Friday, August 6, 2010

St Paul Rodeo and Cow Girls

St. Paul Rodeo, in St. Paul, OR, a small town west of us. This is the second year we attended this rodeo, on 4th of July, 2010. I've started out with the women. These women are rodeo royalty of past and present and possibly current year. Since it was the 75th anniversary of the rodeo, past St. Paul Rodeo queens were asked to be there. Like the tractor? :0) I have so many photos to share but these are the highlights so I don't make any of you fall asleep. I know I have a few horse lovers out there. This old farm girl, from years past, loves horses. I will post more rodeo photos in the near future.

This year's rodeo princess Kelsey S. and queen Kylie.

Rosemary, who requested I be there to take photos. She's a former St. Paul Rodeo queen and has retired from hairdressing (people, not horses.) She's been our hairdresser for many years.

This young lady was in front of us and I couldn't resist taking this picture!

St. Paul Rodeo princess, Kelsey C, riding in front of a winner of a round in the rodeo. Kelsey is my friend Rosemary's niece!

Queen and Princess riding after an event.

Princess Kelsey and other rodeo royalty. Her horse was having an attitude problem. It's amazing more horses didn't get spooked with so many distractions.

Queen Kylie and Princesses Kelsey S. and Kelsey C. riding in a Dodge Ram truck prior to the women's barrel racing competition.

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