Sunday, September 5, 2010

Square Foot Garden Update

Here's the garden late July. It's grown since last update. Lettuce, in clay pots, are nearly finished for the season. It was good eating. Roma tomatoes finally coming on. Sorry I didn't post it sooner. I forgot where these photos were....ooppss!! Hid them with wedding photos and it just got busy here with work and getting ready for our trip.

Wax beans still growing and delicious. I wish I had more of them. They were more plentiful than the green beans. Our strawberries have grown all summer and we've enjoyed the few we've eaten.

Evening sun on the leaves looked so pretty.

Alien tomato? We found out that a slug did this. We put a cage around our garden to keep pests out but one infiltrated and caught us off guard. We put more slug bait out and we've not had any more trouble.

At this posting, we've got more roma tomatoes ripened. More color on all the tomatoes. It's been cooler and we've not watered them everyday, which is a good thing. The walla walla onions are getting bigger and carrots coming soon. Bell peppers and cucumbers didn't produce. Short growing season due to cold weather early in spring.

I'm pondering what to garden next year. Less tomatoes, more beans. Maybe another 4x4 for just beans so that cucumbers and bell peppers would grown better. I think the cucumbers were overshadowed by the beans. Live and learn.


Crystal said...

Sounds like you have gotten a lot of things. It is amazing how our climate affects the garden. Ours has been done for a couple weeks now. My husband tilled it. Our strawberries have been done for a few months. It just gets to hot here. I am doing a few more apples today that I got from my father in law when we were there this weekend.

Camille said...

Your garden looks lovely Becky! You have SO much more produce than I did, but then, I didn't plant much. Yes, it was a cool beginning wasn't it? I don't think my corn is going to finish ripening...had such high hopes too! :(

Your strawberries look so yummy! I *love* strawberries and the ones that grow up here are so much better than the hot weather ones from California!

Enjoy the produce you did get...yum yum! :)


Anonymous said...

It was a really wierd growing season this year, wasn't it? Hopefully next year will be a more normal one!

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

We did the square foot gardening thing this year too! While weeding was no long necessary our soil got dry really fast. I wonder if we did something wrong. Your looks fantastic!

visiting from SITS

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Your experiment looks great! I want to do wax beans next year.