Monday, March 28, 2011

Sad But True

One of my favorite shows is Army Wives. Last night was indeed a tissue alert! Denise is notified of her son's, Jeremy, lifetime_army_wives_bridges_2011death on the field in Afghanistan. She is with friends at her soon to be daughter in law's bridal shower! What a sad ending to a day that was so happy! Why was it sad? Why did I cry? It's only a TV show! But I have come to love the characters on the show and much of Army life is like this..watching your husband, wife, daughter, son deploy and waiting for their safe return. KIA is happening. Daily living without your family member....Life itself.....

I am an Air Force veteran and Army Wives is a good depiction of life on base. We cared for and watched out for your friends. I loved the closeness I felt with people when I was based overseas. Away from home, building relationships and then watching people leave you cared about and knowing you probably wouldn't see them again. It's life. There was no war going on in the late 70s but we were there in case. I just feel connected in a way that makes me feel these women are my friends, even fictional. But we know in real life that life in military is not easy. We grieve the loss of our soldiers and when they come home wounded. God bless them and their families, all over the world that serve. We can help by praying and giving support if you know military people.

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Anonymous said...

I watched it the other day, holding granddaughter while she slept and bawled the whole time....we leave Saturday to surprise dear SIL in San Diego at his homecoming from Afghanistan...he has no idea YD and granddaughter are going to be there. I so Ally would say. Going this morning to find a nice patriotic outfit at the mall. Yesterday I was out shopping and ended up at McD's just past breakfast and semi-demanded they hand over a plain bisquit.....they did...haha