Saturday, June 12, 2010

Square Foot Gardening #2

Last Saturday, the weather was really nice, for a change. So my daughter and I planted the remainder of the garden. I had 2 more tomato starts, lettuce and Walla Walla onion starts from Al's Garden Center. Planted some green (bush) beans, wax beans, carrots and cucumbers as well. The weather is looking better this coming week. We planted cilantro on Monday because I forgot that I had the seeds. As we were planting, there was alot of bird chatter. But they don't get any because we put bird netting over the top of garden when we close it up. Sorry, you are out of luck!

Now we are just waiting for everything to grow. I fertilized with Espoma's Garden Tone today and watered well. I also picked 2 strawberries and split them between 3 people at lunch. They were delicious! We can't wait to start eating some veggies soon!


Tosha said...

LOL! The birds got all the seeds I started in our squash bed the first go around. The 2nd time I put seedling ins and they didn't bother those. I'll remember netting for next year.

Camille said...

How fun that you SHARED two berries between three people! THAT's some love!! Your garden looks so cute! AND how smart of you to put that net over it all! :)


Mat said...

Your garden looks great!