Thursday, April 28, 2011

Been Gone, Here's Why....

I've been absent from blogging recently due to work then a trip to the coast for 3 days. Then Easter then tooth damage that had to be checked so trip to dentist during a work day. Will get a crown after temporary is put on in a couple weeks. Oh joy! Work and trying to catch up at home has made no time for posting a blog or two. Did do an organization project a couple weeks ago that needs posted this weekend. Thanks for not deserting me.
What have you been up to, my friends? How is the weather where you are? Any storm damage? I can't believe all the tornado damage in the mid west and fires in Texas. We complain about the cold and rain in Oregon! Stop it! We can be thankful so many things. The tulip festival is extended to May 8 since it's been cold and wet. We just deal what's been given to us and go on, and anticipate the warmer days ahead. Planting the garden is in my forecast.


Crystal said...

Hope you had a wonderful trip. I am planting my garden today. I have to day off from work and it is suppose to be about 80. We have not had any bad weather. We have been so lucky.

Linda said...

Oh have been busy!

Sorry about the trip to the Dentist...I have "been there done that" with the crowns.

In fact I just had one of my crowns come off not too long ago and had to go have it put back on. Now that my hubby is retired we don't have dental it can be expensive.

Thanks for your sweet comment on my post. I am not feeling well this morning so I am just watching the Royal Wedding coverage.

Even Grandmas love a fairytale! (:>)