Saturday, September 4, 2010

Barn Owl Nursery Visit

Lavender Nursery that we visited in July.

One more lavender farm to show you, if you are so inclined to see more lovely lavender from a lavender loving lady! Top photos are hubby almost hiding in bushes and daughter behind lavender. I like that photo. Did you know that lavender comes in white, pink and yellow besides various shades of lavender? Me neither!~~~Me loving my purple lavender! What a fragrance! Bundle left over after making some lavender wands. It's hanging in my laundry room to dry. Takes 3 months to completely dry then you can put them upright in a vase. I used some to put in a few suitcases on our recent trip to help bedbugs stay away. (We didn't encounter any, thank goodness.)

Some of my friends have asked about instructions for lavender wands. I found this site helpful from a lavender farm in Sequim, Washington.

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I love the lavender and it is really a wonderful color for you too :o) You look great :o)

Thanks for sharing the info site for the lavender wands.

Blessings & Aloha!