Friday, March 25, 2011

Just Another Friday

I gave myself a treat this morning at McDonalds. I had to get an abdominal CT scan done. Drank the semi yummy raspberry contrast prior to test. It tasted like jello water. Good thing! CT done with no incident, tech even found my vein quickly to inject some more contrast. That vein finding can be a problem some times. If they always do this, then why is it so much of a problem? So off to McDonalds to get my delicious Egg Mcmuffin I treat myself to after a test that requires fasting.

Even though it was 10 a.m. there were quite a few people in McDonalds. For some it was a meeting place of a teen couple sharing food, 3 older men that were discussing alot of issues, a man with a laptop, a dad with 5 children eating breakfast and a little girl loving the Redbox machine, thinking it was a TV. I met a couple of city workers coming for breakfast, who I see at the hardware store quite often. I enjoyed my breakfast. Didn't seem to be enough but then again I felt like not eating any more. My body was sending me messages that is was protesting the contrast in my body and food. But it settled. I finally started to feel better and then it was off to Grocery Outlet, for a last trip since they are closing April 10. I might go again to see if there is anything left that I need. I stocked up on softsoap, another stainless steel water bottle, bamboo wooden spoon set and Rubbermaid measuring cups and spoons, Dryel and a few pasta items, jam, 3 Musketeers bar (f0r more energy). I will miss them. Now I'm just enjoying yogurt from another store, in hopes it will settle my rumbling stomach. I am tired of all these medical tests but think that's the end. A MRI earlier for ear and ultrasound for abdomen all within a month of each other is too much! But things are looking up and so thankful it's fixable and nothing major. I'm taking an antibiotic for a sinus infection which ENT dr. thinks is the problem. My prayer is that what's causing problems in abdomen can be dealt with non evasive surgery.

On the bright side, spring is showing it's beauty. Here's flowering non bearing cherry tree just around the corner from us at home. It's viewed from my windshield. I'm glad there wasn't any traffic behind me.

Just realized that I had a medical test run on me years ago, this date, which is also my son's birthday! And we experienced an earthquake early morning! It was dubbed the spring break quake. Interesting that I'd think of that today as I was getting my CT done.

Hope you are having a good day, finding some good amongst the trials. Have a great weekend! God bless!


Crystal said...

Hope your tests all come back ok and your tummy feels better.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I hope everything come back OK too.

My cherry tree is in full bloom and is so pretty!

aimee said...

I too share the hope that all your tests will turn out OK or that the problem can be cured easily!

Happy Birthday (slightly belated) to your son--hope yesterday was a good one for him!

Your new template reminds me of handmade paper---so pretty!

Blessiugs your way,