Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Look What I Won!

This summer I entered a contest on BlogHer. I was notified mid July that I'd won a $100 gift card from Macy's! No Way! The email showed the exact spot where I'd entered and then I knew it was for real! I was elated! I faxed the necessary paper work then waited. I had the day planned when I was going to go spend my time shopping. It was over a month later when the card came. It was the day we got back from our Crater Lake trip. Needless to say, I wasn't about to go shopping then but was excited to finally get the card! It wasn't til 3 weeks later that I was able to shop til I dropped. What would I buy? Clothes, of course, although there was a pan in the kitchen section that I had my eye on.

I scanned items with my eyes, passing enticing purses and expensive clothing. I had a scheme that held a shopping pass to help me save even more money. Every Day Values section is where I stopped. I found these tops that fit and loved the colors. 3/4 length sleeves. 2 pair of jeans.

This sweater dress is so fun! I am looking forward to wearing it with a red shirt for the company Christmas party, black nylons and shoes. Or maybe black leggings or my black nylons and black boots? Can't decided cuz I don't have leggings~can I afford leggings to with this? Would I wear them any other time? Am I a legging's wearer since I've not worn them before? Anyway, I had an absolute blast trying on clothes and loved my assistant at the store. I wound up spending $16 over the $100 and was able to use my shopping pass on a pr of jeans. The Every Day Value clothes are low enough in price that there's no further discount. So you can shop smart at Macy's. I felt almost guilty walking away with a sack of clothes I spent little on. I felt blessed.

I plan on going back sometime, since there is a great towel section as well. I only hit the surface and had to be good! I did downsize my wardrobe some more to make room for my new clothes. I just got tired of the old stuff and love the updated look. Too many tshirts but then I wear some of those to work! It's hard to get rid of the favorites. I took the clothes over to a thrift store in town. I know they can use them to fund their mission of helping those with head injuries. Thanks for letting my share my excitement in winning.

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