Friday, November 19, 2010

Thankful for Soup with Mom

This afternoon, I was visiting my mom at the care home she lives in. We were upstairs in what they call the loft. It overlooks the dining area of the assisted living side. They have little teas and lunches there from time to time. We had the choices of 3 home made soups and bread and cookies (chocolate chip pumpkin cookies or chocolate brownies.) Soups were clam chowder, vegetable and taco soup. Mom had some of vegetable and had part of a bowl of clam chowder. My choice was clam chowder, hands down, it's my favorite and we both had the delicious pumpkin cookies. Yummy warm soup on a chilly fall day!

I love this little banner and just had to share it with you. The women that work in this facility are just so full of ideas on decorating. This year I missed the scary hallway that separates nursing home from assisted living. That's ok, I'm not a hallowe'en liking person. I'm glad I figured out how to make the camera "better" on my phone. All it takes is fiddling til I get it right!

Have a great day and enjoy something along the way each day, even if it's blustry outside.


Crystal said...

That is really a cute banner.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Aren't those banners fun? I just love them! Happy Thanksgiving!

I thought of you on Veteran's Day.

Jan said...

Lovely banner with a great message.
I love to see others handwork,though a wallhanging is more my style.