Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Moving Along in 2011

Monday was a good day. There was sunshine and blue sky. It rained alot over Saturday and Sunday. Over an inch and half of rain makes everything soggy, including the brain. I was so tired on Sunday that I slept an hour and a half in the afternoon. No thanks to coughing the night before and staying up for over an hour to make sure it quit. Well, hitting the computer didn't help matters either. What was I thinking? Oh well....

I got alot done today. Took the shimmering stars out of the front windows, and cleaned the blinds with a duster, vacuumed, and made some delicious soup for dinner. Earlier I planned out two weeks worth of meals and shopped for the few items I needed for the week. I made myself stick to my list. I bought some frozen veggies and a roll of paper towels,which weren't on my list cuz they were all 68 cents each~believe it or not. Store was having a truckload sale. I could only get a few things this week. ($26) Splurged and bought some clothes for my new 8 day old grandson and his big sister at the Carter outlet store, right close to my house. Deals that were amazing and so glad I went back today. ($22 for 7 items) I purused the store last week but didn't know exactly how much I really could spend til later. I went on a walk because the weather was gorgeous and needed the sunshine to recharge my "batteries" ! Then as part of my cardio work out, I swept out some water from our lake in the garage. When big rain storms come, we manage to have some leak into our garage, even with the newer garage door. The floor isn't level, high point at door then drops down a tad bit that creates a "lake". It helps to sweep the excess out and let some air in to keep the wet smell from hitting me every time I open the garage door.'
I've started on my list of projects for the year, which is getting organized and clearing out unwanted, piled up items. I always seem to start good then fizzle out a bit. I'm not gonna fizzle this year! I've already started to clear off my dresser in bedroom. It seems to be a drop off point of stuff, just in case I might need it later. A map since 2002 of Amish stores when visiting PA? A string from a hooded sweatshirt that I no longer own? Earrings I've not worn in years? Precious Moments chocolate heart shaped candy from .....? Now all gone, well, not earrings. They can go to a second hand store when pile gets big enough. It's not a resolution. It's a mission to get myself organized in areas of my life that I've negelected for awhile. I used to be so good at that but now that I've been working and blogging some of the stuff has taken a back seat, due to me being a bit lazy! So I am just going to Move Along, as the broken mug says above suggests. It was my favorite Mary Engelbriet mug but I dropped it once and the handle came off a couple years ago. I took a photo of it and threw it away. Too broken to fix the handle to make it useful. See I can do it. How about you? Have a great day, my friends!


Anonymous said...

Slowly, very slowly! Good luck with your 'spring' in winter cleaning:)

allysgrandma said...

I'm not fizzling this year either!