Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birthday Thoughts

Last week was my birthday and Valentine's Day...all in one day! I thought I'd share with you what I put on our table for decor all week. My hubby and me years ago. I had this photo frame, designed by Mary Engelbreit, that I just love. I've had this combo for awhile. My hubby is my sweetie pie, sweet baboo and best friend! So glad that we are still loving each other and serving the Lord together. He's always joked that being me being born on Valentine's day is the only reason he married me since it was so easy to remember my birthday. He gets the hint from all the reminders in advertising. I don't get both birthday and Valentine's day stuff. I don't always get chocolates and flowers. That's ok! This year we celebrated by going out to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes and a homemade, creative birthday card that made me smile and bring tears to my eyes at the same time.

My birthday towels from my girlfriend, Beth. She bought these for me when we were shopping at Kohls a week ago Sat. We were on our way to our girlfriend weekend (forthcoming post). She needed to stop and get some jeans. I jokingly told her not to take me there as it's a bad store for me to go into! While she was looking and trying on pants, I found a sweater on the sale rack for $12 that became attached to my hand. I tried it on and it looked good. Beth didn't make me look fat! So I bought it! I love sweaters and the Nordic design. In the Pacific NW you can always find a reason to wear a sweater! Right? HA!
Anyway, am loving my new towels from my girlfriend who was my best friend in school and we still stay in touch. I wouldn't want it any other way!


Grandma Nina said...

Hi Becky, Those towels are so cute and "happy".
Happy belated birthday.

Martha (MM) said...

Very cute! Happy belated birthday!

aimee said...

Happy belated birthday Becky! I LOVE those towels--pretty colors! I am all for Nordic sweaters--love them; enjoy wearing your new one!
Stay warm:)

Camille said...

Happy belated birthday Becky! How fun that you were born on Valentine's Day! :) What a lovely photo of the two of you in such a sweet frame. I enjoy ME's artwork too.

Many blessings,