

A few weekends ago I bought this beautiful hanging basket. I wasn't really planning on getting one this year. It's something that takes extra care every day. It must be watered or it will just shrivel away and be gone if you miss more than a day. Believe it or not. I've done it before. But I had a coupon for it and it was so pretty. I bought it and it's doing great. My daughter is helping with watering. I also enjoy this as I don't have to dig in the flower bed which has became a hard thing to deal with...blackberries need to be taken out completely (most of them have) and new soil prior to more flowers. My back seems to balk at the task of bending over much lately. So that's why the flower basket has become my beauty on the side of the house. They are hanging on the garage's east side so the flowers get the morning and early afternoon sun. I'm enjoying them a lot.

Then a weekend later, a friend gave my daughter a purple hanging basket. She was moving to CA and couldn't take it with them. Since Megan had been so kind in helping with their children and packing, that her friend gave Megan the basket. I love this color and even though it is smaller it's an added beauty and more fragrance than the first basket.

There are more ways than one to (flower) garden. Just remember to water it daily and fertilize often. Hope to save a basket for next year and plant some on my own.


Crystal said...

So very pretty.

Marie said...

The flowers are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.