Sunday, December 5, 2010

Real Cops

We had a Friday night that will be remembered for awhile. Hubby was watching tv in front part of our house. I was on the computer in the family room. I had heard vehicle doors shut that were outside. Then there was a big metallic bang/crash. Not a normal sound. This was about 10:05 PM. A couple minutes later hubby said he was going outside because there had just been an accident! I followed him out in a minute. There was a white Ford pickup on the street. I could see the air bag had been deployed. Hubby said when he went out he didn't know what was hit, because all he saw was the pickup. Lady was out of the vehicle but on the opposite away from me. There was another lady as well, which turned out to be a neighbor. I came back in to get my cell phone and call 911. The car she'd hit had been sitting across the street from us. It was a white car, and it had been hit and moved across the street into our next door neighbor's lawn, up the 3 foot brick embankment, right front fender smashed! (It had been parked the wrong way). But it would have been damaged even if she'd parked it pointed the correct way, but there was room for cars to go by it. It had been parked there like that daily. No other cars were damaged along the road or one in drive way of the other neighbor. That was a miracle.

The police arrived and he went into the neighbor's house because lady in pickup was not well and feeling need to use the toilet, against my better judgement. But, Brenda, not her real name....took her into house. NO alcohol on driver's breathe but I sensed something wasn't right. I did feel sorry for her since she just got pounded by the air bag. When police officer came out he began looking through the back of her truck. A fire truck and 3 other police cars and an ambulance arrived shortly after 1st police car showed up.

Hubby went back in to our house before police arrived as he had shorts and no coat on. I went back in a bit later while they were questioning him and they'd talked to me. I pulled on my big jacket and went back out to watch events unfold. Medics and police went inside neighbor's home where lady was. Police came out, looking around front edge of house then to pick up again. Again, the back was opened and searched more thoroughly. A bit later I noticed they had a bag on hood of police car. Oh no.....paper with drugs (possibly) just like on tv. MMmmmm and tested right before my eyes. They didn't tell me to leave. Looked not good to me......and capsules from bag and other stuff? Looks like pickup driver may have been on something when she smashed into Brenda's car. Driver was transported to the hospital. I know her face was hurting and hubby said her nose and lip were bleeding.

Pickup was towed and our neighbor pulled car from our next door neighbor's lawn later after everyone had gone. Car is in garage across the street. Neighbor's lawn not much for damage, bricks are not broken so they can just be put back in place and dirt fixed. It could have been worse. I thank God for his protection of our neighborhood. I pray for that quite frequently.


Crystal said...

Wow that is quite a story. Glad everything turned out ok.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

What a night!