Saturday, August 28, 2010

Family Fun at a Work Picnic

Two weeks ago, we were at hubby's work picnic. We all went because son works for the same company (FLIR). It was quite warm that day but the park in Newberg was very shady, except for where the food was sitting out and the playground. But we had a good time. Food was good but we all declared my potato salad was better than the one there. Loved the dessert! Chocolate was included!

Grandpa, Grandma and Granddaughter!

My Kids!

Aunt Megan and Melody on the swing that was too small for the both of them.
Melody said "Make it go."

Erin enjoying cotton candy.

Phil and Justin enjoying Laser Shoot Out. I tried it too and it was fun, not much exertion,
just concentration.

Glitter Tattoo artist.

3 purple glitter tattoos!

We are family!

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