Saturday, July 10, 2010

Covered Bridges Part 2

Continuing story of photo shoot a few weeks ago (see post below). We ended with the bridge over the Calapoolia River. I'm in this photo. The following 3 photos are just past the bridge. This is a farm building I wanted a photo of earlier on drive but this was the only option without getting injured. I attempted 3 photos of this. I had to listen and wait for traffic due to a blind curve. Then proceed as close to the guard rail as possible, and shoot over it. Then there's the daisies that are so pretty!

This VFW building was across from the Thriftway we stopped at in Sweet Home. Potty stop and bought a jar of mayonnaise on sale.. VFW building was built in 1954. It had paintings on the east side of it, that I didn't get photos of.

Foster Reservoir--part of Cascadia State Park. People seemed to be enjoying themselves on this warm day. In the distance is Twin Buttes. I was looking on the map and further over is Menagerie Wilderness.
Then there's Megan pointing to a word we weren't allowed to say much of, when I was growing up. Only in this context could we get away with it!

Heading home, the long way, we figured out how to get to this bridge after a dead end. Signage wasn't the best. Weddle Bridge was built in1934, in Sweet Home. It's by a park and crosses over to playing fields.

Checker board on a cement picnic table.

Smaller covered bridge that we spied just feet from bigger bridge. Don't know why this one was built there. We didn't pursue the reasoning or other views because it was getting late.

Parting shot of Weddle bridge and random grass. It was a good day, with no crazy people on the way home, through Lebanon and eventually the interstate. Stopped in Salem for dinner at Skippers. A favorite place to eat that's few and far between now, due to the economy and bankruptcies. Then home to cool down and unload from our fun day. I'm so thankful for the freedom and ability to go on short trips in God's country. He is everywhere! Just look!

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Pixel Perfect said...

I love these pictures! The ones with the flowers are beautiful. Have a great day!