Monday, October 4, 2010

Thoughtful Fall Day

It's been an interesting day, to say the least. Not bad, just interesting.

Started out the mid morning with a phone call that had me searching for paper work. That made me lose some time today that I'd planned on using to create some menu work for a couple weeks. I did find the paper work and called man back and hopefully the ordeal of a matter that pertains to my mom will be ironed out. But it may take another year before anything happens. It's a financial issue with someone that's trusted to take care of your money is a scammer. All in it for himself.

I went to the bank to cash a check and deposit something in safety deposit box. Outside the bank door was a small black plastic sack. MmMMmmm---should I get close enough and peek inside? No! So I proceeded inside and thought to myself "I bet there will be police soon." Maybe not. It took me 20 minutes to do my business. As I was approaching the door to go out, a police officer came in, looked around and went back out. I asked her if she was looking for anything in particular. She wondered if there was a black bag outside, as it had been reported. I mentioned that there had been a black bag when I came in 20 minutes ago. I looked over and it was gone. Then I told "that she should stop messing in my head!" She laughed (like she knew what I was thinking when I came in? :0) Apparently the person or someone else picked it up. As I went to the car, a vehicle stopped and a lady asked if it was all about a black bag? I replied, "Yes." She'd seen a bank employee take it inside. So I told her that she'd probably want to talk to the police woman inside, which she did. WOW!! The police had blocked off some traffic coming into bank and there were 4 police cars in the area. Amazing! But it turned out to be ok. So it wasn't an ordinary day for me.

This evening I took my battery operated Coleman lantern outside to my garden. I intended to pull off the remaining red tomatoes today. But the light got away from me. So I went out after dinner. There's no lighting behind the house so the lantern worked well. I pulled off 20 tomatoes and about 4 that were not good. Some of the 20 are green and were big roma tomatoes so I am going to try and turn them red. A man told me that you roll them up in newspaper and put them in a bowl under the sink and they will ripen. He did it as his didn't ripen well this year. It's been a chilly start to the spring so gardens didn't do well. My Roma tomatoes were the best. The Early Girl tomatoes were 2nd and the Golden Jubilee (orange) were 3rd. I'm going to cook up most of them with onion and red peppers and use in soup. Delicious!

Friday I found out my hubby's job moved to day shift starting this week. He has worked swing shift for almost 4 years. He's lost his shift differential pay, which will be a tight squeeze financially. I am hoping to keep tight reign on the money. Maybe refinancing the house will help. Rates are down. We'll just see how things go. Bills don't go away and neither does food. Being more frugal than ever now. Leaning on the Lord as well, in good and hard times. At least we are still employed! That in itself is a blessing.

So we are just going flow along and see where it leads us in this time of our lives. Or as a song I heard on Laury's blog (you tube), Dancing in the Minefields, by Andrew Peterson. It's dancing with your husband and God through the hard times. It's the only way to do it!


Jan said...

Yes your day was unusual.
Yes, keep 'dancing' with God and your hubby and you will overcome.
God Bless you.
With love, Jan

Laury said...

I suppose the phrase, 'it takes 2 to tango isn't quite right.' It definitely takes 3!

You did have quite a day. Wow! Praying God takes care of you guys with the pay cut.

Blessings on your days as you dance through them!

Camille said...

What an interesting turn of events Becky! What a blessing that all went well with that black bag! :0

Hang in there and enjoy each day as the LORD gives it!

I often think...we make our plans, but the LORD orders our steps. How wonderful to belong to HIM and be under HIS watchful care.

Blessings to you!