Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cardboardbox Removal

A couple weeks ago I decided it was time to get rid of the boxes in our garage. They seem to accumulate and sit there for months on end. It's amazing how many we bring home and think we will use. Since this was on my to do list of organization, it was gonna get taken care of. It took me 45 minutes from start to finish. I kept the little yellow box since it's got great compartments for small items.

All this stuff in box, minus index card boxes, were thrown away. Decided shoes were old and worn to point of not good to give away. Never did find other part of appliance in cupboard and it didn't suit me in it's performance anyway. I kept the box though.
All the boxes loaded in my trunk. All taken to our garbage company that have bins for recycling. This is too much for our bin we keep at home that's picked up curb side every two weeks.

It looks clearer here, and as of today, I got rid of 4 bags of stuff that was to be used on the lawn years ago. Still sitting, to the right where white bag is. But it's gone to the hazardous waste people today, in Walmart parking lot. Our town does this once or twice a year. At least we don't have to dispose of it down the drains, which isn't a good thing for streams and their inhabitants.
While digging through stuff in the garage, I found old birthday cards for my son and other stuff. I found this autograph from a favorite actor of mine from Star Trek. This was when we lived in New Mexico. Almost forgot about this one.
Questions of the week from Laura :
1. Do you rotate your seasonal clothing? I usually do. Sometimes it's just within the closet, like hanging the longer sleeved stuff in a different area so I don't have to go through them each time I want something. Or I take long sleeved items out and put in a bin. If so, have you done it yet? No, as it's still a bit chilly here in Oregon. But it is warming up!
2. Are you celebrating the accomplishments as you go? It's important no matter how big or small the task is that you complete! I am just enjoying less clutter and my house looking better!
3. What's on your list for this next week? Probably my desk.
I didn't do any organizing last week since hubby and I went on a 3 day trip to the coast. I managed to keep myself organized while away in a motel room for a couple nights and remembering what to take with us during the day since we were running around. I will post the trip photos soon. I still have 2 memory cards to go through and that's my task this weekend to get them onto the computer! Am printing out some photos from b4 the trip by sending them to Walgreens tonight via computer. I like that! That's a task in itself, don't ya think? :0) Have a great weekend, my friends.


Crystal said...

Nice job. Looks like you made a good dent in that pile.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Great job! Doesn't purging feel good? It gives me a buzz!

Sometimes the boxes can pile up in the shed. Once a year, I go through them and usually end up taking a huge load to The Salvation Army and to the dump.

Stuff can be so oppressive. I like to be free!

With six children, things build up because you are always saving it for the next child.