Saturday, October 30, 2010

Honoring A Friend

My daughter and I met up with many other PGR friends to honor and lay to rest a fellow PGR member/brother, in Sept. Fred had served in the Navy and he was such a wonderful person to be with at the missions. He died Sept. 10th, enroute to a mission for another veteran, when he was hit by a car. He died at the scene. He was retired and made it a point to be at as many missions as possible to honor fallen heroes and veterans as well as welcome home to our soldier coming from afar off. This photo shows a good portion of motorcycles that were present on the cloudy with a smidgen of rain.

Meeting with Ride Captain telling us about the mission and reading of Fred's obituary written by one of his daughters. It was sad with men choking back tears, which is hard for me to bear. It was hard enough for me!

Missing man formation. They met up with the family and escorted the family to the cemetary.

The cemetery goes through a farm. I love this barn. The parking lot is part of their pasture. The owners were out there directing where we were to park. (We were in Megan's car). There were cows pies too! Watch your step!

Becky and Megan in the flag line.

Pipey after he practiced/warmed up his pipes.

Honor guard.

Honor Guard and the Navy Bugler, who played taps.

Family vehicles. Hearse before the stretch limo.

Army National Guard Military Police Armored vehicle that closed the ranks. It was an honor to have them there. The PGR have been to so many funerals for the military that there was an actual presence that we felt honored to have. We thanked them on our way out.

When we were back at our vehicles, I heard someone saying goodbye to Becky and Megan. I turned to see who was talking to us. Well, low and behold there was another Becky and Megan~mother/daughter duo there as well! So I had to get a photo! How often does that happen?

The burial was on a Thursday and then on the following Sunday afternoon, we met at a church for Fred's memorial service. It was a time of release and my week was a bit better after that. It took me a couple weeks to really feel better and less sad about losing a friend who met alot to me. He always took time out to make you feel special and we'd shared some good times as well as sad times, honoring our fallen soldiers. Fred will be missed but will always remember his bravery to serve his country in the US Navy. Rest in peace and thank you for caring about your friends in so many ways. We felt blessed by knowing you.

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Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Oh how sad. I'm very sorry. You guys are so wonderful to be out there showing your patriotism is such a powerful way.

God bless you, and God bless America!