Sunday, November 14, 2010

Boxed Momentos

There has been a box in my living room that has been sitting there for too many months. I have had it covered with an old sheet with a big family Bible and a few other things under sheet as well. Trying to hide what I don't want to recognize is there. It's a box of stuff that I've had of my mom's since we moved her out of her place in 2008. This box has not been in that spot quite that long. I thought maybe if I kept it covered long enough I'd just forget about it or it would disappear on it's own. But it finally bothered me enough to get it out of sight and mind for good.

So Friday afternoon and Saturday I worked away at the box. Here are some discoveries I wanted to share. Old Christmas candles from my childhood days that mom had. The reindeer has a broken neck. It's either going to get pitched in the garbage or a line of white glue so he can stay. The angels, well, I'm not sure what to do with them. The little one is cute. The plastic thingys have no use nor the light bulbs.

I like this angel candle and thought I'd put her with the other angels that aren't Precious Moments. I think I need to give her some eyes. They are with my nativity scene. An older angel probably sings pretty good, don't you think? Two brighter angels behind are ones by Mary Engelbreit. They are my favorites!

I found this napkin with my mom's negatives and not good photos, some extras I think. She went to see my brother, Mike, in Florida. They went to Epcot Center and Disney World. I love this napkin. Mom's air fare in 1993 was $303 and she could take up to 3 pieces of luggage free! Remember those days?

Old greeting cards. This one was for my dad when he was ill.

Easter card and Mother's day card from my brother, Mike, to my parents.

I came across a postcard folio that is dated 1937. Postage 1 1/2 cents if no message. These were some of the photos on the folio. It's a line of cards all attached and then you turn it over and there's more. I'm thinking this is one my mom bought when she moved to Oregon from Kansas in 1938. This one is of the new Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood.

Celilo Falls on the Columbia River. It is no longer there! Taken out when the dam
was opened a year or so ago.

Another couple cards, Day light tunnel and then the Columbia River Gorge scenic
highway. It's now I-84, still east of Portland, OR. I just love these cards. It's a different style printing that what we usually see. I'm not sure what it's called. I love this old car in bottom photo.

An old picture glass that I cannot part with. It looks so cool. Where should I put it for safe keeping? I remember this with a picture behind it but can't remember what it was.

I found a home for it in my hutch that holds my Lilliput Cottages. A green edging around
the property!

A card my dad gave my mom. It's a Hallmark, 25 cents. He didn't sign it but he wrote to and from on the envelope.

These are a few of my favorite things from the box. I found many cards my mom received after my dad died in 1986. I actually looked at every card before I put them in the recycle bin. I kept a few for use in greeting card work of my own. Tomorrow I will shift through what I have kept and put in proper places out of the way. Box conquered by me! Hurrah!
I will share some more momentos in the future.


Window On The Prairie said...

Isn't it amazing how much accumulates over time? But it is fun going through it years later.

Camille said...

How precious those treasures are! I think the memories things like that stir up can be quite overwhelming! And wow...THREE pieces of luggage?? I especially like the little candles from your childhood...don't they bring back happy memories?? Your Precious Moments Nativity is lovely.

Blessings to you!