Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thoughts on Thursday

Hello, my friends. I need to blog something but my mind is tired. Too tired to post photos I'd like to post. So bear with me. :0)

I've had a busy week and just came off a sad week. I've been getting food together to fix a bit later since my daughter started her new job this week. She's in training til 6 PM then gets home about 5 minutes prior to my arrival. I've been spoiled because she's been home since she lost her job in May and previous job got her home before me so she could fix dinner. So this week I made chicken tetrazinni, thanks to the Happy Housewife. I also made a creamy chicken soup in the crock pot (Wed), and a biscuit wrapped meatloaf from a Bisquick cookbook (Mon) that eased my week. Tonight was fish sticks and home made biscuits that I made last night while we were waiting for soup to cool.) Ate some biscuits last night as well. We have a lot of soup left over so I put some in the freezer for another meal. I'm hoping to do more cooking this weekend, since I'm going to be home. Probably cooking hamburger that I buy at Costco tomorrow and making hamburgers for Sat. evening. Since dau work schedule will change next week, she's gonna be off a few days but also work days where I'll get home earlier than her. So I like to have dinner by 7:30 PM. Hubby and daughter eats it the next day for their dinner. Change isn't always easy. But I will deal with it and am pleased dau is working again!

I'm searching for ideas for our wedding anniversary that coming up in Oct. We've thought about going to Sauvie Island. I found out that the wildlife viewing area is closed then so won't be able to see birds. It's probably going to be a day trip so am thinking and will talk to hubby over lunch about it tomorrow.

This past Sat. our church hosted from the Streets to the Screen event. We prayed all week for the weather to hold and for people to come and for the speakers that were arriving from CA and their witness for Christ. Noel Gugliemi and his wife, Tomasa, were great (in photo above). Raquel Herring, known as Roque, sang with the church's worship team.Event was outdoors, in the amphitheater. Noel has spoken a month ago at our church. He's acted in these movies: Fast and Furious, Bruce Almighty and Training Day. What a change of heart after he was led to Christ by David Ramak, a brother of a fellow church member. Both Noel and his wife, now, accepted Jesus the same day and have been serving the Lord ever since. What a powerful testimony they have. There were 28 decisions made that night for Jesus. Amazing and we are praying for all of them. Some were in church on Sunday. There were a few food vendors and the rain stayed calm. At one point it quit raining. Then about 15 minutes after the event was over, the rain just poured! Hubby, friend and I made our way to car in parking lot. Tamara and I had a gush of rain hit our sports shoes! We just looked at each other and started laughing. The shoes were dry the next day. (David and Roque were at church on Sun. so we got to fellowship with them more.) All in all, it was a great event, with 200 people that showed up.

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good,
His love endures forever."

Psalm 136:1


Crystal said...

Hope you can adust to your new schedule. I do not like change it is hard for me.

Camille said...

Wow Becky! Lots is happening around your home! What a blessing that your daughter has a new job, but I do feel for you with implementing change. You are a trooper and doing a great job taking care of the meals! Keep your sweet is a blessing! :)

Have a lovely weekend!

Anonymous said...