Monday, November 8, 2010

Ice Cream on Monday

When I was coming home from doing a bit of grocery shopping, I decided to eat ice cream this afternoon. Why does it need to be eaten after dinner when afternoon time is good as well. If we are out on a trip somewhere, that's when we usually eat ice cream. If I eat it later than 8:30 PM some ice cream gives me a sugar high. Therefore it's harder for me to sleep.
So after I got the batch of cookies mixed up, I took a break in the living room with the newspaper and my ice cream. Then drank a glass of water to wash down some sweetness.

My afternoon was filled with cookie baking and making sausage soup. Here you see the sausage, onions and red bell pepper being sauted in butter.

Finished soup, with 3 pototoes cut up, and chopped. Chicken broth (low sodium) added, with 1/2 can Campbell's mushroom soup, 12 more oz of broth added with a tablespoon of cornstarch for more thickness. Spices added and a bit of salt. I can control the sodium. Milk added to dilute it some since soup started to thicken too much. Broccoli slaw, from Trader Joes (1/2 pkg) added for veggies. Cooked til done and veggies cooked. Served with english muffins that were on sale for 79 cents for 12! All done in time for hubby when he got home an hour later than usual (needed to get things done at work). We enjoyed it.

I brought this hydrangea in from my lawn. You've seen it before. It's in a dried state and had no bugs on it. I decided to see how long it would last indoors without water. I was at a friend's house last Friday, to deliver a casserole since Charissa was recovering from appendix operation. She had some hydrangea's in her kitchen so I asked her about it. They looked so nice so I thought I'd give it a try. Something to liven up my table in kitchen.

I also spent time prying some ice from our freezer in new fridge. Don't know why there's water dripping from holes. I shut it off for 2 hours tonight and Phil got it all dried out and hopefully it will quit sending water in and forming ice on bottom of freezer. One repair man I talked to gave me a few ideas but those didn't work. I called dealer and someone was supposed to call me weeks ago but never did. So we will see what happens with this possible solution. I'll let you know. I do have a chest freezer in other room so I didn't eat all the ice cream just so it would not melt!


Crystal said...

Sounds like a wonderful soup. I just love soup on cool days. Hope you get your freezer figured out. You might need it with the holidays coming.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Too cold to eat ice cream around here. Supposed to snow tonight! Tis the season ;)

Camille said...

Oh anytime is a GREAT time for ice cream!! And chocolate?? Well...look out! LOL!

Your cooking and baking all looks so yummy Becky! How wonderful! :)