Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gone Fishin'

Last week my hubby and I went fishin'......
for a time away together,
fun, photographs, wildlife,
water falls, Crater Lake,
Diamond Lake.

Phil is relaxing in the shade while waiting for a boat ride on Diamond Lake. I love this set of
chairs/table. I couldn't figure out how to get it in our car though. It doesn't fold up easily
.....just kidding. It's just my style though.

Stellar jay was in front us at Diamond Lake. He found a bit of water in this fountain.

Becky relaxing after photographing Clear Water Falls.

Our first glimpse of Crater Lake as we drove through on our way to Fort Klamath museum destination that day. We came back later and photographed the moon.

We arrived back at Crater Lake in the evening and ate at Annie's Creek Restaurant, which turned out to be buffet style. But the price was more than we expected but we ate anyway.
We were hungry and knew from the beginning of our trip that food wasn't going to be cheap. I qualified for senior discount which was $3 off price and I had water to drink, so there was savings there. The food was delicious and plenty of it, dessert included.
We drove up to the lake and the first photo I took looked like it was snowing at Crater Lake and Wizard Island. The wind was blowing quite hard and every time I attempted to take a photo with the flash on created a different scene. So I played with camera settings and put it on tripod that "tripod husband" set up for me. The last photo is at a different spot before leaving the park for the night, or so we thought. It's a silhouette of sorts.
When Phil pulled out of the parking area, there was a road that went right and so he took it. He thought it was the way out to the north gate. About 10 miles later, we realized that we weren't going the right way. We'd not seen any of this on our way in. We pulled over and looked at map and sure enough, he made a wrong turn. Once we got back to the point where we had a sign,
he figured out what he did wrong. What's a vacation without getting lost?

We were frugal on this trip.....took our own cereal, orange juice, milk, soda pops, water, snacks. Our first day out, we stayed at friends home in Roseburg. We made sandwiches from our own bread, meat and cheese (me) and peanut butter sandwich (P). Much cheaper than the Tues. lunch of hoagie sandwiches that were $8.25 each, no veggies.
I put the $1.75 (2 oz) chips back on the rack. No meal deal there.
(disclaimer:not really complaining, just telling the facts!)
We were able to get ice at Diamond Lake where we stayed to keep cooler chest cool. No little refrigerator in room. We saved money prior to this trip so we weren't charging anything on credit card except for motel stays and that will be paid off in a few days.
One night previously paid. Total motel nights: 3

So you can vacation and live within your means. Gas wasn't too bad. Highest we paid was $3.83 at Diamond Lake, but we needed gas. Great gas mileage going back down to
Roseburg-35 mpg---downhill makes a difference. Gas at Costco in Roseburg--$2.79.

A blessing while we were gone, our daughter called to let us know she got hired to work at the Oregon State Fair. She is selling admissions tickets at one of the many gates for all 10 days of the fair, 6 hours a day, early shift. An answer to prayer as she was a back up for parking lot job. God is faithful to his children and it seems he likes to surprise us. Just waiting for that phone call. She's also waiting for her other job to start. So this was one thing to help out her financial needs.

We had a safe trip, minimal bad traffic, awesome scenery of God's creation. People were nice and food was delicious. But all in all, a memorable time with hubby and many photographs to share with you in the near future.

I'm working 2 extra days this week since a co-worker is going on an Alaskan cruise with her hubby, paid for by their son. An awesome opportunity for them. Prayers appreciated for Jerry and Buster's travel and well-being. I'm hoping to get some blog posts done this week. Have a great week!

Peace like a river in my as well, my friends!


Amy Hagerup said...

HI Becky, thanks for commenting on I am the guest author. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. Looks like you are a great gramma too. Blessings, Amy

Jan said...

Wonderful photos, beautiful scenery, and great you were so satisfied with your trip.
Great about the extra for your daughter too.

Look forward to more posts.

Oh... did you catch any fish?

Love and Blessings, Jan

Grandma Becky said...

No we really didn't go fishing....just using those words in a different context.

Crystal said...

I love your pictuers. It looks like you had a wonderful time. My family always takes their own food also. It saves so much money.

Laury said...

Awesome pictures!

Verna said...

Thank you for commenting on my bobby cover...... No, I never knew about them either until my daughter had our first grandchild in December....(We used pillows)....

Love the photos, will be back to visit you more, but at the moment must get to work yet.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Looks like you had a wonderful vacation!

I love those kind of chairs too!

Camille said...

Gorgeous photos Becky! Such a lovely spot! I like the last one with the amazing! Isn't God's creation wonderful??

I agree with you on the frugal can be done! Well done for being wise and enjoying it all at the same time...good for you! :)

Have a lovely week!