Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Girlfriend Reunion

Little did I know that I started a girlfriend reunion. I didn't mean it to happen! Kathy came to Oregon and live in her mom's house to be close to family for awhile. Her husband is in Afghanistan and she didn't want to be alone back east any more! Since Sandy and Donna were going to see her, I asked if I could come as well. (Thanks to Facebook!) Little did I know that a few phone calls were made and then there were 7 of us one Friday evening in February! What a fun time we had!
We had a fun dinner of pizza. The oven was out so Kathy's meal she wished to prepare got nixed. But the pizza was delicious and the company was great! We had some catching up to do. Love this table setting!

My dinner, which was pretty good!

Looking through a high school yearbook. O the memories and laughter!

Kathy and Sandy thinking about something!
Enjoying brownies, that I made, and ice cream.
It was a birthday party of sorts as well.

Left to right--Becky, Beth, Laura, Linda, Kathy and Sandy.
We talked about our children, grandchildren, of which 2 of us have, and our aging parents or the ones who've lost parents recently. We remembered our school years again, the teachers we liked and disliked.....things our parents wouldn't let us do, school trips, class name it!

Laura and Beth, my girlfriends from grade school through high school.

We all 3 have February birthdays, within a week of each other.

Linda, Kathy, Sandy and Becky
Laura and Beth
All of us graduated from high school together.
Linda, Kathy and Sandy were from one town that joined the other two small towns for 6th through high school.

Saturday morning we ventured around the small town.

Here's the hardware store that's still in business. I remember going here with my dad years ago. Kathy's dad used to own this store and then her brother took over. It was fun to see it again. I like hardware stores since I work in one. It's interesting to see what other stores are like. That's lil' ol' me in front of the store.

Kathy said she weighed her son on this scale, when he was a baby!

Visiting Linda at the pharmacy. Donna, Sandy's sister, purchasing an item.

Visiting the yarn shop. There was some pretty neat yarn. I didn't buy any even though there was some I'd love to have. I need to use the yarn I already have!

Beth showing us all the old newspapers archived and binders of stories her mom and another lady wrote of the area for years. This was at the library in town.

Here we are with our pioneer ancestors!
Then we had lunch! No photo of that but it was in a building where there was a meat locker. I went there with my mom to buy meat and there were groceries as well, when I was growing up. What de ja vu' ! It's not longer there, just an addition to restaurant that serve delicious sandwiches and soups. Bread and cookies homemade!

After lunch we went to the museum to purchase tickets to go to the Moyer House. This museum was a train depot years ago. We didn't go through this museum, although it looked interesting.

Here's a great old time car that was coming down the street when I was crossing. The driver honked "oooooggggaaaa" at me! Fun!

Moyer House that was such a beauty to behold. I took alot of photos inside. Too many to share on this post. Do you want to see inside?

Outside the fabric store we saw these items in the window.
Love the spools of thread in the jar.
What is the item below?

It's a fabric meter that measured yardage. The lady would run the fabric through a slot and then when it was measured to your needs, it snipped it then clerk would cut it from there, or tear it. So old school but so neat. Now they just use measuring sticks and cut with scissors.
OPEN! OPEN! OPEN!!! the antique store is closed....oh look at all the treasures in there we'd like to get closer to. And thus ends town tour of 6 friends going about a little town, enjoying each other's company! Beth and I left after we got back to the house. By then the wind had come up and it was quite windy all the way home. It started to rain later. So glad we had a nice, dry morning and early afternoon to stroll together, making new memories as we remembered the past.


Crystal said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time. How fun.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! I recently saw many of my high school group, unfortunately at the funeral of a son of an old friend. He had CP. A cyberfriend is giving up buying yarn for lent. I would like to try giving up buying fabic, but do not know if I can!

aimee said...

Looks like you and your friends had a great time in a wonderful place! I love small towns and have been thinking of going to this particular one for awhile--now, thanks to your photos, I KNOW I HAVE to go! BTW--I just got back from a trip north and west of there and loved every minute of it!