Friday, October 15, 2010

Family Friday

A few weeks ago we had family over for dinner. We'd gone to see mom in the nursing home, in honor of her 87th birthday. In an effort to make eating out affordable, I opted to invite everyone to our house for dinner. We had a good time and I wanted to share some photos of family that we usually don't see all the time. Melody is sitting with Tyler (cousins). Kerri, my sister, is trying on a pair of mom's old gloves. I had some boxes of mom's items that needed to be gone through. It was time for them to move on as they weren't being used.

Melody with my brother, David. She's holding a little wooden box that my sis found in a box. It has a little bug in it and when you move box, it moves and Melody loved it.
Ranor, Kerri's boyfriend, trying on gloves that Kerri tried on, and Megan.

Megan playing her great grandpa's harmonica while Melody and Erin look on. It was a fun time. Melody and Kerri playing with stuffed animals.


And for dinner, just in case you were curious, was crock pot chili, banana bread and homemade apple crisp. Gotta love being together with 10 of us in the house. I pulled out the table in family room to make room for more people to sit at. In an effort to make one of the tablecloths less wrinkled, I plugged iron into extension cord that runs the string lights. Ummm--I popped the fuse in extension cord. It wouldn't work. I had to plug iron into another socket. I had hubby look at it a few days later. So he got another fuse at the hardware store and now it works. I will remember not to do that again! I didn't ask him to look at it that day because there was too much going on! Live and learn!


Camille said...

What a fun post Becky! What a blessing family is!! And good for you to host's always so much more cozy to meet in a home than in a restaurant. Your menu sounded yummy. :)

Blessings to you!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Glad you had fun with family. My step-grandmother works at the VA nursing home in The Dalles. Her name is Regina. She dresses really old fashioned. Let me know if you ever run into when you're visiting your mom.