Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Simplicity--Downsizing Starts Now

In an effort to downsize a few months ago, I decided that keeping the newspaper that was printed on my birthday had to go. But I found some articles I wanted to remember. So the next best thing was to take a photo of them before they went into the recycle bin. I had to remember a cartoon for Valentine's day from "For Better or Worse" comic strip. It's one of my favorites.

We have quite a few prescription bottles. They can be recycled to the bin or taken to your local veterinary clinic where they will be reused. Just make sure when you recycle, take all labels off. There is information other people don't need to know.

Then there are magazines. I love my Every Day with Rachael Ray mags but they just had to go. As you can see I took out pages that I wanted to keep. These mags I gave to a friend to go through, since she wanted them. As the saying goes, Every litter bit hurts. So does every pile of papers and magazines hurts the look of my house. So I must start somewhere. I've got a lot to do and it's almost over bearing. Don't get me wrong. I'm not a messy housekeeper. A blogger friend talks about simplicity. (Please click on title above to go to Linny's blog.) Too much stuff isn't simplicity. It's annoying in some respects, in my house. I've had it! Sorry, Rach, you must go!! But I still have newer mags of yours to use.

We've lived here for 20 years and with 2 children, we've accumulated much. There are some books still in our library from when we home schooled. We've given some away to other families and taken things to thrift stores. Now that I'm a follower of an organized junkie, it's gotten better. She's been good for me. There are 3 of us now, one adult daughter that's back home for an extended period of time. Our son has moved out and got married. Most of his stuff is gone, except for a closet that needs cleaned out of books. Some we can use for our grandchild.

So simplifying is a matter of perspective.
Keep things less cluttered. More space.
Don't go out and buy more items that you don't need.
I have a cell phone but I don't text. Nor do I care to learn! No Apple iphone or latest gadget for us. I don't have that many connections to make. I prefer to talk!
Plant a garden to grow our own vegetables and share excess with other people. It makes me go outside and enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of nature.
Stay closer to home for vacations. We don't go far due to the economy. Saves money for what we need and find a friend to stay with for a few days instead of a hotel, if possible.
Rent movies, when there are good ones that come out.
Cook your own meals. We dine out very seldom except for Friday at lunch and Sunday evenings. That's our time out for the 2 of us. We usually go to Subway, where we switch types of sandwiches we get for a variety. A few times a year we splurge and go to Denney's or Applebees.
We are active in our church, teaching a class together for the children's church. Other activities there as well when they arise. Friends from church a source of encouragement and fellowship.

When we homeschooled, we didn't have alot of running around for sports. Daughter had piano lessons and there were school activities to attend at times. Choir and science fair in the spring, monthly field trips.

There are many ways to downsize and make life easier on ourselves. It's not that hard if you look around your house, your life, your choices. Would I be happier if this mess of stuff was gone so I wouldn't have to wonder what is in that box or bag in the corner? Could someone else use it? It is a process and I'm getting through it. Just think about it and rest assured, with me, you will feel better when it's gone!

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