Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Goose

This past Monday I came home from shopping and found Bruce the goose on our door step!
What a nice surprise that made me smile! I needed something to give me some cheer. I'd found out a good friend of mine had died over the weekend. So this was a nice surprise.
The goose came with a note. It was from our church. The goose, whose name is Bruce, is meant
to bring some happiness to the receiver.

Bruce is meant to be kept the remainder of the day then taken to another person's house
to bring them joy. So here he is inside, by our tree.

The following day, since I had to be at work, my daughter took Bruce the goose to friends we know from church. They live a couple blocks away.
It was on their door step for a surprise.

But guess what happened the next evening when I arrived home?
Bruce the goose was there again!

So here he is, this time thinking he'd better get acquainted with some of the other inanimate objects (Christmas tree ornaments). Just in case he came back a 3rd time. That way he'd have someone to talk to at night! So far, he's not reappeared. Daughter took him to friends many blocks away! What fun!

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Crystal said...

That is so funny. What a fun idea.