Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Wish Come True

Wishes do come true for some people. My mom lives in a nursing home and there is an organization there that helps out the residents by granting a wish. When my mom was asked what she's always wanted to do but never had a chance to do, she replied that she wanted to go to a Blazer Game. I know my mom and dad watched them on tv over the years. My dad loved hearing Bill Shonley on the radio! Anyway, my mom's wishcame true on Jan 15, 2011

She went in style by limosine, accompanied by a care giver, Sam, and 3 of her family members...her son, David, granddaughter, Megan and me, Becky,her daughter. Tickets were paid for all of us! How exciting is that? Here is a photographic journey of our evening.

Granddaughter and Grandma in limo!

Megan said it was nice to have a grandma with benefits! We all laughed!

Becky and David--all on our way!

3 of us had not seen Blazers play,

David saw them in a pre season game.

My ticket.

Priceless for me!

Blazer Dancers were walking around and I just happened to look over when they were close to mom. I motioned to Megan to get a picture with them. Mom didn't know who was behind her till after the photo. Fun for her!

I was cheering the Blazers on and bro was shooting photos!

Mascots dancing to a song during a break. It was Blaze's birthday so a bunch of different team mascots were there for half time. It was pretty funny watching them dance and be on the ground. Some had a hard time getting up.

Blaze is the middle one!

YEAH!! The Blazers beat the Nets! Best part!

Loved that they won and it was our first NBA game!

A family photo before we depart Rip City mania!
We enjoyed our time together!
Our limo awaits for the ride home. So thankful it wasn't raining much.

All photos were taken on Canon Powershot and Fujifinepix
point and shoot cameras.


Crystal said...

What wonderful pictures. I am so happy for your mother getting her wish. What a special day for you all it looked like you had a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

Great story! My sister and BFF live in Salem. I knit too, but have stopped since my diagnosis. I am going to try it again soon. I will post a picture of a sweater I made my granddaughter.

Grandma Nina said...

What a wonderful gift that was given to your mother. And a great memory that your family will always have!

Camille said...

How fun Becky! What a wonderful time you had...special for your Mom! I think the photo documentation was terrific! :)

Many blessings,

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

How how special! I'm so happy for her!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheryl said...

What a wonderful story and great pictures. I love it. I took some videos of the Queen Day so I may need to do more posting.

Isn't it wonderful when we see our parents get the things they desire?

Thanks for coming to my blog and leaving that wonderful comment.


Penny said...

I just stumbled upon your blog -- and I just loved this story!! I live in NJ (not a Nets fan!), but was born and raised just a few minutes from here in NY -- so I am all things NY! I'm glad the Blazers beat the Nets, especially for your mom and the rest of you at your first NBA game! Looks like you had a fun time -- and what a wonderful trip for your sweet mom!