Friday, October 22, 2010

Flutterby Friday

I have been lackadaisial this week and not done much about blogging! My allergies have bothered me with a headache on Tues and tired on Thurs. at work. It was a slow day but a fun day cuz we had a pizza and Subway lunch. I think I need to hibernate! But I am getting a few things done like putting together some photo calendars to send for gifts and give away on my blog next month, so stay tuned!

Tomorrow I go with some friends from church to Wings of Wonder in Independence, OR. Last week to see butterflies they grow this year. I'm excited to see this place as I was at a butterfly pavilion in Aug. when we were coming home from our vacation. So this will be fun but different as there's various types of butterflies, not just monarchs.

The photos I've posted are ones taken in August, in Elkton, OR. All monarchs, starting with the caterpillars then beautiful cocoon (notice the gold on it? That's real!) A beautiful butterfly. Then a butterfly just emerged from cocoon, and cocoons that are on wall, and butterflies gathered on flowers. There's more to share but these will get you started on my butterfly collection via mega pixels!


Crystal said...

I love butterflys. They are truly a miracle of God.

Camille said...

What a GORGEOUS post Becky! SUCH wonderful photos!! God's creation is truly amazing. You are talented with the camera...I'm sure your calendars will be lovely. :)

Blessings to you!


Beautiful Photos! I think everyone likes butterflys :-)


Jan said...

Beautiful butterflys, another gift in nature to be thankful to Him for.

Wonderful you have the chance to see them and take such gorgeous pics.

Blessings, Jan