Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kitchen Clutter Cleanup

I have been working on a couple of areas in my kitchen that needed decluttered, reorganized. A week ago Sat. afternoon I took on the task of organizing my microwave oven stand. It's like a little pantry, holding extra items my canned food cupboard doesn't have room for. I cleared everything off the cart except for microwave, since my husband was busy with fixing a faucet in a bathroom. Shelves wiped down and cart pulled away from spot to sweep and mop. Reloaded cart, adding a new basket.

Before Reorganization

After Reorganization

Oops--what is that mug doing on there? It went into cupboard!
Thermos stays on top of microwave cart as it's always been there and easy for hubby to grab in a.m. for getting his lunch ready and out the door.

Messy table that has become an unloading dock. Box on chair houses magnets from my old fridge I got rid of last March. Only a few were cleared for new fridge. That will need taken care of soon.

Cleaner surface. I picked at this table for a few days to get it this way. I moved Bugs Bunny cookie jar from table to microwave cart. Got rid of ME teapot bag since it was fading. It was a favorite of mine but needed to go away. Blue lunch box stays on table since it's mine for work. Easy access.

Bugs taking a bath in the sink. I don't use this cookie jar to hold cookies. It has a smell inside it that wouldn't be good to put food in. I collect rabbits and Bugs Bunny is a favorite of mine. So I can always put something non edible inside of it if need be, for hiding something? :0)

Paddington Bear apron I retired a few years ago. I bought him in England when I lived there while serving with the US Air Force. I can't bear to part with him.

My basket on the cart shelves. I bought it at Cost Plus World Market with a coupon. I love baskets,too, Laura!

Here are magazines that were on top a basket on the table. They've been sitting there for awhile. These 4 I am keeping since there are recipes marked I want to use. That's another organization process! Oh my! What have I done to myself? More projects and so little time. I guess it's a process and just a little bit of time working on it will get it done.

I know my table isn't completely clear. I got it for the purpose of being able to eat on it or do projects. It's my island at bargain price. I bought it years ago at a thrift store at the coast. My son couldn't believe I'd buy such a thing. It's so old school. Can use it for food when company comes. I just need to keep it cleared. I have a good start and am going to keep it cleared off. Maybe even more cleared. Need lavendar wands to go away, a few need finished. There is hope for me yet!

Items I got rid of--a few jars (why do I have a thing for jars of interesting shapes?) 2 tv trays that should have been gone long time ago. Did I forget they were broken? Probably! Belgian White Cocoa mix Christmas 2001, 3/4 used; partially used croutons in resealable foil bag past date; reusable plastic water bottle.

Questions to Ponder (from Laura at

1. Do cluttered surfaces make you a little crazy? Yes. I have to move stuff to do a bigger project, like baking sometimes. I need to work on my counter space as well!

2. Are you managing to stay on top of your 52 weeks list? Yes, I am and have completed 4 out of 23 on my list. I am sure I can add more!

3. Are you being motivated by your successes yet? Yes and I am feeling good about accomplishing what I have done so far. I want to keep what I've completed looking good, which means maintenance!


An added chapter to my last is granddaughter wearing her sweater I made for her. Such a cute, live model compared to the doll. I didn't make the hat. Background is actual snow from last Thursday...a smidgen of snow but it was snow!
(Photo by Erin L., the mommy)


Sheryl said...

Love your reorganization project! Makes me think I need to do the same.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You are so sweet to leave a comment.


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Great job! Purging is a spiritual experience for me. That sweater you made for your granddaughter compliments her well.