Saturday, March 26, 2011

Magazine Find

Magazine I bought in Feb. at a Sat. market....couldn't resist bringing Sean Connery as Agent 007 home. This magazine has some great shots of space when Gemini 7 was in orbit and the homing-in of Gemini 6. This was a Jan. 7, 1966 issue, that sold for 35 cents. I bought it for $3. There is an article written critiqueing the movie as well. It was an interesting read. Different perspective than what we would say now. But Nobody Does It Better than James Bond!!! Remember that song? I love the photography in this magazine. My daughter enjoyed looking at it and we laughed at some of the hairdos, clothes, cars. Indeed a piece of history. I will enjoy it for years to come and hopefully my grandchildren will as well. I am supposed to be getting rid of things but I find more things to bring home. What's up with that? I guess it's something to do with get rid of old and bring something new/different home? I do steer clear of garage sales most of the time so I guess I'm ok unless I'm looking for something specific. It's always fun to seek and find and buy, if the price is right!

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TCasteel said...

Sean Connery always has that special something. And he is just as impressive in person!
Theresa (Tangled Trees)