Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wave away the Worries

Getting away from my headache that came upon me late this afternoon at work.
It's slowing going, along with some congestion in my head.
On days where things go a different way than planned,
I just visualize myself at the coast, my favorite place
in the world. My husband's been sick with a cold since Friday.
All our plans went out the window for that day and the weekend.He's got 2 weeks vacation from work and made a few plans. Nothing concrete. I just
went about my plans without him, even a trip into the country on Friday. I had to see the lavender that is in bloom. No trip to optometrist with my mom to get her
glasses. I can't lift a wheelchair in and out of the car. Lunch by myself and a newspaper.
Sunday came and I taught 6 boys in Bible class by myself. What an experience. No helpers available this week, obviously. But I made it through that with quick thinking on my part. They were either rowdy or not paying any particular attention to what was going on. Doesn't help when there's 3 other classes going on in the same room?!!! :0{
Monday came and we couldn't go to an air museum. So we spent

part of the afternoon playing a board game, which I won! Finally! He said
that he was going to sell the game now! (jokingly!) He's taught me well.
So he should be happy! He is feeling better. He mowed the lawn this afternoon
then came in and slept for an hour. So, you see, getting away, even in my mind,
is an escape. I have to go with the flow of life and not let the unexpected get me too
upset. Another time when he's feeling better we'll countryside driving. There's always a sunny side somewhere. No matter the situation, God provides a rainbow.
Even in the waves!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Sounds disappointing, but you are making the best of it as usual. You have a gift for that. The Lord bless you today!

Crystal said...

I love the beach also. It is my favorite place.

Camille said...

I *love* your ocean photos Becky! It is a favourite spot of mine too. So sorry your plans didn't work out as you had envisioned, but how lovely was your response to it all. LOL...to your "six boys in Sunday school"!! Oh dear me! :) I drove 5 boys and Emma home from camp yesterday...that was an experience! Three of the boys were my own...it was not bad at all. BUT...the four boys who had been camping smelled a little like they needed a shower. ;-)