Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Childhood Houses

Recently I met up with some of my girlhood friends for a night over at Kathy's house. We had some planning via email, facebook and phone calls. Here's a photo of the 7 of us on Friday night.

Prior to our arrival, my friend, Beth, top row on right and me, standing below her, toured our countryside of girlhood homes. I had 3 homes in the area I'd not seen in awhile. While I've seen them from a distance on the interstate, I had not seen them up close. So we took some time before it got dark to see all 3 of my former houses that I lived in with my family.

This is the second house I lived in, while in grade school (1st through part of 4th grade.) There were more trees at that time. The big one to the left of photo at one time held a swing. I remember a couple ice storms and the Columbus day storm in this house.

The garage that has seen better days.

This is the 3rd house I lived in. It was built by a contractor for my parents. It was finished in about a month's time. I really liked this house. Car port was added and garage enclosed. I remember the kitchen very well in this house. I would love to have one like it now. I lived here from rest of 4th grade til I graduated high school. After that, my dad sold the farm in my senior year and we all 5 of us moved into the small town near to us.
This property was my grandparents and my dad grew up on this property. He farmed it all his life, after he married my mom, they moved to the house that is the very last one of this post. Grandma's house met it's demise in the 1970s. Grandma lived there til she died in 1962.
Beth and I actually lived a big field away from each other. We rode the bus together and did a lot of things together. Too far to ride a bike though. Even now there's not alot of growth in this area, just open space and fields. There is an interstate that runs between these two houses and the next one.

These were the two dogs that greeted us as we drove up the lane. They didn't start barking til we got closer to the house, as there was nobody around. It would have been nice to have talked to them. Dog on the left thought maybe we would have been a yummy bite, as he's licking his chops! :0) I didn't not venture out of the car!

Suffolk sheep, like we had on our farm. The barn and seed cleaning warehouse was gone. But there was a shed with trucks in it.

Nice horse, this was the best I could do within the confines of the car. At least he looked at us!

I was surprised to see the barn and other out buildings standing of my first house. It was nearing sunset when we were rounding the corner in the road.

I remember quite a bit of this house even though I was only 5 when we moved away. This was the very first house I ever lived in. I still remember the wardrobe in my room and the pantry my mom had and the sawdust furnace we weren't allowed to touch. Even though there was someone there, I didn't feel it proper to knock on the door and ask to come in to look around. I don't even know them, even though I thought about it. I could have sung that song if I knew the words...that country music one where the girl goes into the house she lived in....never mind! ("Won't Take Nothing But A Memory" -Melissa Lambert)

Across the way from this last house, was a field of sheep. So of course I needed to photograph it as well. A part of my growing up years as well.
I hope you enjoyed the journey. I am working on the girlfriend weekend post. It's coming soon! Thanks for stopping in for a visit.


Crystal said...

What a nice time with your friends. Love the pictures

Erin said...

I enjoyed this post quite a bit! I love seeing where you grew up :) It must have been fun to live on a farm...hard work none the less but very satisfying when you think about it.

My goodness if I went on a trip to see all the houses I grew up in, I'd be gone for awhile. The best I can do is post past photos of them from my mom. :)